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To Hollywood and back...

2 AM, July 1, 2018

It's been four hours that I've been tossing and turning around, without success. I already figured out that I wasn't getting any sleep, at all. There was no point in contradicting that. Some people try anyway, 'You can do it, but only if you believe.' Well, I tried and it didn't work for me. I tried for four hours. There are a few things you have no say in. But you not only can, but should decide for those that you can. Even if it might be painful to accept.

Hollywood wasn't my initial goal in life. My parents made the choice for me, but I don't blame them. I told them that it's what made me happy, so they listened to me, listened to a 10-year-old child, not such a great choice. At 21, I decided that it was time to live. After being one of the most influential people in the whole world (if we don't count presidents and governments), I cut all contact with my previous life. A few plastic operations, a new ID, a new state and so on made it happen. And I was happy.

Until now.

"David, I know it's two AM but I really need your help."

"Who is this?"

"Max. Max Stern. Back from the dead." I thought he'd figure out my voice by now.

"Really funny. Another day, another superfan. I really have to change this number."

"David Mikaels, I swear it's me. I can tell you... uhm... For Christmas two years ago, I called to tell you to tell you that I quit. Two days later, I ran away so you would take me seriously. Then you unofficially fired me and I begged for you to take me back. And you did." I sighed. "Is that enough?"

"If this is the introduction to one of those slasher horror movies where you know everything about me, I'm telling you that there's an armed guard in front of the door." David genuinely sounded worried for his own life.

"We both know there isn't one, and now, straight to business. If you're not taking me back, I'll just go to another agent who will be happy to take me in. We both know that."

"I'll take you when I see you. You have my promise."

The truth is, that I never would've taken another agent. If David wouldn't take me back again, I would be done with Hollywood forever. And this time it would be permanent.

"C at nine." I hoped he would remember what C was.

"Deal." And he did.

9 AM, July 1, 2018

"Hey, David."

"Okay, I hate to admit it, but whoever did this did a hell of a good job. I have to admit it. What did you summon me for?"

"I know that I made the Titanic that your career was, sink, and I'm sorry for that. I came here to tell you that I want back in. You might not want me back, but here I am, begging for you to take me back."

I could see him work everything through in his mind for a few minutes before he responded. "Is the 4th of July a good date to come back? I know that it's less than a week away, but the fans would love it. You know that they're all just waiting for you to show back again."

"That's fine by me, but I mean... Are you sure that everything is fine? No hard feelings or anything?"

"No, Max. I'm just happy that you started thinking about your career again. I was worried that you'd just throw it all again. When I come back to the office, I can make some phone calls and hopefully, you'll—."

"David, please. I just don't want everybody to know that I'll be back before the 4th of July. You got this idea in my head, but I'm guessing it's all up to you."

David Mikaels thought it all over in his head. See, my agent was an extremely wise man, who never passed on opportunities like this one. About ten minutes later, I saw a flash of light go through his eyes.

"So, a few days ago, like two or three, a director was asking me if I knew anyone that could star in his movie. Most of the scenes are already filmed, and they want to put it out by the 10th. I could pull some strings, God knows you're perfect for the role and I can make the premiere happen on the 4th. Is that alright with you?"

"Hell yeah. I love you, David. You're saving my life again."

9 PM, 4 July, 2018

After endless hours of hard work and directors screaming at me, the day has finally come. I logged into my Instagram account—turns out you can never actually delete it forever—and sent a message to everyone that was still following an ex-star.

The premiere wasn't what I expected. It wasn't a huge thing at the beginning, but after a while, people saw that I was coming back and hundreds of people were standing in front of the door, trying to catch a glimpse of me and the movie.