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Why Thor Is the REAL Antagonist of 'Infinity War'

And Leave Star-Lord Alone

Thor in "Avengers: Infinity War"

Well... it happened. It was devastating. It answered some questions and created even more. Now, before you keep reading there will be spoilers, so read on at your own risk.

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The first few days passed and people were speechless. The amount of death and devastation left moviegoers sad and unclear. But as the dust cleared and emotions settled, people were angry. Angry with Star-Lord. Let me give some context. Gamora leads Thanos to the Soul Stone against her will. When they arrived, they were greeted by Red Skull, whose last appearance was in the first Captain America movie. Cutting to the chase, in order to collect the Soul Stone, Thanos had to sacrifice the only thing he has ever loved: Gamora. This is where it gets juicy.

Thanos then returns to Titan where he is greeted by Doctor Strange who, to his surprise, has planned a sneak attack with Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, Nebula, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. At the climax of the fight, Mantis hops onto Thanos' shoulders and puts him into a meditative state where he is paralyzed, but still able to react and speak. Star-Lord asks him where Gamora is, which prompts Nebula to point out that Thanos has the Soul Stone, meaning Gamora is dead. Star-Lord, heartbroken, then asks him why, to which Thanos says: "I had to." Star-Lord then begins to punch Thanos repeatedly in the face until he breaks free from Mantis. The reason everybody got all mad and in Quill's face about it is because Spider-Man practically had the gauntlet off of his hand. Star-Lord is still getting so much hate for that. But I feel differently.

Sure, I was pissed at Quill for a second, but nobody on Earth could sit here and tell me that if they just found out that the person they love more than anything in the world was just murdered by the guy that is two feet away from their face that they wouldn't be throwing some punches. Which brings me to my point: Thor is the true antagonist of the film.

The film did an amazing job of allowing each character to have a rather large significance to the plot. The most devastating, however, was Thor's. At the beginning of the movie, we find out that Thanos murdered every Asgardian on the ship from Thor: Ragnarok. Then, Thor witnesses Heimdall being stabbed through the chest and Loki being choked to death, at which point he tells Thanos that he will die for that. To make a long story short, through some traveling, hardware repair, and troll doll Peter Dinklage, Thor acquires Stormbreaker, an axe powerful enough to open the Bifrost or even kill Thanos. 

However, when Thor gets the chance to take Thanos out at the battle in Wakanda, he aims for the chest, apparently missing every vital organ. He then says: "I told you you would die for that," to which Thanos replies: "You should have aimed for the head." Thanos then snaps his fingers, ending half of all life as we know it. 

Thor. Wanted. Revenge. Thor had a much bigger advantage than Quill. Thor delivered the blow that should have ended it. But instead of killing him, he wanted Thanos to know who killed him. It was selfish, whereas Star-Lord acted purely out of shock and anger. I'm not saying I hate Thor. I'm just saying people need to pay attention to what is happening and be mad at the right person. And so I ask, who is more to blame? I think it's clear. But you decide.  

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Why Thor Is the REAL Antagonist of 'Infinity War'
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