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When You Wish Upon a Super Shenron

Who and how can you make a wish with the Super Dragon Balls?

Super Shenron being summoned after the Universe 6 and 7 tournament

*Warning* This post contains spoilers from the current Dragon Ball Super series. You can stream weekly Dragon Ball Super episodes on your personal devices and it is readily available on multiple platforms every Saturday night. Toonami currently airs the English translations of Dragon Ball Super and will be moving into the future trunks arc in the coming weeks.

If you have seen the image you will notice something about this particular dragon vs the others we have seen. While the Namekian and Earth dragon was indeed large it was no larger than a percentage of the planet.

Super Shenron on the other hand can be seen dwarfing planets as it expands, until it becomes the size of an entire universe. So you could not just yell the magic words from any old planet. Whis had to transport our heroes in his cube through a special portal that piccolo guessed was somehow inside Super Shenron.

Whis's cube leaving as the dragon awakens.

Sleeping Super Shenron Awakens

Once face to face with the awoken dragon, only Whis interacted with it, while Beerus knew the ancient divine language. He instructed his angel attendant Whis to actually say the magic words in the divine language.

There have been lots of theories on one character in particular, fan favorite Frieza wants to make a wish, that would presumable make himself a god.

But the former empire building villain has set his sights even higher. He wants to become the lord of all lords and destroyer deity Zeno Sama. But would anyone let this happen, presuming Frieza knows how to speak the divine language, he will surely need the help of an angel to make his wish.

This would not be the first time Frieza would have encountered this problem; in the original Dragon Ball Z Frieza's men gathered all the Dragon Balls only to realize they didn't know how to speak the language of the dragon, and couldn't summon the Namekian dragon. I don't presume Frieza would make the same mistake twice. The villain may try a more nefarious approach, as evil deeds is the way the villain has operated in the past.

Whis and our heroes first meeting Super Shenron.

To awaken the dragon first you must gather the seven Super Dragon Balls spread across the universes, then in the divine language you must speak these words, "Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!" (The last part was changed to "Peas and Carrots" in the Toonami English version.)

As of now only deities have been able to gather the Super Dragon Balls. Champa had been gathering the Balls with his Angel Attendant Vados during the Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F sagas. He collected all but one that by happenstance was found under our heroes feet, as it was the planet that Champa decided to host the tournament.

The second wish we know about happened in the Future Trunks arc. Zamusa used them twice in separate timeliness. It is unknown if there is a reset time where the Super Dragon Balls recharge, but they did not appear to become stones like the dragon balls on Earth and Namek did after wisher were made.

It's unlikely anyone will be able to gather the Super Dragon Balls without great power or a lot of time. Even Vados using her all seeing staff was seen having difficulties searching the galaxies for them so it's unlikely that even someone like Bulma could find them.

So next to impossible to find and only responds to an ancient language known only to a handful of deities. It would seem chances like the tournament of power are the only opportunity any common person has to even see Super Shenron.

Dragon Ball Super airs Saturday nights, the English dubs can be found on Toonami and the Japanese's subtitles can be found on the anime streaming sites Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, Daisuki, Anime Lab, VRV, Adult Swim (English Dub) as they are authorized to do so.

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When You Wish Upon a Super Shenron
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