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'Toy Story' - A Movie Review

To infinity and beyond!

Do you ever wish you could just go back and watch your favorite movie for the first time again? I would love to see my reactions.

Over 20 years ago, Pixar Studios produced their first animated movie. Toy Story was an instant hit about the secret life of toys who come to life the moment they’re alone. A new toy is welcomed into the room. Woody, a cowboy doll, is jealous when Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger, becomes the new favorite to his beloved owner. Believing himself to be a real space ranger, Woody and Buzz inadvertently send themselves on an adventure nobody will ever forget.

Toy Story is one of my favorite movie franchises. It has a unique concept filled to the brim with the most memorable characters. I never realized how much you could take away from these movies. The story of Toy Story went through a big re-write during the process. If you have seen the deleted scenes, you’ll thank Pixar for saving the film.

Pixar has come so far in their animation. Look at this film compared to Toy Story 3, and experience how animation has developed. Here’s a fun fact. Remember that teddy bear we see on the shelf during the staff meeting? That was Lotso-Huggin-Bears original design from Toy Story 3.

The voice acting is terrific. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen at their best. You can tell when actors get close to their roles. Billy Crystal turned down the role of Buzz Lightyear thinking the film wouldn’t be a big hit! Let it be a lesson that you should take any opportunity offered to you.

Other voice credits include the late Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head), the late Jim Varney (Slinky Dog), Wallace Shawn (Rex), John Ratzenberger (Hamm), Annie Potts (Bo Peep), and John Morris (Andy).

None of the supporting characters fall flat. They each have their own personality to convey. That’s my favorite aspect of this series. Even minor characters have a big impact. Come on, you’ll never get tired of that toy shark doing an impression of Woody!

I love the movie from beginning to end. As a child, I was on the edge of my seat when Woody and Buzz were trapped in the deranged next door neighbor’s house. The ending is one of the best endings in all of Pixar history.

Equipped with funny jokes, realistic dialogue, and the start of a beautiful friendship, Toy Story will never grow old. You can actually feel the bitter emotion of the characters in their situations. The characters may not be humans, but we can learn how to cope based on how they react.

An excellent score is included by Randy Newman featuring songs such as "You Got a Friend in Me," "Strange Things," and "I Will Go Sailing No More." The score is rich and the songs easily get trapped in your head. They’re the trademark of Toy Story.

Watching Toy Story is a nostalgic experience. I am glad that this series has not ended yet. No matter how old I get, Disney will always be a part of who I am. I remember the days where I used to play with my toys creating scenarios. Take advantage of your childhood. Childhood is an important experience.

Toy Story was the mark for Pixar. They took a bold step for something new. Since then, Pixar films have gone on to create over 20 unique stories for all to cherish. Almost 24 years later, Toy Story 4 is about to hit the big screen. I am excited to witness the magic Pixar will add to their nostalgic tale.

To infinity and beyond!

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'Toy Story' - A Movie Review
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