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Who Is Next?

Beware, this may have spoilers about Cap.

As most people know, Chris Evans contract with Marvel has ended after the next Avengers movie. So Captain America will be no more within the Cinematic Universe. Or at least with Chris Evans.

Within the Comic books, there have been many different kinds of Captain Americas. Not just the original Steve Rogers one. So If Steve Rogers leaves or dies, who will take his place?


Caps beloved friend turned enemy. After being taken from the War injured and brain washed, Bucky turns into the famous Winter Soldier.

And throughout the years murders many and practically becomes a hired hit man for hydra. As most people know, he eventually gained his memory back and here and there fought with the Avengers or just Cap in general. 

Within the comic books though, Cap has left the shield behind and has been killed, supposedly. After which, Bucky then takes on the mantle and role of Captain America. For several different series including Secret Invasion,New Avengers, even in his own Cap series, Bucky had donned the red white and blue.

However, that eventually died out after he was killed in action and a supposedly dead Steve Rogers took on the shield yet again.


Sam Wilson, the man with the wings. Within several different tv shows, movies, and comic books, it is shown how he gets his wings. Movie, he was in the military and they took him in as a pilot for the wings. TV shows, Tony saw potential for him and had him try out the wings. Within comics, there is a lot of different stories.

But after a time frame, He takes on Captain America's role. He donned the red, white and blue and added it to a falcon suit to make it his own. 

In the Movies, you can see how much Sam idolizes Cap and is with him to the end. Maybe he will take the shield in his memory, or maybe he will say no, its not meant to be.

However, recently, Marvel Comics released a statement saying that Sam will get rid of the Falcon for good and become the new captain America in the newer issues. 

Sharon Rogers

In the Movies, we see her as Peggy's niece and Caps love interest. In Comics, she is known as agent 13 of SHIELD as well as Peggy's niece. Lots of people have seen her with blonde hair and her white suit, compared to all the black uniforms that the rest of the SHIELD agents wear. 

In an alternate universe, she takes the shield and calls herself American Dream. There have been several versions of her and the shield and she even had a couple series with her as Cap. While it is less likely for her to become it, it is a possibility.


Although our archer loving friend is known for his arrows and love for some shenanigans, he too once took on Cap' s identity. It is very unlikely that he will take on the shield, since he only took it on for a small amount of time in the comics back in the 70s or 80s. 

Someone New?

It is possible that someone else could be Cap after? Most of this has been based off of the obvious or the comics back in the day. However, Marvel movies have taken their own turn in events and not always basing it off of the comics. 

Which I love. But maybe their turn with have someone else taking on the role. Like maybe a new hero, or Spider-Man? Scarlet Witch? Vision, if he comes back?

Maybe Marvel will give someone else the identity of Captain America instead of the usual ones that the comics have given lots of times. 

Not at All?

Another theory we must think is that maybe no one will take Steve's place. That maybe Captain America will remain a hero in his own time and for the Avengers movies. That the identity will remain a memory and now one will take his place.

Marvel will leave it there, and bring a new hero into the Avengers. Like Captain Marvel or one that they have yet to bring into the cinematic universe but plan to. Kinda like they did for Black Panther. Brought him into the universe before his movie came in. 

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Who Is Next?
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