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We'll Play Games

An internet broadcaster thinks up a world where quiz shows take over the web.

Let the games begin.

A simple microphone and monitors represented the low-budget, but high quality feel of the podcast. Kilmer Tunn’s voice serenaded the corners of the internet with his show, “Tunn’s of Fun.” His face was chestnut brown. A game show, the broadcast lasted for only one episode at a time and then vanished into the electronic ether after that initial airing. He picked up today’s epistemology and ethics and aesthetics while leaving out current politics which he found to be toxic. Tunn organized with a network of other podcasters who dreamed up a direct plan. They met at his studio.

“Look, if we can get the individuals who listen to your game show on my platform, then that same amount of people can pick up on all the others as well. We can promote a plethora of game shows on the internet. All we have to do is convince the other podcasters that this is a viable option to showcase their brands and definitely generate some dollars.” Valerie Kanes said. She possessed hazel eyes and platinum blonde hair.

“Yes, if we can convince the millions of podcasters all over the world to switch their platforms to a game show model, then we might have the opportunity to give the people orange juice.” Tunn said.

“Orange juice?” A blue haired lilly-white man asked.

“Yes, the juice is sweet and tangy but contains essential vitamin C. If we can make the game show interesting and compelling and still offer information and knowledge, then we will have beat the system and America and the world will be much smarter for it,” Tunn said.

The call went out to the various online show hosts across the United States first. Like lightning, the news passed through the atmosphere with ferocity, brilliance, and speed. Tunn encouraged his competitors and companions, dually, to agree to setting up their broadcasts to present trivia. Across the board, the response remained overwhelmingly positive. People liked the idea of offering to their audiences slices of thought and understanding in a series of answers and questions or multiple choice or true or false statements.

Traditional television networks comprehended the way of the podcasters. They sensed that there was money to be made but they lacked the wits and coolness to achieve audience totals like those of the internet broadcasters. But they tried. They set up blocks of television dedicated to the idea of games. They suffered. While multi-billion dollar deals became part of the ever evolving landscape, the classic television channels, network and cable, missed out just as they did with streaming video services. Emerson Pell, chief executive officer of the American Broadcasting System (ABS) slammed his fist down on the table.

“Goddamnit! These internet goons have brought nothing but pain,” he said. Gray hair streaked at the temples of his head. He was a light-skinned negro.

“The only thing the we can do with these figures is to partner with them somehow,” Madeline Mahler said. She showed green eyes and creamy white skin.

“That’s what we’ll have to do.”

Tunn’s first broadcast with his partnership with ABS yielded him $30 million. The ears and eyeballs that wanted to sup the data represented for him and his colleagues the shift from the staid networks to the powers of the internet.

We have here in the studio a Miss Angelica Valle. Welcome.”

“Thank you.”

Now here is the first answer: “This study pertains to a man’s method of awareness,” Tunn said. The broadcast reached a hundred million people around the globe.

Angelica Valle spoke into the microphone.

“What is psycho-epistemology?”

“That is correct.” The boards for callers lit up like those icicle lights that hang on roof awnings. The other podcasters found donations, tips, and super chats increase by tenfold in some cases. The game show idea erected a new space for web creators to express themselves, make money, and somewhat enlighten the individuals who sought a greater understanding of the world.