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Vegeta Is Most Likely Not Eliminated, but Still...

Why Vegeta Needs to Keep His Guard Up

*Warning* This post contains spoilers from the current Dragon Ball Super series. You can stream weekly Dragon Ball Super episodes on your personal devices and new episodes are readily available on multiple platforms every Saturday night.

The events so far:

Son Goku and friends have begun the tournament of power, a battle royal between 8 universes being represented by 10 fighters each.  The match, which happens in the world of void on a top like fighting stage, lasts for 100 tacks which equates to roughly 48 earth minutes. During that time all 80 fighters' goal is to knock out the opposing universes warriors. When all 10 warriors are knocked out of the fighting area, the lord of lord, destroyer deity to all universes Zeno, squishes that universe out of existence leaving only void. 

Only 4 universes remain.

Geekdom 101 Episode 119 Preview

After watching the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 fans' attentions are peaked. Most refuse to believe Vegeta is going to be knocked off the stage, yet there he is falling halfway off the stage, so what is going on with the Sayian prince? Has he found himself, once again, at the butt end of the joke? 

We can see in the brief clip that our Universe 7 warriors Android 17, 18 are being tossed around be an invisible foe, presumably the ant men type warriors of Universe 4. There is also an unassuming blue warrior named Shantsa who appears to be emitting a kind of genjutsu, or illusion technique. You can see Piccolo and Gohan being trapped in a kind of red and black void, but it appears to be localized to just those two. I predict they will be fighting shadows who take the form of warriors that have already been defeated.

Vegeta is shown visibly upset over the lose of his fellow Sayins of Universe 6. Vegeta previously told Cabba that he is going to win the tournament of power and use the super dragon balls to revive everyone. And now as the final moments of the tournament of power are upon us, it seems the loss of his student Cabba has reignited the price of all Sayins.

However being hot headed may lead to Vegeta's downfall. No, I don't believe the bugs are going to knock Vegeta off with a cheap trick, but even coming close is more than enough to set the Sayian into a dangerous tirade. And an uncontrolled Vegeta is destined to get into trouble.

In the first half of the tournament while battling a sniper, Vegeta engages the closest fighter he sees that may be the sniper but finds himself in a trap. This is the pattern we may see again in the upcoming episode. Until Vegeta learns to completely control and harness his anger he must be on his guard for traps being laid against him, which is exactly the kind of tactic a deceptive Universe 4 would use to defeat a more powerful warrior.

Dragon Ball Super airs Saturday nights, the English dubs can be found on Toonami and the Japanese subtitles can be found on the anime streaming sites Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, Daisuki, Anime Lab, VRV, Adult Swim (English Dub) as they are authorized to do so.

Vegeta, the Proud Saiyan Warrior

Dragon Ball Super has been all to ready to have Vegeta play the clown, so far they have made him do a song and dance for Beerus, suck on a binky, get beat up by a child, and wear a pink apron on two separate occasions, though the pink may have been his choice.

Vegeta has been rocking the pink for years.

The original bad man rocking the classic pink short sleeve button up

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Vegeta Is Most Likely Not Eliminated, but Still...
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