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Top 10 Spider-Man Comic Books to Read Before Spider-Man Swings by on PlayStation 4.

These suggestions are my own top 10 and not everyone might agree. Please enjoy.

Spider-Man PS4 (2018)

Dear reader, 

Please keep in mind that these are not universally acknowledged as the best. These are just in my opinion the best and most interesting Spider-Man™️ stories to read either if you are looking forward to the game or just want some new Web Slinging material to read. Enjoy, and get ready to see a whole lot of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man™️.

10) 'Marvel Knights Spider-Man™️' (5-issue Limited Series)

Marvel Knights Spider-Man™️ is a limited 5-issue series written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Marco Rudy. The saying "great things comes in small packages" has never been more true. In this series, Spider-Man™️ is pushed to his absolute physical, mental, and emotional limits. Spider-Man™️ is forced to face 99 villains from the Marvel universe to save innocent lives. What more do I need to say?

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 

9) 'Spider-Man™️: Birth of Venom™️'

With the new Venom™️ movie (2018) coming out this October, a lot of people are wondering who this big scary monster with the long tongue is? Why does he hate Spider-Man™️ so much? Well as the title suggests, the Birth of Venom™️ explains how the symbiote came to be, from bonding itself to Peter Parker™️, to ultimately changing him for the worse, although getting rid of the symbiote could prove to be a much bigger problem to deal with. Get ready to experience one of the greatest comic book rivalries first hand.

By Marci Abreu 

8) 'Spider-Man / Deadpool™️' (2016)

What’s better than watching your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man™️ fight along side everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth? Watching Deadpool™️ annoy the living hell out of Spider-Man, this series takes our favorite web slinger and anti hero through an adventure filled with fourth wall breaking fun, explosions, fights, jokes, and one of the greatest bro-mances in comic book history.

Spider-Man / Deadpool Issue 4

7) 'Spider-Man™️: Death of the Stacy’s'

This is the storyline that changed Spider-Man’s™️ life forever, as well as the way readers viewed and felt about the characters we read about. In this storyline Peter loses more than just a friend or a loved one, he loses a piece of himself. This is a must read for not just fans of the web slinger, but for every comic book fan.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Death of the Stacy’s 

6) 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales™️'

With Miles Morales™️ confirmed to appear in both the upcoming PlayStation 4™️ exclusive video game and the Into the Spider-verse™️ movie, fans want to know more about our newest wall crawler. This is the comic to get you right into the thick of it. In this series, Miles is a full blown Avenger, fighting side by side with our favorite heroes, taking down his biggest foes. Although one foe might prove to be too strong... school work.

Into the Spider-verse (2019) 

5) 'Spider-Man™️: The Clone Saga'

Couldn’t get over Gwen’s death? You’re not the only one. The new villain the Jackal is in the same boat as you. Being Peter and Gwen’s professor and secretly in love with Gwen, he creates two clones, one of Peter and one of Gwen. As a result of the cloning process the Jackal learns that Peter is Spider-Man™️ and sets out to kill him for letting Gwen die.

The Clone Saga

4) 'Spider-Man™️: One More Day'

This isn't a happy comic story-line, but fear not my fellow readers. This is the prequel to The Brand New Day story-line. One More Day follows a dying Aunt May™️ from a gunshot stuggling to stay alive, with Peter having to give up something extremely important to him, thus changing his life and the lives of everyone around him forever. I can't say anymore, because the surprises down the line do pack a punch.

Spider-Man: One More Day (Part One)

3) 'Spider-Man™️: Brand New Day'

Spider-Man™️: Brand New Day picks up a bit after the ending of One More Day. The Daily Bugle™️ is in financial turmoil since the wall crawler hung up his spandex, Peter and MJ have no recollection of their marriage, and Peter  suspects his long time friend Harry is back to his no good Goblin days. Fear not! Things might be looking better for Peter in Brand New Day. 

Spider-Man: Brand New Day

2) 'Spider-Man™️: Kraven's Last Hunt'

(Insert Morpheus meme here) What if I told you Kraven the Hunter™️ beat Spider-Man™️? What if I told you to read a comic where the villain actually wins? You wouldn't believe me. Well, to find out if I'm telling the truth or not, you'll just have to read it. For me, this is one of the greatest comic book stories ever told. Read it and thank me later.

Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt

1) 'The Superior Spider-Man™️'

My favorite Spider-man™️ series hands down! In this story-line Spider-Man™️ AKA Otto Octavious™️... Don't panic! It's not a typo. When Dr.Octopus™️ was close to death, he figured out a way to put his consciousness into Peter Parker's™️ body and vice versa, resulting in Parker's consciousness dying in Otto's dead body, thus bringing forward the birth of The Superior Spider-Man™️, a wall crawler who doesn't hold back, whose enemies fear like he's death himself. This story follows how Otto adjusts to his new body and responsibilities as Spider-Man™️, while a small part of Peter lingers in Otto's mind trying to take over again.

The Superior Spider-Man

Thank you for reading this and have fun swinging from comic to comic, until the game comes out. *THWIP*

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Top 10 Spider-Man Comic Books to Read Before Spider-Man Swings by on PlayStation 4.
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