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Which MCU Superheroes Will Make Up the New Avengers?

With 'Avengers: Endgame' literally ending the game for many of the original six founding members of the Avengers, it is time for a new team to rise, and here we will look at the likelihood of all the remaining heroes being on a team of 'New Avengers.'

Which members of the MCU will make the new team of Avengers?

Please only read on if you have seen Avengers: Endgame, as this article will contain SPOILERS.

Okay, you have been warned, so if you are still reading I am sure you now know which of our favourite heroes have had their stories reach an end. Firstly, we saw Iron Man save all of creation with the ultimate sacrifice a hero can make, and then Captain America took a trip to the past to return the infinity stones and decided to stay in the past and have a life with Peggy Carter. It is also highly likely that Hawkeye, or Ronin, has once again retired from his superhero antics now with his family restored.

We still have lingering questions as to the fates of both Black Widow and Vision, as both are confirmed for either a solo movie or a television show. While both are likely to take place prior to Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, they could still surprise us and find a clever way to bring both characters back. So, with those heroes covered, let us look at all the other heroes that are left and see which are likely to be on a team of New Avengers. This article will only look at the heroes that took part in the final battle against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.


She's the deadliest woman in the galaxy.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 0/10

Now that the Gamora from the past has replaced her future self, she is at a completely loose end. Unlike her future self, who had created bonds and relationships away from her father, Thanos, this Gamora now has no one. Her fate after the battle is even a mystery as Peter Quill (Star-Lord) was searching for her with no leads to her location. Is it possible she fell to the snap by Tony? It is all pretty unclear, but it is guaranteed she will not be appearing on the team of New Avengers as the Guardians have to find her first.


She's Tony Starks "boss." Go on, admit it, it's true. 

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 0/10

Pepper finally gave fans what they always wanted and donned her own armour as Rescue. She was not shy in the final battle and aided in keeping the Gauntlet away from Thanos, as well as any of the veterans in battle. However, this is likely to be the only time we ever see her in battle because Gwyneth Paltrow has confirmed she will be exiting the MCU along with Robert Downey Jr. So her not being a founding member of the New Avengers is pretty much certain.


He is the guardian of the Sanctum.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 1/10

Wong was not afraid to get stuck in with the heroes in the final battle and prompted all the magic wielders to generate their shields to protect all the heroes from the onslaught of missiles from Thanos' ship. But, the chances of him becoming a member of the "New Avengers" are close to zero, as he has always made it clear his mission is to protect the Sanctum at all costs. Which was also why he was not in the final battle of Infinity War.


She's will read you like a book

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 1/10

Mantis was revived along with the others and went toe-to-toe with Thanos's forces. However, she is not the first that comes to mind when considering heroes to form a team of New Avengers. Mantis is a character far more suited to the Guardians and really she needs more character development with the aid of her team mates before considering going anywhere else. 


She knows a worthy warrior better than any other

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 1/10

Valkyrie was oddly absent from Infinity War, so fans were extremely pleased to see her head into battle during Endgame. The best part was her soaring above the others on her own personal pegasus. However, she has now been given the crown of New Asgard and is highly unlikely to join a team of New Avengers. But, with her new role as the leader of the Asgardians she will most likely appear in the future of the MCU. 


He takes everything literal, even attacking from the inside out

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 2/10

It is safe to say Drax loves a fight, so returning from the dust and joining in a battle unlike any the galaxy had every seen made this guardian one happy slasher. But Drax being in the starting line of a team of 'New Avengers' is probably not going to happen as he left Earth with the other Guardians. Also he has to hook up with Mantis and impress her with his heroics as he thinks she is ugly. 


I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 2/10

I don't think there was a dry eye during the snap, and seeing Rocket watch as Groot turned to dust probably claimed a tear or two. Groot definitely created a bond with Thor during Infinity War' and with the God of Thunder and Rocket joining the Guardians in their departure from Earth, Groot is likely to stay with them. Also, let's face it, "I am Groot," is a lawsuit waiting to happen through a Groot style blunder on a team of New Avengers


A legend greater than Kevin Bacon

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 2/10

Another Guardian brought back was I-Can-Not-Wait-Lord, or Star-Lord for short. Having blown the attempt to gain the Guantlet from Thanos in Infinity War, it is extremely unlikely Star-Lord will be joining the New Avengers. Also he is not the biggest fan of rules, so he is probably better suited as a Guardian. Plus, let's not forget, he's got to get the girl to fall in love with him all over again. 


Don't touch her king, she'll cut you

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers: 3/10

Perhaps one of the most fearless women in the MCU, Okoye was surely releaved when her king returned from the dust and was sure to protect him once again. It is clear that she stepped up in her King's absence, but now he has returned she is likely to stay by his side over joining a team of New Avengers. However, given the bonds she has created with some of the MCU heroes, it is likely that she will join her king in aiding their allies anytime. 


She's smart and has a smart mouth, she's a double threat.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 3/10

There is a huge question amongst MCU fans as to whether Shuri is smarter than Tony Stark? But this question may never be answer now Ironman has completed his journey. However, her quick thinking mind may be called on by heroes now Tony has gone. But the chances of her being a founding member of the 'New Avengers' is not likely to happen, as she still has duties and responsibilities to Wakanda. 


The God of Thunder, who is still worthy

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 4/10

The last standing member of the trinity, Thor had definitely been through a bit of a downward spiral in the five year time gap during Endgame. Needless to say defeating Thanos and a pep-talk from his mum has given the God of Thunder a new lease on life. However, he decided at the end of the film to pass leadership of his people onto Valkyrie and left Earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This means his future is more likely to be a Guardian and no longer as an Avenger. 


