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Why the Reboot of 'Scream' the TV Series Will Be a Blessing in Disguise

MTV bosses are looking to make Season 3 of Scream a total reboot.

Credit: MTV

New characters, new killers and a whole new direction. Along with bringing in new actors, they're looking to bring in a new showrunner, which will make the change up of Season 3 inevitable. They'll have their own views on where they think the show should go.

The upcoming 6-episode third season of MTV’s series 'Scream' will be hitting the reset button.

Is this terrible news, or just what we needed? According to Deadline, current cast members have been given the all clear to search for other jobs, which means we might not see them in the forthcoming season of Scream. Fans are obviously upset by this news, as they have invested time into these characters and now may never see them again. To make things worse, Season 2 was left on a cliffhanger and fans are also worried it may never get resolved.

Of course, we're lucky we're getting a third season at all after the show was cancelled (before fans protested to renew it).

This seems to be MTV's only way of making the show work. I understand fan's sense of betrayal, seeing as we all want a conclusion for the characters and storylines from season one and two. Although this might seem like a step backwards for the show, I'm going to take you through why I think a reboot is a good idea.

Ratings Fell Dramatically

Credit: The Weinstein Company

The show had a fantastic premiere, with over one million views, but that number continued to decline with every commencing episode. Season 1 averaged around 75,000 viewers, with Season 2 averaging at 36,000 viewers.

This is a huge drop, so MTV obviously wants to improve this for Season 3. Ratings dropped for a reason — people were obviously not watching the second season as much as the first season, so the show bosses clearly think that the best way to improve ratings is for a massive changeup.

However, it is a risk changing the show this drastically, particularly when accounting for fan disappointment, but it is a risk that may be worth it if fans are willing to give it a go. In comparison to the film franchise, these movies often changed characters and killers and it worked, so why shouldn't this?

Fans Should Still Get The Conclusion They Deserve

Credit: The Weinstein Company

We're going to miss the old cast, but new characters and new storylines have potential to be refreshing and exciting. Personally, I don't see this as a bad thing. There's every chance that fans will like these new characters just as much as the ones we already know and love.

There is also no reason that the events of the Halloween special won't be concluded, meaning that the show can still give us closure. Maybe this reboot takes place in the future and the new characters can reference previous events.

The show could also take us back to its roots by going back to Woodsboro, and maybe even featuring a cameo from Sidney Prescott. Never say never. There's a lot of potential with a reboot and they have a new foundation to build on — anything could happen.

Credit: Dimension Films

Does it not get a bit unrealistic and silly watching the same group of people be terrorized by different killers over and over again? There comes a point where enough is enough, and maybe a whole new direction will be a blessing. Don't get me wrong, I love the old cast, but maybe we'll love the new ones too. Also, anything can happen now, which is exciting and we should embrace the change. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, at least they gave it a good go.

Just think about it, would it not be fun to get new storylines and characters?

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Why the Reboot of 'Scream' the TV Series Will Be a Blessing in Disguise
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