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Unsung Disney Heroes

These are the true heroes of Disney movies that are not given credit.

That's right, not every prince was the hero. Let's dive into the list of the unsung heroes.

2. The Mice in 'Cinderella'

Without those mice, Cinderella would have never had her dress. It would never have been torn up and her god-mother would have never showed up and she would have never had the prince fall for her. Also, they got the key to her room when she was locked up by her step-mother. 

2. The Fairies in 'Sleeping Beauty'

They are the ones that raised Aurora and they are the ones that freed the prince from being a captive. The fairies had also pretended to be human for 16 years of their lives. Then they had also lightened Maleficent's spell. Enough said, they were the real heroes because Prince Phillip would still be locked up and sleeping beauty and the whole kingdom would be asleep.

3. Abu from 'Aladdin'

In the beginning of the movie, Aladdin is locked up for stealing the bread and then kidnapping the princess. Abu sneaks into the cell and frees Aladdin. Without Abu, Aladdin would have probably be beheaded and would have never met princess Jasmine.

4. Scuttle from 'The Little Mermaid'

Scuttle is the friend that Ariel turns to when she finds human stuff. He was the one that noticed Ursula was bewitching the prince because of her reflection. Without him there would have been more chaos caused all around. 

5. Flit from 'Pocohontas'

The only reason she met John Smith was because of Flit. If he had not gone crazy and hid in the bushes where Pocahontas was spying their love would have never happened.

6. The Pub Thugs from 'Tangled'

How did Flynn escape the soldiers again? Right, through the pub secret tunnel. They had helped Rapunzel and Flynn escape and they went on living another day. Also, the last scene made them heroes as well by distracting the guards and saving Flynn once again.

7. Widow Tweedy from 'Fox and the Hound'

She brought in Todd at the beginning of the movie when his mother died and if that was not hero enough, when the hunter wanted to shoot Todd because he was a fox, she stood sternly in front of his fast approaching vehicle and shot the car. Hero indeed.

8. Nala from 'The Lion King'

If it weren't for her, Simba would have been still in the Jungle letting his pride (the lionesses) to starve and Scar would have been the sole survivor and would have probably died later on. Nala became a hunter and found Simba.

9. Rafiki from 'Lion King'

Rafiki knocked some sense into Simba and told him to go back to face his past and get his throne back. If Nala had failed Rafiki would finish the job.

10. Nigel from 'Finding Nemo'

He took Merlin and Dory to the dentist's office and to Nemo by offering them a ride in his back and he did not swallow the two fish, which at any point he could have been made the villain. Thanks to him the fish were reunited and became a family again.

11. Roz from 'Monsters Inc.'

She was undercover the whole time! She was watching every move and knew what to do when it came to Boo and her door. She was a character that no one really notices and bam! She was the hero by being a part of the secret service. 

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Unsung Disney Heroes
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