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Why Audrey Horne and John Justice Wheeler Were Right for Each Other

The 'Twin Peaks' Couple That Never Was

Despite all the infidelity and confusion in Twin Peaks couples, one that seems to get the most flack is Audrey Horne's relationship with John Justice Wheeler (JJW). Until I joined many online groups I didn't realise this feeling of hostility towards JJW existed. It surprised me, as I always saw them as a good match, and, ironically towards the hatred, I think they are the only couple who never actually cheated on or were unfaithful to one another.

Audrey was always in need of a strong male presence. She herself has a powerful personality, and we see her toy with men such as Bobby and Emory with ease. JJW had the ability to hold his own against her, whilst treating her with the respect that she deserves. This was something she had not experienced before, and we soon see her opening up to him in a way she says she has never felt able to with anybody else before.

Although Audrey needed a man far more mature than the boys of Twin Peaks, a man like Cooper was by far a little too mature for her. She was never suited to him, much as she flirted with the idea, due to his serious nature and his job. They make great friends, however. In my eyes, JJW is the perfect mix of both worlds for her — a mature man, nearer to her own age.

He is a businessman, he owns his own jet, and has been a friend of the Horne family ever since Audrey was a child — perhaps even before them. To me this gives them the perfect background. JJW is trusted by her father, and is an independent, mature man. He is also attractive — the two look good as a couple. I believe that one of the reasons the relationship faces so much critique from fans is that he left — but in doing so he displayed a level of responsibility and a sense of duty that are surely commendable qualities in any person. Although, it's also true that, having watched season three, it seems that he never actually returned to her — certainly not in a meaningful capacity — if what we see is true. Having said this, season three leaves almost everything about Audrey to be contested.

Audrey and JJW had an ideal, if slightly rushed, courtship. They clearly meant an awful lot to each other fairly quickly, they are an attractive pair, and of course there is That Scene in JJW's jet before he leaves for Brazil. They quite clearly are in love with each other, and tell each other such. I think this relationship is heartwarming and the lack of support baffles me. Perhaps one of the reasons why the relationship wasn't a hit with fans if that many people wished Audrey to end up with Cooper. When the show originally aired, little was known about the reasons why Cooper's relationship went no further with Audrey, and as a result this gave some fans a reason to see JJW almost as a 'baddie.'

In my eyes, the only problem with this relationship is that we were not able to see it play out further. It would have been my dream to see them together in season three as a happy couple. I understand why other fans have objections to this relationship, but it is my opinion that they made a very good match for each other.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, if there are any other fans of Audrey and JJW out there let me know!



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Why Audrey Horne and John Justice Wheeler Were Right for Each Other
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