Why Superhero Merchandise Needs To Be Gender Neutral

Why does superhero stuff have to be boys and girls?

It was my wife's birthday yesterday, and I spent ages looking for things that had either DC or Marvel superheroes on them that didn't have the word "son" or "dad" on them. And to be honest, I found a couple, not many, but a few, but the ones that I did find were all in the "boys" sections! She is very much a woman, and she is a huge fan of both DC and Marvel and she finds it as disheartening as I find it frustrating that she can't find what she wants without it being in the male section of the site or the store.

This even applies to greetings cards. I was on a very popular photo card website looking for an appropriate one for her, and could I find one? Could I hell. There were a few in the kids section, but they all had ages and "son" written on them. The same applies to physical stores, I tried to find a superhero card for her in our local supermarket and let's put it this way, if it were my dad's birthday, I would have been set.

The Bias Is A Struggle Too

The bias isn't just for stores though, it's the staff that work there too. I managed to find some Superman gift wrap and tags for her presents, and the lady at the till asked me if it was for my son.

A. I don't have a son

B. No, it is for my wife!

I understand she was just being friendly and making conversation, and I appreciate that, but nobody should be assuming anything, or even if you do assume it, keep it to yourself.

"Why don't you just get her the stuff that is available for girls?" I hear you ask. Don't get me freaking started on the stuff that is available for women. I think I should say this loud and clear for all of the companies all over the world that make anything. Just because you make it pink, doesn't mean women want it! My wife hates the "pinkification" of what is traditionally considered men's stuff as much as I do, it's ugly, bimbo-ish and really patronizing!

People Should Be Able To Have The Choice

And as legitimate as female superheroes are, women and men should be able to have the choice of wearing clothing that features whatever gender superhero they want. Any man should be able to rock a Supergirl T-shirt as well as my wife rocks a Batman one! It really does work both ways!

Female Comic Fans Are Many!

According to research that was conducted by comicsbeat.com, around 46.67% of comic fans are female, so why are the merchandising companies still pretending that only men like superheroes? Or is it because they can't possibly shake the gender balance a little bit and admit that there is really no such thing as "men's stuff and women's stuff?" When it comes down to it, it is all just "stuff."

Women And Men Should Be Able To Wear Whatever They Want!

I am just really tired of firstly, having to search high and low for something for my wife because if I had a husband, I wouldn't be having this problem. I hate the fact that she and millions of other women out there feel marginalized because they are women who like something that society says only boys like, even in the face of massive evidence to the contrary.

It's 2017

When it all comes down to it, it is 2017, and people should just be coming out of their little bubbles and admitting that women and men can like whatever they want. And quite frankly, the fact that they don't cater to women as much as they do to men when almost 50% of their audience is now female, is just really bad business! 

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Why Superhero Merchandise Needs To Be Gender Neutral
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