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Top 10 Hilarious Times Celebs Interviewed Each Other

Whether their lines are scripted or spur of the moment, these times celebs interviewed each other will have you doubled over in laughter.

Who knew these celebrities were just as funny in real life as they are on the big screen? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Funniest Celebrity-on-Celebrity Interviews."

For this list, we’re looking at times celebrities interviewed each other and tapped into the funny.

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#10: Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell

These two had teamed up to make us laugh in The Other Guys and Daddy's Home, but for Daddy's Home 2, Wahlberg and Ferrell made us laugh even harder when they interviewed each other for IGN. Wahlberg rushed through the questions, barely letting Ferrell answer, and playfully attacked him for ruining the interview. The way Wahlberg relentlessly berates Ferrell is hilarious. It’s almost as if they did the interview in character. Wahlberg as the aggressive tough guy and Ferrell as the docile beta male.

#9: Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch

In another IGN interview, two of our favorite Marvel superheroes took a break from saving the world and assembled to ask each other some fun questions. They struggled to remember what S.H.I.E.L.D. actually stands for, and when put on the spot, came up with some pretty funny alternative meanings. They then moved on to deeper stuff, like quality of healthcare that Dr. Strange provides to the Avengers, and if they could face multiple tiny sized Hulks. The only thing goofier than the questions are the answers that Holland and Cumberbatch come up with.

#8: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

If you thought The Proposal was funny, then you’ll love this Unscripted interview between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It wasn’t just the things they were saying themselves that are funny, it’s the way that they said them that really makes you laugh. They play off of each other perfectly with their goofy sense of humor, joking about ridiculous things they’ve asked of their personal assistants, and telling embarrassing stories from previous projects. Even when they were touching on serious topics such as body issues, or near death experiences, they managed to turn it into something funny.

#7: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

We got to see their characters fall in love and develop a relationship on the big screen in The Last Song, but perhaps their real life relationship is even more entertaining. In this Unscripted interview, the two joked around about their personal lives together. Miley teased Liam about his gross flaws, and Liam made fun of Miley’s cooking skills, or lack thereof. With this interview we got a bit of an inside look into these two on screen love interests’ off screen relationship in everyday life, which is part of what makes it so funny.

#6: Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin

Ironically, it seems that it’s the co-stars of dramatic movies that give some of the most comedic interviews. USA Today had Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke interview each other for their movie Me Before You, and things got a bit silly. They may fall in love in the film, but in this adorable and sweet interview, they revealed the things that they don’t like about each other, and got into a debate over which of their most famous characters would win in a fight.

#5: Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson

If these guys had you crying during The Hunger Games, they’d still having you crying during this Unscripted interview. But, this time, you will be crying from laughing so hard. Banks, Lawrence, and Hutcherson were laugh out loud hysterical as they asked each other questions about on set mishaps, told stories of off-set bonding moments, and just generally made each other laugh, making us laugh along too. Just the stark contrast between how dramatic and emotional their movie is, compared to how jovial and cheerful this interview was, is enough to have you smiling.

#4: Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan

These two comedy legends have each made a living on making people laugh. So is it really any surprise that when the two of them joined forces for this Unscripted interview for Death at a Funeral, hilarity ensued? Morgan told a clearly fictitious story about a love affair with JLo, that you can’t help but laugh at. And somehow, the completely straight and serious looks on their faces makes it even funnier than if they were cracking up. And like all the greats, these two comics poked fun at themselves as well as each other, and the industry itself.

#3: Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian

When Jennifer Lawrence guest hosted Kimmel and interviewed Kim Kardashian, things got crazy. Lawrence couldn’t manage to hold in her self described “healthy” obsession with the Kardashians, and asked all of the deep, penetrating questions she has always wanted to know, like whether or not Kim and Kanye fart in front of each other. They also told a story of a raucous dinner at the Kardashian house that will have you unable to control your laughter. And Kim promoted her new makeup line, that they couldn’t help but notice has an uncanny resemblance to… something else.

#2: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are famous for their team ups. They've done Unscripted interviews for their movies Baby Mama and Sisters, and both interviews are so funny, we couldn’t choose just one for this list. Their goofy non-answers to some of the questions in the Baby Mama interview combined with their deadpan delivery will have you cracking up. And the Sisters interview descended into absolute mayhem, as they could not stop making each other, and us, laugh with stories about ghosts and weird places they’ve been recognized before.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

  • Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake
  • Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth
  • Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis

#1: Kevin Hart and The Rock

After a couple of movies together, Rock and Hart have become an unlikely comedy duo. They have also interviewed each other a couple of times, but the funniest has to be when they interviewed each other while impersonating each other. They couldn't keep from cracking up as they watched the other make fun of their voices and mannerisms while conducting the interview. There’s even a moment where The Rock does an impersonation of Kevin Hart doing an impersonation of The Rock. Their hyperbolic performances of each other are sidesplitting.

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