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'Twin Peaks' Fans Everywhere — Listen Up

'Queen of Hearts'

Concept Art of the Storm Coming to Twin Peaks, Illustrated by Hippyann for 'Queen of Hearts'

As you all should know by now, Queen of Hearts is a fan film being made by Cameron Cloutier. Since the idea started floating in about October 2017, it's a project I and many others have felt passionately about. The idea of more work being added to the Twin Peaks universe — whether or not it is official — keeps the world alive and ensures our beloved fan-base continues to stick together as a creative unit. Anticipation for this keeps rising as the preparation takes place: many of us are scrabbling for little details that we can look forward to, as well as anticipating new videos and live-streams from Obnoxious and Anonymous. The content is always well-thought out and informative, which is doubtless why Cameron ended up with so many followers in the first place.

I, for one, have loved how much input Cameron has allowed from his followers. I'm sure it's very helpful for him to have so many willing volunteers, but for us it's just so exciting to be a part of something like this. Having the process so transparent has meant we all have been able to enjoy the fun of making this film. Despite being very busy, Cameron allowed us all to be involved in some way in almost every step, from sharing pictures of possible actors to seeking help in areas such as visual effects. In fact, depending on when you are reading this, there may still be things such as graphic design and set design that still need artists, so check out the Facebook posts.

Following the film's progress through the script editing, casting process and subsequent pre-production created a sense of excitement in me. As we get nearer to the film's production, things such as who will be cast and what it will contain become increasingly more exciting to think about. A lot of you will probably have heard of the Bookhouse Babes on Twitter. Cameron announced on the 11th of March that Bookhouse Babes will feature in Queen of Hearts alongside the Bookhouse Boys. Aspects of the film, such as this, show how much members of this fandom are involved in Queen of Hearts, and how it will encompass little pieces of the community. It truly feels like a project that is inclusive of us all.

Sadly, Cameron was not allowed to cast any actors who have partaken in the official Twin Peaks series in Queen of Hearts. However, having the support of actors such as Zoe McLane and Jake Wardle has meant a lot to the fans, and undoubtedly to Cameron himself. The humility and willingness of so many of the cast to give time to their fans is heartwarming. You can see appearances from them among many other cast and crew members on the Obnoxious and Anonymous YouTube channel, linked at the end of this article. Also linked is information about where you can find relevant Twitter pages and other information.

While there is not yet an official release date, the film will be free to all Twin Peaks fans, and you will be able to find it online. For those of you who had actually not yet heard about Queen of Hearts I hope you are now very excited about this project, it is not too late to get on board! Don't forget about Queen of Hearts between it's announcement and it's release! Behind the scenes tonnes of work is being put in every day, and for fans this film will be something really special. Watching everything unfold couldn't be more of a treat for fans of Twin Peaks.

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  • The Twitter page for Queen of Hearts can be found here
  • My Twitter page can be found here.
  • The YouTube channel Obnoxious and Anonymous can be found here, along with the trailers and updates about the film.
  • The Bookhouse Babes Twitter page can be found here: @BookhouseBabes.
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'Twin Peaks' Fans Everywhere — Listen Up
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