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Why You Should Be Listening to Podcasts

Why Should You Care About Podcasts

Something I've been doing a lot of lately is listening to podcasts. They offer a great source of information and entertainment, they span a vast number of topics and interests, and have the convenience of being able to be consumed in almost any location you have access to speakers or headphones.

But let's sidetrack from podcasts for a second to talk about one of my other favourite sources of entertainment: YouTube. I love YouTube videos because they come in a small enough format where you can allow yourself 10 minutes to sit back and watch content you specifically search for or are interested in, compared to an hour you might lose on traditional television to a show you might watch because it's just what's available at the time. Depending on what you're watching, YouTube videos can be educational, motivational and, thanks to such a wide and diverse field of content creators, you can find anything and everything.

The world of podcasting shares a lot of the benefits mentioned above and interestingly enough a lot of my favourite YouTuber's host their own podcast and are the reason I started to become interested in podcasts in the first place. One of the best things about podcasts is the fact they come in an audio format, and the flexibility of audio opens up lots of paths. The content can be consumed in many situations that might usually be dull or unproductive such as driving to and from work, cleaning the house, while you're out on a run, working on a project, etc. 

What Am I Listening To?

Here's some of the Podcasts I've been listening to recently. There's a wide range from news, productivity, tech, personal health, and entertainment.

'The H3 Podcast'

One of my favourite podcasts I've been listening to at the moment is the H3 Podcast by Ethan & Hila Klein, known on YouTube as h3h3 Productions (I've been on a binge with this one to try and catch up and have smashed through 72 episodes, which talks to its entertainment value).

It's a comedy podcast that rotates between news topics of the week and special guests interviews. Some guest appearances include Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland, Steve-O, Post Malone, and a plethora more. Full of goofs and gaffs, this is a podcast I can never get bored of.

'The Creative Exchange with Sara Dietschy'

I've also been loving The Creative Exchange Podcast by Sara Dietschy. Sara is another YouTuber who puts out content focused on tech, creativity, and entrepreneurship on her channel and the themes carry over to her podcast. It's released weekly and features Sara discussing business, creativity, and more with different guests.

It's very inspiring to hear the stories and advice of entrepreneurs on the show, and although the podcast started not too long ago guest have already included: Gary Vaynerchuck, Austin Evans, Jonathan Morrison, Hint Water's CEO Kara Goldin, and many more.

'The Cultcast'

An Apple/tech related podcast I've enjoyed following off and on for a few years now is The CultCast. It comes from the guys over at Cult Of Mac, a website that focuses on Apple news. The podcast follows the same formula. It's a 30-minute discussion about the latest products and rumours coming out of the Apple ecosystem featuring a bunch of the editors from the site sharing their thoughts. 

The show is always full of banter and keeps you up to date with the latest Apple news. I like that the hosts remain unbiased throughout the conversations, even though they're clearly fans of the Apple product line. It's nice to listen to them share their gripes with the various products as well as what they're excited to see and use. If you're a fan of Apple as a company this is one you should probably check out.

'Couples Therapy with Candice & Casey'

A podcast by the YouTube sensation Casey Neistat and his wife Candice Pool Neistat, this series takes a different turn compared to the usual fast-paced, creative wonders of Casey's vlog.

The show is a 30 to 60-minute discussion about the everyday highs and lows of their relationship, and relationships as a whole. They aren't afraid to get real and talk about the gritty aspects of handling their relationship. The show often touches on themes of mental health and spreads a positive message about being more open with our mental health.

'Everybody Games'

A fairly new podcast with only a couple of released episodes so far, hosted by previous IGN personality Naomi Kyle, the show is a conversation about everything gaming.

Covering gaming news such as E3, game updates, upcoming releases, steaming and various interviews with guests. If you're into gaming and want to listen to a energetic conversation regarding these topics, give this one a try. 

What Are You Listening To?

Those are the main Podcasts I've been listening to at the moment and some of my suggestions for somebody looking to listen to a podcast for the first time. If none of these seem like your cup of tea then I'd recommend searching through your preferred podcasting app for a genre that sparks your interest. Genres of podcasts range from comedy, technology, business, health, music, news, TV & film and pretty much anything you can think of. I guarantee you'll be able to find something that intrigues you if you have a look down the charts of whatever topic catches your eye.

You can find podcasts on many platforms you're probably already using including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, PlayMusic and most likely any other audio application you use. I'd love to hear any suggestions for podcasts that you're currently listening to and think I should check out or alternatively if I've inspired you to start listening to a show, what is it? How are you finding it? Feel free to drop me a tweet over at @JamieGillam_

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Why You Should Be Listening to Podcasts
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