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Why Anime Is a Big Part of My Life

Two Shingeki no Kyojin fans show you the world of Titans.

Kisevi as Levi Ackerman from "Attack on Titan"

My name is Kisevi. No, that's not my real name, although my artistic pseudonym says a lot about who I am and how I perceive art. It is the space that allows me to present my second self and feel truly like a free and happy man. I invite you to my world.

"Old Soul" in the Modern World

Although I was born in a girl's body, I have always felt like a boy. The feeling of "mismatch" that accompanied me from the first years of my life made me an extremely sensitive, introverted person who perceived the world a bit differently than people around me. Sometimes I have the impression that I was born in a bad age. A modern world—the one in which people are immersed in the rat race, the pursuit of money, power, full of evil and hatred—is not my fairy tale. That's why I'm running away from it into the reality of my art, constantly looking for ways to express myself. It is in my work and performances that you can see the real me. A man who is sensitive to beauty, who creates with every fiber of his being.

Everything is Happening for a Reason

My artistic sensitivity is also rooted in experiences that I have had throughout my life. Although there is a lot of love in it—I have a loving husband with whom I share my passions and vision of the world—there were also difficult moments. Painful depression, several suicide attempts, severe illness of parents, financial problems, struggles with my own gender identity, problems with acceptance in the environment... it was not easy. I believe that all these moments, though they wore on me and hurt me, occured for a certain reason. That thanks to them I could open myself to the world of sensations that I can now express through my art.

As a Child, I Dreamed of Being a Superhero

The world of superheroes has fascinated me since my childhood. It was my way to escape from pain, hatred, and everything bad. I dreamed to become one of the heroes of my favorite movies and series, and, like them, bravely face the world. Although I do not have superpowers, the embodiment of pop culture has become my specialty. Since I was a little child, I sewed clothes and created stylizations that looked very much like the ones I saw in the illustrations and the silver screen. Step by step, I turned innocent, childish play into an art.

Cosplay Is My Way of Expressing Myself

Particularly, I like to impersonate characters from Japanese animation style, anime. My favorite is Levi Ackerman, created by Hajime Isayama. I started to cosplay him by accident when I heard that I resemble him not only physically, but also psychologically. Indeed, we have a lot in common, but above all we share an extraordinary internal strength, despite the traumatic experiences of our youth. This character inspires me and allows me to find the power to act, and most importantly, my cosplay was met with very positive reception.

Art Is My Way of Life

In the artistic field, I work in various ways; however, cosplay brings my husband and I the most joy. Due to him, I met the most important person in my life! We met at Pyrkon in Poznan and our life turned upside down. Today, we impersonate different characters together, both for ourselves and for our viewers. Both of us are also fans of Japanese culture and foreign languages. Sasori draws a manga, prepares amazing costumes, and our cosplay meets the appreciation of the audience.

Thinking About the Future: Cosplay and More

We also run a YouTube channel, and in the future we plan to expand our artistic activity so that we can also perform abroad. I do not hide it, it is not easy. Cosplay is an art that requires considerable financial investment, especially if you want to provide viewers with the highest level of experience. And that's our goal—there is no greater joy for the creator than the viewer who enjoys what the artist has done! That is why we decided to seek support for our activities—so that we could live happily and in harmony with each other.

There are many challenges ahead of me, including a sex reassignment surgery (correction of gender). I believe, however, that the worst is behind me, and with your help, there are many positive experiences waiting for me.

Sasori as Erwin Smith from "Attack on Titan"


We create fanservice, you can see here also other characters from the Attack of the Titan. 

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Why Anime Is a Big Part of My Life
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