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Top 5 Young Adult Stories

YA Books You Have to Read Now

Via WhyToRead

With the colder weather quickly approaching, I figured it would a good idea to sit down and make a list of all the books I plan on reading this holiday season. That got me thinking of all the great series I've read lately and that I now think everyone should read. 

So, here are my top five series that I think are worth the read!

1. 'The Raven Cycle'

The Raven Cycle written by Maggie Stiefvater follows the story of five (kind of—more like four. Read it and you'll understand) teenagers on a quest to find a dead Welsh king in a story told over four books. This series was full of magic and darkness and friends loving each other while struggling with the concepts of life and leaning on each other along the way.

This series is truly unique and unlike any series I've ever read and it's one that will stick with you. 

2. 'Shatter Me'

The Shatter Me trilogy written by Tahereh Mafi is a dystopian series that is set in a world divided and at war with itself. In this world, people have powers that can range from being invisible to having a lethal touch, which is the case for the main character Juliette. In this series, we see Juliette grow from being a scared, lonely girl to being strong and able to stand on her own and defend herself and being surrounded by people who actually care for her.

All this, while being being submerged in a delicious triangle love that makes you root for Juliette and her happiness. 

3. 'Vampire Academy'

Vampire Academy written by Rachelle Mead is a six-book series, so it's pretty lengthy, but action-packed and full of evil vampires (Strigoi), nice vampires (Moroi), and the people who protect (Dhampir). Our main character Rose Hathaway is just a badass female character who is tough, smart, and fiercely loyal. This series has the typical teenage drama, love triangles, and that little bite of danger. While it is long, it is filled with so much drama and action that it will keep you reading and not bored.

Tired of the same old female character and damsels in distress? Rose is exactly what you need. 

4. 'Six of Crows'

Six of Crows is a duology by Leigh Bardugo that is set in a time that seems ancient yet advanced, full of magic and thievery and no-good. It's a story about six thieves working together to — surprise — steal the ultimate prize. There are love stories throughout every page, yet it isn't a sappy young adult book where everyone gets a happy ending. It's crafted so complicatedly, yet manages to spiral into a masterpiece by the end.

This short series makes you root for the bad guys to get a good ending for once. 

5. 'A Court of Thorns and Roses'

ACOTAR written by Sara J. Maas is a trilogy of the retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but is so so much more. In this series, we get submerged in a world of humans and Fae, long divided by a wall to keep them separate. But the main character, Feyrae, is forced to go live within the wall and with Fae where she embarks on a journey to fight and help break the curse on the man she loves. This series is full of heartbreak and destruction and just absolute evilness, but also love, hope, and a realistic expression of what it's like to be depressed and feel lonely, and the power of family and love.

If you choose to read just one series on this list, let this one be it. Let this series completely wreck your soul.

While there are so many other great series that could make the list, and so much more I could say about each series, they are all great in their own way, and worthy of a read — especially cozied up under a blanket with a warm cup of tea in your hand! 

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Top 5 Young Adult Stories
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