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Top 10 Saddest Films

If you are ever in need of a good cry, this list of movies should do the trick. P.S. Spoiler alert!

I feel you, Michael.

10. 'Up'

This Pixar animation about the grumpy old Carl Fredricksen does not only warm your heart, but also shatters it into a million pieces. After the death of his wife Ellie, Carl decides to fulfill their lifelong dream and ties thousands of balloons to his house in the hopes of getting to Paradise Falls, as a promise to his wife. It is not all doom and gloom, as he is unwillingly accompanied by boy scout Russell and Dug, the talking dog. An all-time family favourite that will leave you in tears of laughter and sadness.

9. 'The Book of Henry'

Henry is the eldest son in the Carpenter family and a genius. He is looked after by his single mother Susan and protects his younger brother Peter from bullies. Henry witnesses his friend and neighbour Christina being abused by her stepfather and makes countless efforts to try and report it. Sadly, in a huge plot twist, Henry is diagnosed with a brain tumour and dies in his mother's arms (I'm crying just thinking about it). Before he dies he leaves his notebook for his mum to use with the plan of murdering Christina's stepfather, ultimately rescuing her.

8. 'Marley & Me'

The only thing worse than when a beloved character dies in a film is when that character is a dog. Marley is the world's worst dog. Adopted by Jenny and John Grogan, the film shows the life of the Grogans and Marley, watching the family grow up and expand. Unfortunately, Marley also does grow up, and at the end of the film, sadly dies. The end scene where the Grogan family says their goodbyes to Marley will leave you heartbroken.

7. 'Brokeback Mountain'

This 2006 romance film will leave you in floods of tears. Two rodeo cowboys, Jack and Ennis, are hired by a rancher to become sheep herders. Whilst out on Brokeback Mountain, the two began a forbidden love affair; however, when leaving the ranch, both men ended up marrying other women. The two cowboys kept their affair for 20 torturous years, sadly ending when Jack dies. It is unknown if he was beaten to death by homophobic thugs or it is an accident. Cowboy Ennis was played by Heath Ledger, adding another element of sadness to the film.

6. 'The Fault in Our Stars'

The Fault in Our Stars is a fan favourite, and if you haven't seen it by now, you are not too late to jump on the bandwagon. The story follows a young Hazel Grace Lancaster who has terminal thyroid and lung cancer. After reluctantly attending a support group, she meets the dreamy Augustus Waters who survived bone cancer, but unfortunately lost his leg. Gus and Hazel fall in love throughout the film; this is proclaimed when they go to Amsterdam through Gus's wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Like all romance films, there is always a heartbreak; this is where Gus tells Hazel his cancer has come back and spread throughout his body, ultimately leading to his death. The film is based on the book by John Green whose mesmerising writing skills will leave you grieving.

5. 'The Impossible'

This disaster movie is based on a true story from the events of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. The Bennett family is on holiday for Christmas when the tsunami happens, splitting the family apart. Mother Maria and the eldest son Lucas end up getting washed away in the water together, and finally get taken to hospital where Maria has life-threatening injuries. Whilst in the hospital, Lucas attempts to help families unite with one another. Meanwhile, the father Henry and the two younger boys are together in shelter, waiting to be transported to a nearby hospital. Unlike the rest of the films on this list, this story does have a happy ending and the family miraculously ends up in the same hospital where they reunite; but the build up throughout this film will leave you tearful.

4. 'The Lovely Bones'

Although this film is very hard to watch due to its distressing nature, it is an incredible movie. The story follows 14-year-old Susie Salmon and her family after she was brutally murdered by a neighbour. Susie watches from heaven as her family mourns her disappearance and she meets a number of girls in heaven who also were victims of the same murderer. The family soon uncovers it was the neighbour who did it, but before he is met by the authorities, he slips and falls to his death. Watching the Salmon family struggle to come to terms with the loss of Susie leaves you feeling bereaved.

3. 'Me Before You'

Me Before You had to be in the top three, not only because it leaves you mourning a fictional character, but also the brilliant acting throughout. Louisa Clark is a bright and quirky young caregiver to Will Traynor who was left paralysed due to a biking accident. Like any romance film, the two main characters fall in love; however, Will's pessimistic outlook on life makes him question if life is worth living. Although Louisa brightens Will's life and makes him fall in love again, ultimately he still does want to live and travels to Switzerland where he is euthanized. Not the ending you'd expect.

2. 'Now Is Good'

This film is about a young girl named Tessa who has terminal cancer and wants to complete her bucket list with her best friend Zoe before she dies. As you can imagine, a very cheerful film. She falls in love with neighbour Adam who, alongside Zoe, helps complete her bucket list. This film falls in at number two due to the tear-jerking scene where Tessa's dad sees her bucket list and breaks down asking why he wasn't asked to help and begging her not to die. A very worthy number two.

1. 'My Sister's Keeper'

This is by far the saddest film ever made. This film follows the Fitzgerald family where sister Katie has terminal cancer. Her younger sister Anna is a saviour sister who was conceived to help donate things to Katie, like her kidneys. Under the instructions of Katie, Anna goes to court to try and become emancipated from her parents so she no longer has to donate her organs to Katie; this was because Katie just wanted to die. Katie dies in the hospital in her mother's arms. Throughout the film, you meet each character of the Fitzgerald family and what hardships they individually have to face. This film is a masterpiece and leaves even the most coldhearted of people an emotional wreck.

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Top 10 Saddest Films
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