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Top 10 Shows to Watch When Feeling Down

These are just my opinions and not everyone might agree with them. I watch these when ever I feel down, sad, or a bit depressed, but these shows will surely boost up your spirit.


10) 'Final Space'

Recently released on Netflix, Final Space talks about a foolish yet lovable space ship “captain” (actually a prisoner) named Gary Goodspeed, and Mooncake, his loyal and insanely cute sidekick as they go on adventures trying to stop the evil Lord Commander. Highly recommended for fans of animated shows and a great show to start with for those unfamiliar with animation.

Final Space

9) 'Jane The Virgin'

What’s better than a modern day, funny telenovela? Nothing! Jane the Virgin stars the incredibly talented Gina Rodriguez as Jane a young talented writer to be, who works at a hotel where she meets someone who might change her life forever. I won’t say any more so that I don’t rob you of this great show’s storyline. This show is sure to get you out of your slump.

Jane The Virgin

8) 'How I Met Your Mother'

Well it’s exactly how it sounds. This is a show the spans nine seasons as we see how our protagonist Ted Mosby meets his wife and soul mate, as he goes on crazy adventures with his lovable group of friends. Watch as they bond, live, laugh and love through this truly incredible series. True story! Enjoy!

How I Met Your Mother

7) 'Bob’s Burgers' 🍔

Animation + Burgers + One of the funniest families on TV. Need I say more? Yes? Fine... Bob’s Burgers follow the Belchers on their crazy daily mishaps and adventures as they try to make their family restaurant more popular and successful. What could go wrong? Just a heads up, Tina is the best!

Bob’s Burgers

6) 'The Last Man on Earth'

What would you do if you were the last person on earth? Steal everything and live like a King, of course! That’s exactly what Phil Miller does when he finds out he’s the last man on earth. Though as he comes to realize, doing everything he wanted gets old quick. So let’s see what happens when someone else shows up.

The Last Man on Earth

5) 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

The Office + Police = Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Following Jake Peralta, a John McClane, wannabe solving crimes with his fellow detectives and friends. Although there is a factor that might change his plans and that is his new captain, Captain Holt, an almost emotionless robotic like human being.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

4) 'New Girl'

One of the best group of characters in a comedic TV show. New Girl follows Jess as she adjusts to life with her new and often crazy roommates Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. The laughs and sexual tension between Jess and one of the roommates is enough to make you stick around, but you also have all the crazy antics they get into.

New Girl

3) 'Scrubs'

New medical Intern JD must learn how to work his way through all the unwanted situations he usually puts himself in, with his best friend Turk. As well as deal with an absolutely insane janitor as he tries to destroy all his hopes and dreams one mop at a time. One of the best comedy shows EVER! (Just a Friendly Tip, DON'T WATCH THE LAST SEASON! IT'S NOT GOOD) But it's really up to you.


2) 'The Office'

"I'm not superstitious, I'm a little stitious" - Michael Scott. Now if that quote doesn't make you want to binge watch the entire show, then I'll tell you a bit more about it. Ever sit down and wonder how a mid level paper company works? Well, you question has been answered. The Office follows the office of Dunder Mifflin Scranton and shows us how the employees deal with each other and their overly "jokey" boss and part time movie director/t-shirt idea creator Michael Scott.

The Office

1) 'Friends'

With the picture of this article, was it such a surprise that I would pick the 90s classic show Friends? Friends is my favorite comedy show of all time. No matter how I'm feeling, whether it be sad, happy, or angry, Friends is my go-to show. Following a group of, well you guessed it, friends in New York City, this show follows their misadventures as they try to deal with single life and their ever changing careers down in the big apple. Could this show BE anymore amazing?


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I do.



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Top 10 Shows to Watch When Feeling Down
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