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What About Tempest's Horn?

A Unicorn Always at Heart

Tempest Shadow, a Unique Unicorn

There are four types of ponies in Equestria: the earth ponies, the unicorns, the pegasi, and the alicorn. You can tell which pony is which just by looking at them. But what about Tempest Shadow? You see her from a distance and assume she is an earth pony, but come up close you will see she is a unicorn even thou she has a broken horn. Tempest Shadow or Frizzle Pop Berry Twist (her real name before she became a villain) wanted one thing; she wanted her horn back. So what’s the deal, why can’t she get it back? When an animal such as a rhino or a bull breaks a horn, it does grow back, but it takes years. Tempest’s horn broke as a fill. She lost her horn in a monster attack as a filly, which caused her friends to shun her for her dangerously unstable magic. Since the attack, her horn never once tried to grow. You could read about this event of her life in the book called, The Prequel. For about a month I thought about why she never got her horn back. Then I thought of something, why not try to put the horn of a dead unicorn on Tempest—in another word a transplant or make a horn out of anything magical?

I suggested making the horn out of magic as an example of Rainbow Dash when she had a metal wing. Her left wing was broken off in the episode of the cutie remake map when Equestria was at war with King Sombra and the Crystal Empire. The horn could be made of magic stones or metals. I’m pretty sure Starswirl the bearded (a unicorn wizard that was a representation of King Arthur's Merlin) would have a chance to build such a project.

But I still feel the better option would be the transplant, because just like us humans when we die we have the option of donating our limbs and organs. So if a unicorn passes away, then the horn might be transferable. Of course, this would be a bit disturbing seeing a deceased pony on the show since there are no deaths on the show (unless you count season two, episode 17, "Hearts and Hooves Day," when the Cutie Mark Crusaders are singing "The Perfect Stallion" song  and we see a quick glance of a funeral of an unknown pony.) So I am not sure if this idea would be considered.

Perhaps maybe Tempest Shadow or Frizzle Pop Berry Twist are like our friends and families who lost a limb due to an accident. Yes, when a person or animal loses a limb, they do whatever it takes to adjust to the injury. But thanks to technology, we can do body part implant or prosthetics. Frizzle Pop Berry Twist's horn may be gone, but she is still the strong and powerful pony she was when she was a filly. Yes, her magic was disabled because a monster broke her horn. The broken horn was acting like a canon which she was able to use to save her life in the Outlands.

I feel as if Tempest Shadow or Frizzle Pop Berry Twist is a metaphor to anyone with an injury. Anyone with a missing limb is still the same strong individual. Yes, it may take time to find their way but if you're like any of the characters from the show your talent or power is just as strong—just like the horn that belongs to Tempest Shadow or Frizzle pop Berry Twist. Maybe she will get her horn back or perhaps she will be the first and only character with a disability, but then again, there's Scootaloo the young filly pegasi that can’t fly. The reason Scootaloo can’t fly is because the creators of the show are using her as a representation of getting what people want, and must find ways to adapt to it. I wonder if this goes for Tempest Shadow or Frizzle Pop Berry Twist?

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What About Tempest's Horn?
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