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What If 'The Big Bang Theory' Ended With a 'Friends' Crossover Episode? That Would Be Perfection

'Friends' and 'The Big Bang Theory' are without a doubt two of the world's most beloved sitcoms.

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

From a rather large cup of coffee in Central Perk to geeky scientists, Friends and The Big Bang Theory are without a doubt two of the world's most beloved sitcoms, with both offering unique and enjoyable humor.

But what if the two comical shows were to suddenly collide for a crossover special episode? With Friends set in Manhattan and The Big Bang Theory in Pasadena, there's a chance, albeit slim, that one day the characters from both shows could meet, especially as it's only a five-hour flight between locations. So how could the showrunners of both Friends and The Big Bang Theory get all 13 friends in the one room?

A Final Farewell Episode To Both Shows

'Friends' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

#Friends began in 1994 and concluded a decade later after 10 seasons. Ever since the show came to a close, fans have been desperate for a reunion episode to see how their favorite characters are coping with their lives. However, every time it's suggested, the idea gets shot down.

The Big Bang Theory started in 2007 and is about to launch its 11th season, with the science sitcom having been renewed for at least two more seasons, taking it into 2019. Currently it's unknown if Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory will be the last installment. If it is, it will mark the perfect chance to revive Friends. Why? When Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory concludes in 2019, it will finish around the same time of year as Season 10 of Friends, which ended in May 2004. May 2019 will create a milestone for Friends, as it will be 15 years since the quirky #sitcom came to an emotional close.

As witnessed in the final episode of Friends, Monica's grandmother's apartment is vacant. Anyone could move in and start a new life there.

In #TheBigBangTheory, we often see Amy feeling let down by Sheldon, who spends most of his time at work or at Leonard and Penny's place, rather than spending time with his girlfriend. But if Amy were to pitch a life-changing idea to Sheldon, it could bring them closer to the main cast of Friends.

A New Beginning For Amy And Sheldon

'Friends' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

With Amy growing tired of Sheldon always ditching her, she might seek a fresh start by applying for a full-time job in New York. We all know that Sheldon doesn't like change, but if Amy were to tell him there's a better chance of getting a scientific research grant in New York, he could cautiously agree to the move.

With Sheldon nervously giving Amy the green light that he wants to move with her, Amy gives him the rundown of where they'll be working and living: 90 Bedford Street, Greenwich Village, apartment 20. Hardcore fans of Friends will instantly recognize this as the address of Monica and Chandler's old apartment.

While the overall season arc could be Amy gradually pitching to Sheldon the idea of moving to New York with her, part one of the finale could see them fly out to their new home in Manhattan. Close friends Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard and Bernadette could accompany the couple on their flight to help them settle in without a hitch.

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

With that being part one, the episode's conclusion could be Joey walking out of his apartment to greet his new neighbors, leaving us with what could be the biggest jaw-dropping moment from The Big Bang Theory.

Following swiftly on from part one of the episode, part two could reintroduce us to the characters of Friends as they meet the characters of The Big Bang Theory and help Amy and Sheldon feel more comfortable in the building, as well as getting to know the city. Not only would this be wonderful to witness for Friends fans, it could also be the start of a larger Friends community by introducing the characters and the show itself to a new generation of viewers.

With Joey getting to know his new neighbors and creating a new friendship circle, it could potentially leave both Friends and The Big Bang Theory an open ending, giving new writers the opportunity to pick up where the previous showrunners had left off. And not only that, it would be a loving way to celebrate Friends' 25th anniversary.

By unintentionally getting into the habit of gossiping about people they're close with on the redolent Central Perk sofa, a new chapter could begin for Amy as she finally gets that happy ending of cohabiting with her boyfriend in a place of their own without any bother from needy friends. Well, unless Joey has anything to do with it.

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What If 'The Big Bang Theory' Ended With a 'Friends' Crossover Episode? That Would Be Perfection
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