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Top 10 Moments From 'Avengers: Infinity War'

You didn’t see this coming?

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Fall.



















Okay, so, you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War, or you haven’t and just don’t care about the EMOTIONAL WHIRLWIND OF THIS EPIC ADVENTURE! But hey, that’s your journey.

The first part of the two-part ‘Infinity Stone’ finale kicked off its viewings at midnight on 26th April at one AM and as one of the viewers who first glanced that new ‘MARVEL STUD10S’ logo, I can happily say the tiredness today was worth it. What a film. The reviews that call this Avengers installment a masterpiece are not wrong. Of course it has its downfalls like any movie, but the good points oh most definitely outweigh the bad.

As you’d expect, the film packs a lot in. A lot of moments; some heartbreaking, some hysterical, and some just worthy of making you scream internally. So without further ado, let’s kick off my top ten...

10. So Long, Loki

Tom Hiddleston Bows Out.

Within the first scene of the film, we recieved our first death. Well, actually there’s many deaths, but one MAJOR death. That death shoutout belongs to Thor’s adopted brother Loki. Yes, after trying to play the double-crosser just one last time, Loki, having watched Thanos and The Black Order decimate the Asgardian ship filled with Thor’s people, and killing Idris Elba! (Kind of a major death?), gets what has been coming for him for years and is killed at the hands of Thanos.

A sad moment, but could have been made better. Loki’s death in Thor: A Dark World. The fact the ONLY footage we’ve seen of Loki for this film is in the same setting doing pretty much the same thing. Everything told us Loki was on his way out, and due to it not being the first time we’ve watched him die, I must admit I felt hardly anything. BUT, having said that, I will truly miss Hiddleston. Truly. Plus, what an opening scene for the film!!!

9. The Thor/Star Lord Rivalry

Battle of The Chris’.

‘Infinity War’ is filled with a lot of funny gags. One of the funniest is Thor’s first meeting with The Guardians of The Galaxy. 

The comedy chops from Both Pratt and Hemsworth are great, as Peter Quill is overcome with jealousy as his team seem to take quite a fancy to Thor for his physique and just overall...Thor-ness. The section of Quill lowering his voice to sound more dominant. Killed me. Hats off to the Chris’, and an honourary mention for Dave Bautista’s Drax for being as funny as ever.

8. The Iron Spider’s Debut

Does Whatever an Iron Spider Can!

We’ve known for a while that the rejected Spider-Man upgrade suit from the ending of Spider-Man: Homecoming was going to be Peter Parker’s attire during this outing! But actually watching the suit’s first appearance was just glorious! 

Parker, in his normal suit, is clinging to the ship of The Black Order, going quite high up into space. Knowing the teen would die from lack of air at one point, Stark called out the upgraded suit and told Parker to fall back...enter one of the coolest moments of the film! The suit attaches to Parker in mid air that leads into the famous shot of him landing from a backflip onto the interior cylinder of The Black Order’s ship. Permission to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAL.

7. Thanos Attacks With a Moon!

Talk About Dark Side of The Moon.

After The Titan Team (forgive me, it’s just easier than ‘members of Avengers and Guardians who have joined forces on the planet Titan’) fail to capture Thanos and remove the Infinity Gauntlet from his hand, The Mad Titan goes nuts and uses the power of the stones already in his Gauntlet to break apart Titan’s moon and thrash sections of it into Stark and Co. A cool scene from the get go as Spidey shines by protecting everyone whilst also finding time to be as witty as ever.

6. Vision’s Death

Bettany, We Barely Knew Thee.

As I predicted in an earlier article, Vision bites the dust in this film. The close connection between him and The Mind Stone had him marked for the death moment he was born. But the way he dies is the truly shocking point.

Vision begs Wanda to destroy the stone and in turn kill him, her being the only one capable as her powers were born from an Infinity Stone. Then guess what...she succeeds. All is great. THEN, something I realised watching in the seconds after Vision’s death happened...happened. Thanos, now in possession of The Time Stone, turns back time in the section where Vision sat, and when he is restored, rips the stone from his head. Sad. Emotional. But, Vision’s grey/white corpse gives a nod to his resurrection in the comics so there is hope of Paul Bettany making a return.

