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Top Picks from Pokévault

Gorgeous Stuff for Any Pokémon Fan

It's a cave of wonders for Pokémon fans.

Pokévault is one of the biggest stores for second-hand merchandise from Japan. It's got one of the best reputations and all products sold can be guaranteed to have 100% top quality. With over hundreds of items in their catalogue, and a catalogue that is always changing, I thought I could compile a list of some of the best products on Pokévault at the moment as well with the most desirable and things that we want to have. I've not heard one bad thing about this store. 

If you do enjoy this article, check out my review I wrote a few weeks ago. Since the last review, I've made some more purchases. I bought an adorable Rowlet plushie for my aunt who loves owls and some charms for myself. 

Vaporean Necklace with Aquamarine Stone

Current price: £262.49

There are only three of these gorgeous Vaporeon necklaces in stock. This is my personal top pick and I would buy it if I had the money. However, I do hope if I don't get the chance to buy it, that it goes to a good home where it will be loved and cherished. For anyone who wants it, this is most likely your only chance to buy this rare beauty. 

Alola Vulpix Plush

Current price: £26.24

The Alola Vulpix is a beautiful product from the Pokémon Centre. This is one of the more newer and recent ranges from the Pokémon Centre collection. It's wonderfully made, high quality, and really adorable. Vulpix has always been adorable, but the new colour scheme and ice typing have brought a whole new life into the Vulpix line. This is one I would recommend. There's currently six of these left at the time of writing.

Mareep Line Charm Set

Current Price: £9.74

The Mareep line is by far one of my favourite Pokémon families from Generation 2. The original generation 2 games Gold and Silver have recently been re-released onto the 3DS Virtual Console and Mareep was one of the first Pokémon I caught for the team. Flaaffy is so cute and adorable that sometimes I don't want to evolve it. Ampharos is a great powerhouse but also doesn't lose the cuteness of its pre-evolutions. There are 24 of these left in stock and has had a massive slash in price. Go for it! 

Jigglypuff Plush

Current price: £22.49

Jigglypuff is a star in her own right. It is fitting that she makes an appearance in the 2015 San-Ei All-Star Collection range. I own over 100 anime plushies, and this is among one of my favourites. There's only one of these left on Pokévault, but you might be able to find them on eBay or Amazon, but beware of bootlegs. 

Pikachu Pants

Current price: £22.49

I'm not joking about the price. I felt inclined to mention at least one thing with Pikachu on it. It is the mascot of the franchise after all. I'm sure you guys didn't expect me to bring up pants. I mentioned this in my review on Ciao. I'll admit I really got my knickers in a twist at the price. With that aside, it's pretty adorable and might make a good collector's item for some. 

Snorlax Figure

Current Price: £14.99

There's only one of these awesome figures left. It's a very rare figure according to the product description. So if you like it, get it while you can whilst the price is still decent. Though not to worry if you miss out, there's plenty of Snorlax merchandise on there. 

Charizard Nanoblocks

Current price: £14.99

If you like Lego, then you'll love these. These blocks are fun to use. I have one of the Eevee nano blocks, and they were fun to use. Despite the lack of English text, the pictures make it easy to follow. It's really nice to see something you've built finally done. 

So there you have it, some of my top picks on Pokévault at the moment. This is only a small fraction of what the site has to offer. Some prices are better than others, but they always have a sale on and you can take advantage of their coupons to get the lower price. 

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Top Picks from Pokévault
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