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Top Five Mandela Effects

Have you ever come across something that you believed differently? Maybe you have witnessed the phenomenon of the Mandela Effect.

'Looney Tunes' (Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Over the past few months, I have recently started getting back into conspiracy theories and similar things of that nature. While I have been watching videos and looking into the darker side of the web, well into the early hours, I came across a phenomenon called the Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect is an occurrence where a large majority of people remember or believe something to be a certain way which has never existed/happened. This could be remembering people dying when they haven't, to a logo or brand changing.

The Mandela Effect got its name from Nelson Mandela who was a political leader and the former president of South Africa. Nelson Mandela died in December 2013, which sparked controversy as many believed he died many years prior in prison in the 1980s. This wasn't just believing he had died, but many of the people who believed this also remember it being Breaking News on TV. They also remember the funeral being broadcasted too.

From all of this, people have found more and more instances where the Mandela Effect has happened. Many of these things are in everyday companies, childhood shows, and famous celebrities. Here are my top five examples of the Mandela Effect.

1. Mickey Mouse never had suspenders.

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse in 'Steamboat Willie' (1928)

Growing up, one of my favourite things to watch was mickey mouse. I remember specifically Steamboat Willie where Mickey Mouse is at the wheel and he snaps his suspenders while whistling. As it turns out, He never had suspenders and didn't snap them in the animation. This was a massive shock for me because I can easily remember him doing so and so does a large majority of other people.

I have done a lot of research into trying to find proof of him wearing suspenders, but the only thing I have managed to find is an old toy that he's wearing them, and even then it is not the same as I remember.

How do you remember it?

2. 'Looney Tunes' or 'Looney Toons'

'Looney Tunes' (Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Looney Tunes is another show that I have many memories from growing up. I wasn't as shocked with this example as I was with the Mickey Mouse one, but it still intrigues me.

Many people have been discussing if it is Looney TUNES or TOONS. It has been called out for changing back and forth between the two, but there is only ever proof of Looney Tunes. This has been commented on many times with people saying that it would not make sense for it to be Tunes, as throughout the show there aren't any "tunes."

There could be a confusion between the two names as there was another show called Tiny Toons which was related to Looney Tunes. This may be why many people remember it differently.

3. Skechers or Sketchers

Another controversial spelling for the Mandela Effect is the shoe company Skechers. Many people believe that there is a letter T in the spelling, but there never has been.

I personally find it weird reading it without the letter T. This Mandela effect isn't greatly known, but it is one that has split beliefs. Even while writing this, I have auto correct trying to change the spelling to "Sketchers." Why is this if it's incorrect?

4. 'Sex and the City' or 'Sex in the City'

'Sex and the City' (HBO)

Another Mandela Effect is the popular TV show Sex and the City. Many people believe that the show was originally called Sex IN the City.

This Mandela Effect actually has proof of there being a spelling of Sex IN the City from an old perfume product which says IN on the box. Another bit of proof is that the cast members have said it in interviews too.

It may not be a lot of proof but many people strongly believe it has been changed even though it has been denied.

5. Panic! At The Disco

"I Write Sins Not Tragedies" by Panic! At The Disco

This Mandela Effect is one that even Brendon Urie (the lead singer of P!ATD) can't even explain himself. This one completely baffled me as I was a huge P!ATD fan growing up, and I have listened to this song hundreds of times.

In the music video for Panic! At The Disco's first hit, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies," Brendon sings "closing a goddamn door." This has confused Brendon himself as he has always sung "closing the goddamn door."

What do you remember?

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Top Five Mandela Effects
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