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Top 5 Shows to Binge

No matter what genre you want, there's a show for everyone on this list.

You just finished the last episode of Stranger Things, and you're browsing through Netflix to find something else to watch until the next season, right? We've all been there. I'll admit, I've seen almost EVERYTHING Netflix has to offer it feels like, so let me share my picks with you.

1. Parks and Recreation

This is a number one in my book, and always will be. Parks and Rec has everything you need. Need a good laugh? A cry? Something to make you overly excited/happy? This is your show, no matter what emotion you want to go through. You truly grow with the characters, and get to see some pretty strong character development. You find yourself relating to the characters and their everyday situations more than once in an episode. Already seen it? Binge it again. It's worth it.

2. Supernatural

I'm sure you've heard this one before, and you probably think it's talked about too much, but hear me out. This is my favorite horror genre show out there, even beating American Horror Story.  This show always leaves me guessing what's going to happen. The various kinds of monsters, people, ghost, etc. in this show is one of my favorite parts. Obviously with other shows, you usually only have one or two, like Zombies and Vampires, but Supernatural has it all. Plus, I mean, 13 seasons to binge watch is a lot, right? Should keep you busy for at least 2 and a half weeks.

3. Criminal Minds

This is obviously a given. It tops every crime show out there, including SVU. Did you know that the cases the BAU deal with are often based off of real cases? That makes this show all the more interesting to me. This show is rarely repetitive, and if it is, it's a story line they've dragged you into and you're stuck wanting to follow it and find out what's going on. You easily get attached, too. To the characters, their stories, their families, etc. Also, who doesn't love a good story about a serial killer? The kind that scare the crap out of you, yet you can't stop watching. This show is forever in my top five to binge.

4. Scrubs

This show has been off air for awhile now, but that doesn't mean it isn't binge-worthy anymore. It's basically the comedic form of Grey's Anatomy. It's got its moments, though, where it can make you cry, but most of the time is spent laughing your butt off. When I mentioned character development in the first part of this article, it goes for this show too. The character development is really great, and when you get to experience it with the characters, it really makes the show. 

5. Gilmore Girls

Especially with this having the new episodes that came out not too long ago, and more to come, this is a good pick. I've always been close with my mother, and Rory's relationship with Lorelai is really relatable. Also, the ROMANCES in this show. You will find yourself yelling at the characters, telling them which boo is right for them, even though you know they can't hear you. It's worth the binge, truly.

What are your top five shows to binge?