She is finally free of her father.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 4/10

A character that has progressed a lot from her former self, so much so she put a blaster hole in her past self's chest, Nebula has found being a hero is better than a villain. Now embracing her new self, she left Earth with the Guardians, but will she stay with them? The chances are she will, but she may decide finding her own team is what she needs to do. If Tony had not given his life to stop Thanos, she may have been more inclined to stay with a team of New Avengers as the pair clearly formed a friendship while stranded in space. 


He's big and green, but not so mean anymore.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 5/10

Hulk was quite different during 'Endgame,' with a new in-control banner who had become one with the Hulk. But he clearly wounded himself by inciting the reversal snap and was seen sporting a sling during Tony's funeral. It is literally 50/50 if this hero will join a team of New Avengers or take some time to himself now the final battle is won. But, of all the founding members, he is the most likely hero to join a new team. 


He isn't just a build a bear, he's a rocket wielding racoon

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers': 5/10

Rocket is a racoon everybody loves, what's cuter than a little furry animal with a wicked sense of humour and a love of explosive? While we did see Rocket head off with the Guardians, he is the Guardian most likely to join a team of New Avengers. Having worked closely with the heroes of Earth, he has created friends away from the Guardians, and if those friends say they need his help he may prove to everyone he isn't as big a fuzzy asshole as everyone thinks. 

Winter Soldier

A soldier with a stare as cold as winter

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 5/10

The original sidekick to the first Avenger, Winter Soldier has been through the ringers, but has come through the other side as a true hero. He approved of Steve's choice of the new Captain America and seems happy to continue earning his own name as Winter Soldier. The question is, will he go solo or join the team of New Avengers? That is very uncertain, as the MCU could now make a Winter Soldier movie. However, it is certain that he will continue to live up to his mentor's expectations, now he is on the right path.


You're a talkative neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 6/10

Perhaps the biggest tear jerker in 'Infinity War' was when Spider-Man begged Ironman to save him from the Snap. So surely one of the biggest cheers during 'Endgame' was when Spider-Man appeared with the rest of the returned heroes. But the young hero had to see his mentor, Ironman, fall in the final battle. This has left a question mark over the future of the young hero, but their are good chances that he will join the 'New Avengers', even if it's not in the starting lineup. 

Scarlet Witch

If you don't know who she is, you will do

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 6/10

One hero that has been through tough times is Scarlet Witch. First her twin brother being killed, then her being the cause of public fear of humans with super abilities and finally losing Vision to Thanos's desire to collect all the infinity stones. But it feels like her story is not over yet, and her joining the New Avengers is likely. It is also possible her descent into madness is already set into motion due to her tragic past in the MCU and will become the next big threat to all the heroes. 

War Machine

He will charge into battle like a war machine

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers': 7/10

A true military man, War Machine was one of the few (outside of the founding six) to survive the snap and stepped up to become a hero when the world needed one. He has the potential to fill the void left by Ironman, but will be become a New Avenger or will he head off into his own solo adventure before joining a team? One thing is certain, we have not seen the last of the War Machine as his purpose in life is to protect innocents and serve his country. 

Doctor Strange

He will let you know just how bad things will go

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 7/10

The Sorcerer Supreme was the one who knew how 'Endgame' would go, but he was unable to say otherwise it would not have happened. However, he did give Tony the key clue when the moment came to act and save every life in the galaxy. His role in their victory is pretty unmeasured amongst the heroes, and a team of New Avengers could definitely use his mystic arts in their starting lineup. Also, with alternate realities likely to be in the MCU with the infinity stones taken from their timelines, his ability to look into alternate timeline would be in invaluable. 


She's small, but she packs a sting.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 7/10

Hope has made it clear, she is not one to just sit by and watch other do the work. Now having found her wings in both 'Ant-Man & Wasp' and 'Endgame', she has surely been stung by the superhero bug. It feels like her being a member of the New Avengers is very likely. Also it would be nice to finally have a Wasp on the team, as the Janet Van Dyne version was one of the original five founding members in the comics. 

Falcon/Captain America II

His wings now also act as a shield.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 8/10

Falcon was the one chosen to become the next Captain America, which ended fan speculation once and for all. He has a lot to live up to and is a good contender to become a New Avenger as it would be living up to the legacy of Steve Rogers. There is a chance he may have his own solo film before joining the team, as he has to make his own mark on the name. Also he has to prove he is also worthy... of the shield.  


He loves America's ass!

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 8/10

Ant-Man presented the Avengers with the key to being able to undo Thanos's snap and restore all that was lost. While many consider him a joker and a clown, this moment proved how vital he would be to a team of 'New Avengers' Again, like Wasp, Hank Pym's Ant-Man was a founding member of the Avengers in the comics, so it would be good to see him this Ant-Man join the team properly. 

Black Panther

Everything he does is for his kingdom and people.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 9/10

Black Panther is a hero that is most likely going to be one of the founding members of a team of New Avengers. Everything he does is for his people and kingdom, which is exactly why he would join the team. Infinity War'and Endgame have both shown him that threats to Wakanda may come from beyond their boarders and even from the stars. By being on the team he would have his best chance of protecting them and keep Wakanda strong. 

Captain Marvel

She proved she could stop Thanos from snapping his fingers.

Chance of Joining the 'New Avengers:' 10/10

The newest hero to join the MCU, Captain Marvel has certainly made her mark in her first two movie appearances. It was good that she appeared only during the beginning and end of Endgame, as she was not really a part of the events of the past 12 years of the MCU. However, she has proven she is the strongest hero, was the person to inspire Nick Fury to create the Avengers and that the other heroes believe in her. With Marvel admitting Captain Marvel is going to be the face of the MCU for the next few phases, she is most likely going to be leading the New Avengers

Which heroes do you think will join a team of New Avengers?

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