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'Whiskey in a Teacup' - Book Review

Find out just how smart, sassy, sweet, and Southern Reese Witherspoon really is...

Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are pretty good you know who Reese Witherspoon is, be it for her acting career, activism, book club suggestions, directing skills, or most recently for her book, Whiskey in a Teacup: What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love, and Baking Biscuits.

She has her own clothing line, Draper James, as well as a very popular media following, both on her own sites and that of her book club for Hello Sunshine on Instagram. She runs Hello Sunshine, which focuses on spreading female storytelling in the world. Mostly, however, she's known for her career as an actress in many of our favorite movies. If you don't know her, here are some of her most memorable moments in Hollywood.

Water for Elephants, The Man in the Moon, Sweet Home Alabama, Walk the Line, Big Little Lies, Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde (1 & 2), Wild, and guest spots on Friends make up only the smallest fraction of Reese's numerous additions to the world of film.

However, she recently added author to her long list of accomplishments.

Well, having read the book when it first came out, I can definitely say that I wish I was just as sweetly Southern as Reese. Her book delivers on Southern cooking, decorating, celebrating, drinking, and even how to get the perfect Southern hairstyle.

After having read other celebrity books, I was expecting a lot more about her life and her trying to get across that she's just like everyone else. But Reese's writing pleasantly doesn't need to force readers into listening to her advice. I found myself wanting to try all the recipes simply because they sound delicious, not because a celebrity told me to eat them. Similarly, I was drawn into all the pictures and representations of her normal life; not every picture contains her and her celebrity friends, like some other celebrity books. She shows her family, her small town friends, and her real home. Overall, the book is very down-to-earth, and of course Southern.

You'll be drawn into the Southern-style world Reese creates and find yourself wishing you were heading to her next Easter egg hunt or backyard BBQ so you could try her recipes straight from the master. However, with all the recipes you're gaining from the book, maybe you'll decide to throw your own backyard party and impress your own friends. No one will believe how simple the recipes are once they taste how decadent they are. Plus your decorations are taken care of with Reese's many tips and tricks to make throwing a party easier (prepare ahead of time!) for those of us who aren't quite as used to it.

That's not to say Reese doesn't make some of her own promotions...

Draper James | Reese Witherspoon's Lifestyle Brand
Bring contemporary, timeless Southern style to your wardrobe and your home. Shop cute clothing and housewares from Draper James by Reese Witherspoon.

A few times in the book, Reese mentions her clothing line, Draper James, which is full of beautiful outfits, so you can't even really be mad at her. The outfits are all beautiful, Southern, and charitable as some of the profits from each order goes to Girls, Inc., which is a literacy program for young girls.

Personally, I'm a little biased on this front, as I have ordered from her site and loved everything I've ever gotten. The dresses are perfect for a family gathering, backyard party, and other events.

"My grandmother Dorothea always said that it was a combination of beauty and strength that made southern women 'whiskey in a teacup.'"—Witherspoon

A few pages of the book were released by publisher Simon & Schuster in order to drum up some publicity—so here's a quick look inside the book in case you're still on the fence about buying it! (Which I obviously suggest you do!)

So I guess my review fits both the book and Reese: Smart, sassy, sweet, and Southern!

What are you waiting for? Buy your copy now!

$16 for a hardcover copy of the book, which was what I bought because I knew I'd want to use it in the kitchen for some of those delicious recipes.

$17 for Kindle copy if you want to take Reese's party planning and holiday traditions with you.

$14 for the audiobook if you want to take Reese on a road trip with you. (Because I'm pretty sure she'd be awesome on a road trip!)

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'Whiskey in a Teacup' - Book Review
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