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What We Can and Can't Know About "Once Upon a Time" Season 5

The fans of the fairytale phenomena Once Upon a Time spend most of their summer speculating and coming up with fan theories about what is to come in the new season.

The fans of the fairytale phenomena Once Upon a Time spend most of their summer speculating and coming up with fan theories about what is to come in the new season.

Entertainment Weekly was able to sit down with Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and ask them fan questions which they had to answer with yes, no, or can't say (which, if they can't say, let's be honest that most likely means yes).

Note: This will be the answers from their interview, however this article includes my own thoughts on the matter.

Will Emma becoming the Dark One out of sacrifice and not murder have an effect on what she becomes?

Eddy: Sort of

This is an interesting answer. How Emma will react to being evil is an interesting concept and there is always the idea that Emma is inherently good thanks to her own parents sacrifice. I wonder if this means that she will be constantly be at war with herself and the new darkness but enjoy the new power.

Will Henry and Regina have an official operation name for saving Emma?

Eddy: They should!

Adam: Can't say

Let's be honest here, Henry has codenames for everything. This will definitely have it's own operation name. Hopefully something clever. Though Henry is getting older, perhaps he has outgrown that

Will Snow and Charming cross any lines to get Emma back?

Adam: Yes

All I can say is that I am shaking my head over this one. Didn't they learn anything after what they did to Lily? I thought they were supposed to be the good ones but they seem to be turning more and more into villains

Might Regina be tempted by Emma's dark side?

Eddy: I think we are always tempted. It's always more fun to hang out with someone who is willing to get into trouble than the person who won't.

Well this is interesting.. And after Regina has already helped Maleficent find her dark side again and was Emma's trainer, this could actually be a fun concept to have them be evil together.

Will Emma have the powers of the seer as well as be able to see the future?

Adam: she's going to be exploring exactly what her powers are.

This story idea always seemed kind of weird to me. The Dark One can see the future, but Rumple also took on the powers of the Seer, but the seer only seemed to see the future as well... And there are a lot of holes in that anyway because he can see some things, he knew that Emma's last name would be Swan for instance but not others, like who Henry would be. Interesting ideas but somewhat touch and go on the delivery

Does Gold's white heart mean loss of memory and a personality reboot? Will he still have magic?

Both: Can't say

Eh this bugs me... Hearts are never white, always shown red, red/black, mostly black. I think it just means that his dark magic has become light now that the Dark One power is gone.

Given the circumstances with Emma, will Henry regret breaking the Author's quill?

Eddy: absolutely

This was the equivalent of Harry breaking the Elder wand, let's be honest here.

Will Henry get a love interest?

Eddy: I hope so, but he's an awkward, young child. Like all 13-year-old boys, they have to navigate their way through the minefield of first dating.

Not to mention the extensive geneology check they would probably have to do. That boy is related to practically everyone these days.

Will Hook turn back to the dark side now that he has no reason to stay good?

Eddy: I think he has a great reason to stay good and that is to save the woman he loves. I hope he holds on

Since we have a new Dark One, is there a new Savior this season?

Eddy: Sure is!

Adam: Great question

With Lily and Emma having been polar opposites their whole lives, I can't help but wonder with her staying to know her mother if she will be the new Savior.

Are there any returning faces this season?

Adam: We sure hope so. There's plenty of characters we want to bring back and see again. It's a little early to tell you who they all are, but we certainly have a whole slew of favorites over these four seasons

Well we already know that Lancelot will be back.

Will Emma be the new big bad or can we expect another villain?

Eddy: You never know what'll happen in Storybrooke

Well you can already see my opinions on this topic HERE

For more of the interview, be sure to check out and be sure to tune into Once Upon a Time starting Sunday, September 27th on ABC

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What We Can and Can't Know About "Once Upon a Time" Season 5
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