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Top 5 Things on Netflix to Watch Drunk

Tested by Yours Truly

While I sit down after a long day, nothing the day ahead of me, I always plan to party. And by party, I mean get drunk on my couch with Netflix on. It's probably one of my favorite pass times, and it's honestly a good stress relief. Now, of course, I don't mean getting so drunk you can't see straight, where's the fun in that? I'm talking about the three drinks in, completely warm, and if someone makes you laugh it's just a little too loud for you to pass as sober.

Here is my tested and approved list of the best Netflix shows to watch drunk:

1. 'We Bare Bears'

It's cute, it's simple, and it's funny. The animation and sound is calming and not overwhelming like other cartoons are these days. We have three bears Ice Bear, Panda Bear, and Grizzly Bear. They're brothers who live in a cave and get into crazy adventures. This show will have you laughing and feeling good in no time. Cartoon Network really hit the jackpot on this one. If you're seriously in need of a stress relief, and want to smile? This is the main choice for you.

2. 'Nailed It'

This Netflix original can bring me to tears laughing while I'm sober, so imagine what it's like to be drunk. They take in horrible bakers and give them this crazy task of creating these professionally done cakes. They get no time and no help and it leads to the funniest turn outs of cakes. Jacques Torres French critiques and witty banter with Nicole Byer is only the tip of this Ice(ing) burg. The poor contestants are put through the ringer, but they all have a great attitude about it. This one is great for when you are SERIOUSLY in need of a laugh. 

3. 'Insatiable'

Okay, okay wait please hear me out on this one. I know this Netflix original got bad rep, but honestly this was one of the craziest tv shows I've ever seen. Between it's surprisingly good call out message, accurate LGBT representation, and jaw dropping end of the first season, I actually ended up loving it. I recommend giving it a shot. When I watched this drunk, every twist and turn made me dizzy. I don't think I've gasped so much in my life. 

4. 'Forensic Files'

What something more serious? I got you covered. You will probably never run out of episodes of Forensic Files. I've been watching this show for years, and I still haven't seen all of them. Jeez, people get caught a lot don't they? Personally, I find all the episodes amazing anyway, the science behind how they catch criminals is a little mind-blowing, but while I'm drunk I'm screaming at the TV like it's a football game. I can't help but enjoy DNA tests and forensic plumbers while I'm four drinks in to my night. It's interesting and serious, but never too dark to completely ruin your mood. Just a nice dose of drunken morbid curiosity to start your weekend off right.

5. 'Set It Up'

Now, I'm usually not that into romcoms. They're nice, but they just aren't my movie of choice. Except for this movie. Set It Up is by far one of the best romcoms I've ever seen. The characters are hilarious and well written. The humor is spot on and how it turns out is probably the most perfect ever. The romance is well thought out, and it felt really natural unlike other romcoms we've had to see. With this movie, you can also get drunk with the characters and cheer on the good guys and roll your eyes at the bad guys. You'll also get all the warm fuzzies through the whole movie, which is always nice when you're drunk.  

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Top 5 Things on Netflix to Watch Drunk
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