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Top 10 Things We Want to See in the Rick Grimes Movies

There are many things we want to see in the Rick Grimes movies; he was the best character of the show, after all.

Oh, Rick. We'll follow you anywhere! Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Things We'd Want to See in the Rick Grimes Movies."

For this list, we're going to be compiling the questions we want answered, themes we'd like to see explored and events that might hopefully occur within the recently announced trilogy of Rick Grimes films from the Walking Dead franchise. We're also putting a spoiler alert here, as we're going to be discussing the events of the show's current season.

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#10: What's Up with Those Helicopters?

Rick Grimes' final episode of The Walking Dead left its audience with a lot of unanswered questions, not the least of which was the deepening of Jadis' enigmatic past. Titled, “What Comes After,” the episode closes with Rick being taken away on one of the mysterious helicopters that have popped up now and then over the last couple of seasons. Jadis is clearly connected with the people behind the walkie-talkies in some way, shape or form, and we'd like to see their relationship explained a bit further in one of the expanded universe Grimes films.

#9: What's the Difference Between an A and B Person?

Continuing on the subject of Anne, a.k.a. Jadis, she's also made it a point to tell Father Gabriel that there’s a definite difference between an "A" and a "B" person. Now, judging by the fact that Jadis very nearly murders Gabriel in "The Obliged,” after telling him that she’d assumed he was a B up until that point, we can assume that being a B is a positive thing. Still, a proper explanation as to the differences between these labels, and what they mean to the people in the helicopters would make us just a little less confused.

#8: Rick Settles on a Look

If we can just get serious for a moment: will Rick Grimes have a beard? Yeah, we know this may be a frivolous aesthetic to most, but as Rick Grimes superfans, we're dying to know. Ok, so all kidding aside, there has been fan speculation as to the on again/off again nature of Andrew Lincoln's facial hair, and we're honestly curious as to how he's going to be presented physically in the trilogy of films. Will there be a large leap forward in time? Will Rick have become grayer, or put on weight, or just have adopted a different look altogether? We're really looking forward to these films to find out!

#7: Further Crossovers with "Fear the Walking Dead"

Not every fan of The Walking Dead watches its sister show Fear the Walking Dead, and vice versa, but if you've been remotely paying attention to either show, then you'll know that there have been character crossovers in the past. Morgan, played by Lennie James, is the main player here, but Rick, Carol, and Jesus all made appearances in the fourth season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, so who knows if anyone from that show's cast could appear in the Rick Grimes trilogy? Stranger things have certainly happened in The Walking Dead universe, and it could breathe new life into the franchise.

#6: Rick Loses His Hand

Diehard readers of The Walking Dead comic series have all been waiting with baited breath for the televised moment when Officer Rick Grimes finally loses his hand. The source material actually had this happen to Rick way back when the group was facing The Governor, but the AMC show still hasn't pulled the trigger on this iconic comic book moment. Now, it isn't like we're actively rooting for something bad to happen to our hero, but given that this has always been kind of a big deal, maybe it'll take some big screen business for it to actually get filmed.

#5: New Climates and Locations

Like many TV shows and feature films, The Walking Dead calls the rural locales of Georgia home. That being said, the prospect of three Rick Grimes-centered movies, and the fact that he was taken away in a chopper, means that the character can now be bound for just about anywhere. Rick could be whisked away to the east or west coasts, further down south, or even up to the Great White North of Canada for a while. Who knows? We think a change of scenery and climate could do both Rick and the Walkers a bit of good.

#4: An Original Storyline

We've already mentioned the way The Walking Dead adapts its source material, but what if the franchise veered hard to the right? A trilogy of films could mean that The Walking Dead will take the story of Rick Grimes into a completely new and original direction, one with no precedent in the stories created by comic creator Robert Kirkman and Company. Now, this could be a risky gamble, but the rewards could also be great, if the scripts are solid and the execution strong enough to capture our imagination.

#3: Higher Production Values

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about the boom in cable television, and how many creative types have been drawn to the medium's long form style of storytelling. There's also been a massive increase in how much money TV shows can spend to make them look as good as possible. Still, The Walking Dead has often dropped the ball in this department, utilizing some truly horrible CGI effects alongside the undeniably amazing makeup work of Greg Nicotero and his crew. The higher production values of feature-length movies could feasibly fix these problems, presenting visual effects that are fully up to snuff.

#2: A Reunion with the Main Group

Rick's departure in season nine wasn't easy for us to watch, and it was particularly difficult for the rest of the Grimes group, who, for all intents and purposes, believe that Rick died on the bridge. Now, although we don't know where Rick is going or what he's getting into, we just gotta assume that he's going to try everything he can to return to Michonne, Judith and the rest of his crew as soon as possible. The main question is going to be what sort of obstacles will be in Rick's way, and how he's going to try to overcome them.

#1: A Happy Ending?

The exit of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead didn't please everyone, especially not those who wanted to see the former policeman actually die a final death out there on the bridge, on his own terms. Still, if we're going to hope for a reunion with the main group after these three films are over, we also have to want a happy ending … or at least some form of closure. If Andrew Lincoln is truly done with this franchise after these films, then getting to see how Judith has grown up, and how his people have managed without him should, hopefully, put a satisfying cap upon an epic series run.

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Top 10 Things We Want to See in the Rick Grimes Movies
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