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Top Ten Quotes from 'Twin Peaks'

What are yours?

Hi ALL:-), I decided to do a round-up of my favourite quotes from the show. I've probably missed a few crackers, but I'm not watching the show as I write this because that would take far too long. There are the quotes that stick out for leaving a lasting impression on me!

1.) "There are things we can't find anywhere, but we dream they can be found in other people." I adore this quote. It is from Harold Smith during one of his talks with Donna in Season Two. I love the quote for itself, and not necessarily because it adds anything to the story-line. I think of it often because it was poignant to me even the first time I saw the episode. I think that almost everybody can probably relate to this quote in some way or another. It reminds us how delicate and wise Harold is, despite his sheltered life. Additionally, giving him dialogue that helps viewers relate to him in some way creates a deeper connection between his character and his character's audience.

2.) "To beginnings... and endings, and the wisdom to know the difference." This quote comes from Andrew Packard, the man Josie was married to and believed to be dead. He says this to her as they raise a glass together upon his unexpected return to Twin Peaks. Packard is known to be wise - having deployed a plan to escape his own murder - and this quote proves it. He uses words to intimidate Josie, and express his feelings of distaste towards her now. His demeanour in this scene serves him well, and makes this line of dialogue especially memorable.

3.) "Every day, once a day, give yourself a present." The reason I love this line of Cooper's is because it encompasses so much of his character in a single line. He is showing compassion towards Sheriff Truman, he is displaying emotional intelligence, and he is embracing his love of coffee. These are all things he is known for, and beyond that, this is an important and mood lifting idea. His enthusiasm characterises him as the energetic Dale Cooper we all know so well.

4.) "Andy! I understand cellular phones now!" Upon returning to Twin Peaks after so long, it was a blessing to discover that Lucy has barley changed. She may get her job done, but all the same she is scatty and easily confused. I think the best part about this line is where it comes. Just after Lucy Shot Bad Cooper, we expect something serious or perhaps something meaningful; instead we get one of the funniest moments of the series. Not only is this funny in itself, but it is also a direct throwback to the original Twin Peaks where Lucy was often struggling to understand how somebody could move and be talking on the telephone simultaneously. I would also like to stress how well this line was executed.

5.) "Isn't it too dreamy?" Audrey Horne. No list of quotes from the show would be complete without at least one from Miss Horne. Audrey says this line to Donna as she begins to dance to the jazz music in the double R Diner. The scene before this moment has quite sultry feel to it anyway - with the girls discussing Cooper in a way that seems suggestive. Her dance is transfixing and the words used seem to fit so well as she goes into a dreamlike state during her dance. It feels as though everybody else in the diner is watching her movements. This line is also brilliantly quotable.

6.) "Don't make me tell you where these came from." Cooper, of  course, was asking Andy where he had gotten his shoes from. But Andy is answering a different question entirely. Everything about this line and the scene that surrounds it is perfect entertainment. First we have Lucy knocking Andy 'materials' right out of his hand and going off in a huff, then we have him dropping his bottle under the chairs, and finally we have Andy very earnestly telling Cooper that he doesn't know how much time he has. This humour is what brings to life the episode for me.

7.) "People are under a lot of stress, Bradley." Spoken by Rodney Mitchum and appearing in the 16th episode of The Return, it is my opinion that this is one of the funniest one-liners in the entire show. It also translates to real world events, making it a slightly bittersweet but therefore all the funnier quip. The comedic nature of this scene despite the violence makes it one of my favourites The Return had to offer. The Mitchum Brothers are flamboyant characters in every one of their scenes, but this line in particular reminds us how amusing they can be. Badley's previous comment, "What kind of fucking neighbourhood is this?" shows how they are not particularly afraid, and are more bemused by the events which are unfolding in front of them.

8.) "We don't have a bomb squad, so Andy brought his metal detector." This dialogue is directed at Cooper and comes from Harry, as Hawk, Andy and himself are investigating the large chess piece Windom Earle leaves upon the bandstand. I think of all the comedic moments in the entirety of Twin Peaks, it is this one that made me laugh the most. I always get so caught up in the episode that I forget it's coming, and there it is. This line catches me out every time and never fails to amuse me. I think the fact that the metal detector belongs to Andy adds to the hilarity of the scene. Andy is a character who is fairly simple at the best of times, and so it being his simplistic technology just makes this so much better. I also enjoy the lack of concern that there may be a bomb and no bomb squad.

9.) "You are about to witness a front 3/4 view of two adults sharing a tender moment." When Gordon Cole meets Shelley he instantly feels that there is something special about her. This doesn't seem particularly important until he decides to kiss her in front of a very stunned Bobby Briggs. There are so many things about this that I like, but one of my favourite's is Cooper trying to warn Gordon but him not paying attention. Shelley's face when Gordon says this is also priceless.

10.) "What year is this?" This is quite possibly the most famous line of the entire third series. Cooper's obvious confusion and erratic behaviour make this a complete mystery. I doubt this one requires much explanation, it sends shivers down my spine no matter how many times I've heard it before.

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Top Ten Quotes from 'Twin Peaks'
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