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Top 5 Paul Wesley Performances on 'The Vampire Diaries'

Paul Wesley is a great actor who has had many roles, but the one he may be most remembered for is his role as Stefan Salvatore.

Paul Wesley is a great actor who has had many roles, but the one he may be most remembered for is his role as Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Here are some of his more unforgettable moments from the show.

5. Stefan the Ripper- Season 3

This whole experience was a roller coaster for Stefan fans. Stefan was supposed to be the good brother out of the Salvatore siblings, but the first part of Season three was all about showing that true, dark side of him. The most harrowing moments are when we see how he first met the Mikaelsons and he makes a man drink his wife's blood. The worst though was when he threatened to drive Elena off Wickery Bridge, knowing her fear of it since that is where her parents died and she nearly drowned. While everything else to that point had seemed like an act, this was the point where it was obvious he was dark and it was terrifying.

4. I don't want to be a vampire-season 2

When Elena took Damon's blood involuntarily and may die during the doppelganger sacrifice, Stefan takes her on a trek up a mountain, answering all of her questions about what it is like to be a vampire. They reach the top and Elena goes on to tell him that she never wanted to be a vampire; that she wanted to have the choice on what she wanted to do with her life, whether she wanted to get married and have a family. Paul just stands there with a sad look on his face, his emotions conveyed as he is realizes that she doesn't want to spend eternity with him, but also that the choice on whether she decided to or not had been forcefully taken from her. There are no words from him, just emotion, yet it is a really touching scene.

3. Teaching Caroline how to be a vampire-Season 2

These two have a great friendship, and that definitely shows in the time he took to help her get used to being a vampire. While they didn't start out as good friends, their relationship has grown over the past few seasons and this is where it started. He was patient with her, and cracking jokes along side her while trying to teach her how to hunt. It was interesting to see him become a mentor and showed that this character was wiser than the age he looked.

2. Anything Silas-Season 5

Paul has stated in the past that his favorite type of character to play is a villain, and this character really showed that. At times it was a little hokey, but that evil grin on his face made it worth the while. He is clearly having time of his life, bringing both sarcasm and a darkness that is the complete opposite of how he is both as Stefan and as himself. It is over the top, but in the best way possible and was one of the best villain portrayals on the show.

1. I'm a vampire- Season 1

Early on in the first season Elena figures out that the Salvatore brothers are vampires. Elena confronts Stefan and the initial look of shock and hurt as he realizes that she figured it out is just heartbreaking. He realizes that he has to come clean. Throughout the episode afterwards, he tells her about who he is, as well as his history and how he became a vampire. The emotions are on the surface, but the way he speaks is so understated. The guy could read a phone book and you would be engaged. His facial expressions throughout the episode are touching, and you really feel for this guy who has been stuck at 17 for 145 years.

The character is an unforgettable one, and that is largely in part because of the man who brings the character to life. Paul is an underrated actor, but an amazing one at that.

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Top 5 Paul Wesley Performances on 'The Vampire Diaries'
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