5. Gamora for the Soul Stone

Daddy’s Little Girl.

One of the craziest moments of the film. Thanos, having Gamora captive, ventures to where The Soul Stone is kept. Arriving, he is told he must sacrifice someone he loves for it. Surprisingly, Thanos cries realising what he needs to do: Sacrifice Gamora, which he does. 

Now, earlier in the film, Gamora begs Quill to kill her if it comes to saving everyone from Thanos. In my head, she was going to die from the moment she said it. Then the moment Thanos was told of his instructions to claim The Soul Stone, I think everyone knew Gamora wasn’t making it to another scene. A surprising, gut wrenching twist that shows how ruthless Thanos is. ALSO! Who Thanos and Gamora met when they arrived to pick up The Soul Stone...

4. The Red Skull Returns!!!

Holy Hydra.

That’s right, hooded at first then coming into shot during his opening dialogue with’s only The freaking Red Skull!

The Russo Bros. truly pulled the carpet from under our feet with this one, bringing back a character, whom we lost hope of seeing again years ago, for the ultimate comeback! I like to think I don’t get caught out easily but THIS made my head spin. Brilliant work.

3. Never Giving Up

Cue Slow Motion and Sad Music.

When all seems lost, and Thanos needs but one last stone located in Vision’s head, even then the team doesn’t give up.

One by one, the heroes in Wakanda each try to take on Thanos before he can reach Vision, all easily being beaten in a second. A really emotional moment, especially at the point we’ve seen in promotional footage of Cap catching The Infinity Gauntlet and screaming as he urges it back, which comes off a lot more heartbreaking in the context that he’s the last person to stop Thanos. This then leads to Vision’s death, which leads to the basic fact that...

2. They Fail

Long Live The Mad Titan.

Yes, as much as the numerous fake-outs in the final few moments seemed uplifting, them being Wanda seemingly destroying The Mind Stone and Thor seemingly stabbing Thanos, they aren’t enough. Thor doesn’t stab him well enough as Thanos does what he’s wanted to do all these years and SNAP...half of the universe’s population is wiped out of existance. Sadly, that meant members of our favourite franchise. Bucky, T’Challa, Groot, Quill, Strange, Falcon, Drax....less than half of our heroes were left standing, on Titan only 2, those being Nebula and Stark. If you didn’t tear up when Peter Parker dropped his ‘I’m tough, I’m a hero, I’m an Avenger’ act to just be held in Stark’s arms as he weeped that he didn’t want to go...then you’re heartless. We are left on a massive cliffhanger. Yeah, sure, most of the dead heroes will return, but did we actually expect to be left with this many casualties when Thanos won? I certainly didn’t.

1. She’s Coming

Enter Miss Danvers.

It’s a Marvel movie. You’re a rookie or just plain stupid if you didn’t stay glued to your seats. The credits usually roll out the cast, the film’s title, and then a teaser scene. Not this time. The credits stopped for a moment...then carried on. For a minute I thought Marvel had changed tactics and with this story being a two-parter, I’d understand why. But no, we got a little something.

We see Maria Hill and Nick Fury driving through New York when a car comes swerving to a halt in front of them, with no driver, then a helicopter swirls out of the sky and into a building: Thanos’s acts have truly and randomly decimated half of the universe. Moments later, Hill turns to dust. As Fury sees what is happening, he pulls out a beeper type device and activates it before turning to dust himself. The beeper falls to the floor and we see it sending...sending...sending...and BOOM! That famous Captain Marvel logo appears. Cut to black. 

Honestly, The Russo Bros. pulled it out of the bag with this. Such a memorable film already and it’s been out a number of weeks. Whatever Avengers 4 brings our way, I seriously cannot wait! Well done Marvel, as always you gave us an amazing piece of cinema. Hail Marvel. Take note, DC. I love your characters but rushing your work and meddling with director’s visions has made you paid a price. This film is the price.

Happy nerding y’all!