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Who Will Win the Title of Best Superhero of All Time?

They're all cool, but who's the BEST?

Comic book fans alike love to discuss their favorite superhero and which comics are best, DC or Marvel. Everyone has a strong opinion on superheroes, and most go back to the age-old debate over Superman versus Batman, and does Spider-man have a chance in that battle? This debate recently took place in Seattle. A group of court reporters went to see the most recent superhero movie, which sparked this debate again. Of course, each hero has their own traits that helped them to stand out above the rest, but when they opened the discussion to involve a wider range of superheroes they began to re-evaluate who the best hero actually is and if there is even a right answer to the superhero debate.

Superpower Versus Human Abilities- Superman or Batman

The argument for Superman is an easy one. Superman is from another planet, which makes his character more interesting as you find out the powers that he possesses. He has superhuman strength and his body can withstand bullets, bombs, and much more giving the impression that he is invincible. He even has the ability to fly. With x-ray vision, laser beams that shoot from the eyes, and uncanny senses he is everything one could want in a superhero. In contrast, Batman does not possess any of these abilities. In fact, Batman has no super abilities at all. He has wealth, strength, and intelligence on his side. Batman is considered a genius by many and is highly trained in martial arts. He is physically and mentally strong and can even withstand mind control by others. Batman may not have super abilities, but it does not stop him from being a top-level superhero that people can relate to. 

Does Spider-man Have a Chance at Being Number One?

Spider-Man is a nice combination of both superhuman abilities and human intelligence that makes him a contender in the best superhero debate. He received the ability to stick to walls and climb, shoot spider webs, and superhuman strength from a radioactive spider bite. He possesses genius-level intelligence and heightened senses as well. Many people love the story behind Spider-man, helping him get to the top of the list as the best superhero, but having come onto the scene a little later than Batman and Superman many fans are faithful to the originals. 

Several Other Contenders Who have Stepped-up the Hero Game

The court reporters seattle in the debate were not as faithful to old school type superheroes as some people are. They inserted a twist to the debate. They decided that Superheroes have changed and adapted over the years and the many characters are overlooked when it comes to fighting the villains. For example, X-23 is a newcomer to the hero world, but her powers far exceed many expectations. She is a clone that was made using the DNA of Wolverine. Her powers seem endless. She can heal herself. Her healing abilities extend to her immune system as well. She has claw-like bones that come out of her body that is more powerful than most weapons. Her speed, balance, agility, and training allow her to be added to the best superhero debate, no questions asked. 

So, Who Won the Title of the Best?

The court reporters ended their debate with an agreement to disagree. They were divided down the middle, half of them decided Wonder Woman beats all other superheroes and half of them were fans of Storm. Wonder Woman is a demi-goddess who has remarkable strength, speed, and agility. She discovers she has the ability to fly and is difficult to beat in combat. As opposed to Storm who can fight, but her Goddess power is the ability to manipulate the weather. Storm fights with lightning and any other type of weather that she chooses. It is hard to go against the logic that these two superheroes are the best there is.

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Who Will Win the Title of Best Superhero of All Time?
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