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Underrated Anime Shows That Deserve More Recognition

Some have great potential and stay under the damn rug.

Ah, anime. Who doesn't love it? When naming anime shows, you'll hear a lot naming Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, but there's so much more to it than those! 

And then there are those shows that are nothing short of amazing, are unique, have a great story line and awesome characters. Yet, they don't get any cred, because barely anyone knows about them!! Some of them include...

'Shokugeki No Soma: Food Wars'

If you're a food fanatic, you'll love Food Wars. Created by Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki. The anime revolves around a middle school kid named Yukihara Soma who works in his father's restaurant, until one day, he closes it down and decides that cooking in Europe is his calling, enrolling Soma in an elite culinary school, with an acceptance rate of 10 percent. Will he make it through? This anime has some hentai moments, just like most anime shows (if you don't know what that is, you're too innocent for this world), so if that's not your cup of tea, be careful. Also, don't watch if you're hungry, the recipes and cooking will make your mouth water. Honestly, I don't like to cook, but all the explained recipes just made me want to start cooking. 

'Chibi Vampire/Karin'

Thank you, Yuna Kasegaki for giving us this adorable show. This anime is quite quirky if I may say so. What is this anime about? Well, it's about a vampire named Karin, but she isn't your usual blood sucking vampire. She keeps having nosebleeds because she doesn't miss any blood, unlike the rest of her family. Kenta Usui, a new transfer student, causes her to produce even more blood, so you can guess how that turns out for her. I personally think some characters, like Karin, have a very cute personality, and it's a shame it had to end so soon. Definitely a great show to watch!

'Usagi Drop: Bunny Drop'

Now, this one is both super kawaii and super sad. It's so emotional that I suggest you get your tissues ready. Written by Yumi Unita, I could not stop watching this masterpiece for quite some time. After Daichiki returns from his grandfather's funeral, he finds out he had a six-year-old daughter named Rin, and decides to raise her himself. I'm pretty sure most people would cry after the first few episodes and feel for poor Rin (or I'm just one hell of a crybaby), but this is one of the few anime shows that have a story line with great potential to touch the viewer's heart. The topic of being a single parent and family pressures was well done in this anime.

'The Junji Ito Collection'

I absolutely love Junji Ito. For those who don't know, he's a manga artist who creates scary manga. If you have ever read one of his comics, you know that this dude is a master at messing with the reader's head. And now, those mangas are becoming awesome anime episodes that will chill your spine, and by the time the episode is over, you may or may not miss a few nights, just super saying. I love how the anime is just as good as the manga, and those sudden plot twists and scary moments (not those $5 screamos) will get your heart racing. Just a heads up, if you cannot handle horror well, I would not recommend watching this show.

And that's it for some underrated animes! Thank you for reading this article, please share it if you liked it, and see you soon!!

xoxo~~~ Lynn

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Underrated Anime Shows That Deserve More Recognition
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