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Why Explore Brandon Rogers?

He produces dark and bold humor, but don't dismiss him completely.

Are you tired of entertainment that is too sensitive and kid-friendly for your taste? Do shows like Family Guy and Futurama not feel like enough for you? Well, if you go to YouTube and Fullscreen and look for Brandon Rogers, you'll at least be a little bit satisfied.

Okay, okay, so I'm not going to find a future in advertising, but in all seriousness, Brandon Rogers is definitely worth watching if you're brave enough. Does the name not sound familiar? Well, if you've seen Vine compilations that include a seemingly androgynous person in a red dress slamming their head on a stove or something being thrown on the head of an old guy in a yellow shirt followed by him saying "Try me, bitch"—well, you've already had a piece of the Brandon Rogers pie already.

There are some cases where people might think he's racist for making fun of a certain ethnicity, but it is mentioned plenty of times that he is not racist, sexist, whatever, but rather makes fun of everybody. This guy is so bold that he's taken roles of a Mexican kid, an extremely astrological lesbian, an overly Christian guy presumably closeted to even himself, the Mad Hatter, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Basically, one way of describing Brandon Rogers' material is taking a type of person and expressing the ridiculous of that community for the sake of advanced and dark humor (clearly not for children or the faint of heart).

If you want a bold entertainer who doesn't have too much structure in his content and is just all over the place, he's the guy for you. If you feel more comfortable with the same amount of comedy and boldness, but with some kind of structure or storyline attached to the content, he can provide content in that category as well. Surprisingly, he's definitely good at finding the places and people needed for the videos he produces (even though being kicked out of certain places isn't exactly new to him).

One video that is interesting to discuss is "Normal Western Movie (SOME MINOR LANGUAGE)." As you would expect from his reputation and the title, it's supposed to be a Western-themed video with some signature adult humor and, if you're familiar with the large amount of times he has had a variety of people partake in his videos, you would almost think that he was being lazy for having one person portray so many mapmakers in so many towns, but the ending proves that Brandon is actually a lot more clever and less lazy than you would initially assume (and his social media updates related to the progress of his current series "Blame the Hero" is proof that he's certainly not lazy).

The fact that he's coming up with bold topics to make comedic sketches about and having others help him make these sort of sketches possible all with the outcome of growing an audience and making them laugh at the ridiculousness is definitely proof that he's taking steps in the right direction, not to mention he gives warnings in the titles of his videos that offensive humor awaits potential viewers and he's making fun of more communities than he advocates for (obviously, he's not a blind German, mother who's not great at raising her kids, or time traveling thug) as he's producing humor from various angles instead of risking being dried out. Just because you're skeptical of the idea of yourself enjoying his material doesn't mean he isn't making some community laugh. If you want to find a way to recommend him to acquaintances of yours that might be interested in dark humor, why not show them the video above for good measure?

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Why Explore Brandon Rogers?
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