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Will Misty Knight Join The Defenders Or Pave Her Own Vigilante Path?

A second season of The Defenders has yet to be confirmed, but the conclusion of its first season all but tells us we'll see the Defenders reassembled.

'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]

A second season of The Defenders has yet to be confirmed, but the conclusion of its first season all but tells us we'll see the Defenders reassembled. This time; however, their team could be expanding.

Note: The following article contains significant spoilers for The Defenders.

Ever since her introduction in Season 1 of #LukeCage, fans have been speculating when and how Misty Knight would lose her arm and gain a bionic one. In the comics, Misty loses her arm in an accident and ends up getting a bionic replacement courtesy of Tony Stark before venturing out as a vigilante.

Late in the first season of Luke Cage, Misty's arm was badly injured, sparking buzz that she might show up with the bionic arm in Season 2. But when she surprisingly appear in The Defenders and seemed just fine, it was clear that the injury been a fan fake-out. Toward the end of the season finale; however, #MistyKnight gets caught in the middle of a sword fight between Colleen Wing and Bakuto. In the midst of this confrontation, Bakuto slices Misty's left arm clean off.

'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]

Is Misty Knight going to receive a bionic arm replacement?

Misty has yet to receive her cybernetic prosthetic, but it's almost certainly on the way since the last moments of #TheDefenders depicted Colleen informing Misty that she'd be back on her feet in no time. Colleen points out that Danny owns the hospital Misty is in and mentions that he has plenty of connections that can help her. It's perfectly reasonable to assume that billionaire Danny Rand would be able to pull some strings with his fellow billionaire Tony Stark, who has a history of making costumes and equipment for other crime fighters in the MCU.

Misty probably won't be returning to the NYPD when she's back on her feet. In the comics, she was placed on desk duty after her injury, forcing her to leave the force and begin working as a vigilante. That aspect of her comic origins appears to be playing into the Netflix series as well.

'Heroes For Hire' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The finale saw Misty put her convictions as a police officer aside to do the right thing, which was to help the vigilante heroes of New York save the city. In those final moments, Misty understood that despite using all the correct methods and police procedures to stop the criminal organizations running rampant in New York, she was getting nowhere, similar to Matt Murdock's epiphany in Season 1 of Daredevil. This change in Misty's demeanor is the biggest piece of evidence that suggests she's going to become a vigilante herself, but more importantly, provides evidence she's next in line to become a member of the Defenders.

As it stands, Misty deserves a spot alongside the Defenders, but the team has somewhat disbanded. With the Hand out of the picture, there's no need for each of them to collaborate, so Misty might have to look elsewhere for someone to partner up with in her battle against crime. The question is, who will she team up with and where will it take place?

If not with The Defenders, who will Misty team up with?

Simone Messick is reportedly signed on to return for Season 2 of Luke Cage, which looks to be the next time we'll see her on screen, although we don't yet know in what capacity.

'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]

Now that all the Netflix-Marvel heroes know of one another's existence, they're bound to remain involved in each other's lives. Misty could end up getting help from any of the other heroes along the way. Her interactions with Colleen Wing hint at the potential partnership, as they seem to have struck up a friendship during The Defenders. Plus, Colleen and Misty formed their own detective agency in the comics, known as Knightwing Restorations Ltd.

Taking on various New York based villains, Colleen and Misty became known as a formidable duo. They even fought Davos a.k.a. the Serpent, who labeled them the Daughters of the Dragon, a nickname which stuck in the end. As the Daughters of the Dragon, they also partnered up with Luke Cage and Iron Fist on various occasions.

Are Misty and Colleen going to form the daughters of the Dragon Team?

With their comic history in mind, it seems logical for Colleen and Misty to form a similar agency to Knightwing Restorations when they make their next appearance—presumably on Luke Cage Season 2 --as the moves are being made to create the dynamics between the two for a team-up.

There's a good chance Colleen won't be officially helping Danny Rand protect Hell's Kitchen in Daredevil's absence. Since her direct contact with Danny would endanger both of their lives, she'll have to remain on the sidelines. But knowing Colleen, she's going to find her own way to contribute, which brings us to the possibility of her forming Daughters of the Dragon with the desk-bound Misty Knight.

The duo has been overlooked by the the more prominent vigilantes of New York, so they could decide to make a name for themselves by forming a crime-fighting partnership. Who knows, they may even be forced to partner up to take on Davos like they did in the comics.

With Davos's plot thread was left unresolved at the end of Iron Fist, his resurgence could become the trigger that bonds Misty and Colleen. Whatever the scenario may be, the evidence built up so far suggests Misty and Colleen have a crime fight future in the cards.

[Source: Screen Rant, Collider]

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Will Misty Knight Join The Defenders Or Pave Her Own Vigilante Path?
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