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What Is the Point of 'The Point?'

Have you ever known of something’s existence, but no one else seems to know about it, and when you talk about it, you get really strange looks? Prepare for those looks when you tell people about 'The Point.'

The Point Movie Poster

A little background, I used to watch The Point every year at Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ house in Buffalo, NY.  I don’t know why and I don’t remember how the tradition started. But the real twist is that no one outside Buffalo ever seems to have heard of the movie! And trust me, I’ve asked. It’s like a vortex of only Buffalo people’s memories.

Now my parents and I watch the movie every Thanksgiving. It's a tradition. It has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but it is a nice break from the crazy world.

The movie is an animated story of a young boy who is banished from his home because he has no point and as everyone knows, everything must have a point. As a child, I just liked dancing along to the musical numbers and watching the weird, orange people going about their daily lives. But as an adult, I see the benefit in a movie like this and the moral that everything in life does have a point. Maybe not literally, like the movie portrays, but figurative like Oblio (the young boy) finds out by the end.

So why should you watch The Point? Here's a small list of reasons to try to find this elusive video.

#1. Ringo Starr

First off, the main reason my grandparents and family watch the movie is that it is narrated by none other than Ringo Starr. Nothing beats a Beatle narrating an animated story about a young boy finding his way in life, right? 

Starr narrates the film in all releases and voiced the father in the home video release. 

Which is why it's hard to believe that the movie doesn't have more of a following. Even today, Beatles works are extremely popular.

#2. Great for Kids

Oblio & his dog, Arrow

Nowadays, The Point is a great movie for children. As previously mentioned, it offers a great moral and has some singing. It's an animated adventure film where Oblio and his dog, Arrow are banished for not having a point. 

However, when originally produced, the video was very clearly the result of a trip by the writer, Harry Nilsson. So maybe don't tell your kids about this, but parents (or in my case grandparents) can enjoy their reminiscent times of the 70s. It's very clear to those of us over the age of about 20 that there is more than just children's adventures going on here, but for kids, it's simply a movie they can sing and dance along with.

It's my secret weapon when I babysit to put the video on and let the kids dance themselves to sleep. Works like a charm.

#3. Great Songs

The movie offers some amazing songs, not only for children but also for adults who will be humming "Me and My Arrow" for days to come. Trust me, quite catchy!

The songs are only part of the film, but they quickly become the favorite part among audiences for their catchy lyrics, music, and strange portrayals on screen.

#4. It's Cheap!

Since the movie is relatively unknown, you can usually find it for a pretty cheap price, which all parents love. Amazon's "Collector's Edition" is only $9.96 (you can't find videos for less anymore) and the iTunes edition is even better at only $4.99.

If you're a purist and want an original movie on DVD instead of the updated "Collector's Edition," it can cost you $49.97 on Amazon. Having seen both an original and an update, I don't see much difference and suggest the cheaper update, as it will probably become one of your child's videos anyway.

#5. 'The Point'

Alternate Movie Poster for "The Point"

The point of The Point is that everyone has a point and maybe it isn't what you thought it would be, but that's okay. We can all find our point throughout our lives. At least that's the point I took away from it. One of the greatest parts of this movie is that everyone takes something different away from it.

Movie Trailer

Still unsure about trying out The Point? Watch the movie trailer above and you'll be hooked and hunting down the full version however you can.

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What Is the Point of 'The Point?'
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