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'Transformers: The Last Knight'

Movie Review

Transformers 5 had an odd whole to fill. Age of Extinction was arguably the worst movie by far (but still good). Last Knight is just as long I think and features tons of locations and, of course, special effects. Mark Walberg returns for a main human role as Craig Yaeger, but he’s far more important to the story this time.

I’m not going to go through all the details of this movie. That would honestly be very difficult. The movie has so many different story locations and a lot happens. Basically, it's further into the future and the TRF rules much of the world. Transformers are still outlaws which I don’t understand. Optimus Prime left to find his creator(s) at the end of Age of Extinction, so he’s not around.

Basically what I don’t like about this movie is the fact that it ignores so much of all of its predecessors plot points. For example; Megatron is back… I’m pretty sure he was rebuilt as Galvatron in the fourth movie. Also the whole thing about Transformers i.e. Bumble Bee being here in World War II is just silly.

The plot is simple. Cybertron has been kinda of rebuilt by Quintessa the prime of life. She is really, really powerful. And upon meeting Optimus Prime she reprograms him and turns him into the evil Nemesis Prime. The movie started with this really kinda of unnecessary medieval times battle scene. Merlin gets a staff from a guardian knight transformer. He uses it to command the other guardian knights... which turn into a giant dragon. The movie’s pacing is good but the characters it establishes like Izabella (with a Z) are just useless.

We also have Anthony Hopkins playing this old guy who is a Witwickens….(a relative of Sam Witwicky). There’s also Miriam, who is the descendant of Merlin and the only one who can wield the staff. Cybertron is basically coming to earth to suck the energy right out of it... but only the staff of Merlin (which is Quintessa’s staff) can trigger the process.

Spoiler alert… Craig Yaeger is the LAST KNIGHT. I know that sounds stupid af. But it works here. The action is heavy albeit kinda presented in a weird disorientating way. The fights are quick too and not as good as past movies. Megatron, for example, gets wupped by Optimus again after almost killing him. Quintessa is double teamed by Optimus and Bumble Bee. I felt she was defeated too easily. But she’ll be in the next one….

I really liked Cogsworth, which is the small transformer butler to the Witwikens. The transformers themselves, the Autobots, are cool, but I felt they didn’t get enough screen time. The Decepticons seem far more interesting. There are some new ones like a ghetto talking one, and one that turns into a giant transformer. The giant one gets killed by a newly heroic Optimus in an epic scene.

The movie’s dialogue is really good. I felt the lines were interesting and poignant. The black guy in the movie is pretty much just comic relief. He takes a fake bullet for Craig’s character and thinks he is dying. I love the fact that he says that his “job” doesn’t have health insurance. He also says, “I can't go to jail, I can’t even lift weights!” Agent Simmons returns here as well, but his character has almost no value. The female human character Miriam is decent but she falls woefully short of Megan Fox from TF1 & 2, despite being far more central to the movie's plot. Officer Lenox from Transformers 1-3 returns too, working as kind of a double agent. He’s for USA and the transformers but he works with the TRF.

All in all, I like this movie. But after the hype has died down, it's certainly not the best one. However, The Last Knight is a great send off for Michael Bay as the movie’s director. It’s a terrific film that could have been a little more thought out but hey, it's Transformers and this one belongs in the saga. Okay, we’ve heard some good and some bad. Time to put a score on it…

Verdict: 9/10

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