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What's Red And Black And Kills All Over? Carnage Is Officially Coming To Sony's 'Venom' Solo Movie

While we may know that Tom Hardy will be playing the muscular lead and doomed antihero, little else is known about what storyline the film will follow.

[Credit: Marvel]

As Sony prepares to pump some #Venom into its Spideyverse, and Tom Hardy tries on a snug-fitting symbiote costume, the studio's once failing #SpiderMan hopes the franchise could finally be back on track. With Eddie Brock/Venom being one of the best-known villains from Peter Parker's rogues' gallery, fans are chomping at the bit for Sony to deliver us a well-deserved outing for the alien hybrid — especially considering the disaster of Topher Grace in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3.

So, while we may know that Hardy will be playing the muscular lead and doomed antihero, little else is known about what storyline the film will follow. Aside from Hardy's Brock, we also have no idea who else could be joining, or even where Venom fits into the complicated Marvel universe of heroes and villains. Talk has been rife about which Spider-Man characters could also be lurking in the shadows of the villainous vacation, but now we have confirmation that one other major player will be out to cause some "Carnage."

Every Dog Has Its Kasa-Day

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, a source close to the current Spider-Man slate reveals that although Holland is contracted for a standalone trilogy, there are hopes that he could appear in Sony's spinoff series. This means that Spider-Man could possibly appear in the likes of Venom or the female-first Silver and Black, however, the most interesting piece of information is confirmation that fan-favorite Carnage will be making his live-action debut in Venom. As THR reports:

"As for the expansion plans, Tom Hardy is starring in Venom, dated for Oct. 5, 2018, which will also feature the villain Carnage."

If you thought Venom meant bad news for us innocent civilians, Carnage is a whole different case file of insanity. Introduced in 1991 as a "darker" Venom, Cletus Kasady was the mass-murdering psychopath who took the power of the alien symbiote and made it a whole lot scarier. After being jailed for 11 murders, Kasady found himself imprisoned on Ryker's Island, where he conveniently shared a cell with Eddie Brock.

Maximum Carnage

As one of the most sadistic characters to make his way onto the pages of comic books, Carnage's darkest moments include throwing babies out of windows, pushing his grandma down the stairs to her death, and killing his mom's dog with an electric drill. With actors like Jim Carrey and Will Poulter frequently topping fan castings for the role of Eddie Brock's psychotic cellmate, place your bets now on who will be slipping on a blood-red symbiote suit.

The inclusion of such a violent character could be the perfect addition to craft an anti-Holland franchise that proves it doesn't need the webslinger to be great, and further pushes hopes that Venom will be going down the R-rated route. Given the recent debacle around the Spidey villains and the #MCU, the arrival of Carnage doesn't give much hope that Sony and Disney's films will be crossing paths anytime soon. But who really cares, why would we want a diluted Disney version of the bloodthirsty maniac anyway?

Also, it is important to bear in mind that the film is titled Venom, not Carnage. We shouldn't bank on someone stealing the limelight away from Hardy's titular terror, and the arrival of Carnage would probably be best saved for the concluding chapter of the film, or possibly even a post-credits sequence. Just imagine Hardy's Brock being jailed for his crimes, only for the camera to zoom into the shadows and have Kasady opposite him — cue Venom sequel, Carnage spin-off, and all of fandom to explode.

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What's Red And Black And Kills All Over? Carnage Is Officially Coming To Sony's 'Venom' Solo Movie
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