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Will the 87th Academy Awards Top Last Year's Bizarre Moments?

When I watch Award Shows, especially the TV/Movie ones, I usually don't watch it because a favorite show of mine is nominated

When I watch Award Shows, especially the TV/Movie ones, I usually don't watch it because a favorite show of mine is nominated or if they won I would feel their victory coursing in my veins through a TV Screen, I usually watch because of the fashion trends the stars would be donning, comedy, something embarrassing to happen, and most of all meme-worthy moments the stars give us. And this is no review since most of the nominated movies in those prestigious Awards shows are either not yet available in my country, or I just couldn't find the time to watch them even if they will be shown in FOX Movies Premium.

Now... is it really worth it to drop everything and watch The Oscars?

It's just a passing thought for me. I mean, l only took a liking to Awards show when I found out that Tina and Amy were hosting one, and Ellen too!

And that pretty much did it for me.

And I didn't even get to watch it live (despite calling sick for school) because of false promises in my cable, but this year, I might actually get to watch it LIVE in Asia, because of HBO the New Home of The Oscars.

And yes, it would be Monday in Asia, but don't get me wrong, school is important, yes, yes it is, and on the 23rd we're just going to have a Career Conference (no reader, you probably didn't have to know that) but ehhh, The Oscars live broadcast on HBO Asia sounds too tempting. Ellen hosted it last year, and I did join the twitter fun and THIS was the Most retweeted selfie of all time, but who wouldn't want to experience the Complete Oscars Experience?

If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars
— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 3, 2014

And.... They broke the internet!

So yes, let's take a look at the most bizarre happenings of The 86th Academy Awards, and why it would probably worth it to stay and watch. To everyone who just pretty much watches Awards Show for a chance to laugh at celebrities' ridiculous moments caught on-cam.

Who knows? Maybe Neil Patrick Harris will bring the Smurfs family at the Awards show tomorrow evening..

From the red carpet to the stage, look back at some of the greatest moments from the 2014 Academy Awards.

1. Jennifer Lawrence takes a spill before entering the Dolby Theater.

2.Pharrell Williams performs "Happy" and dances with Lupita Nyong'o, Meryl Streep, and Amy Adams.

My personal favorite, the PIZZA!! Mind you, a lot of Gifs will follow to relive that moment.

3. That pizza ordering moment.

4. The internet-breaking Oscars selfie.

This year, the Awards show could be as crazy and lively, and the movies, are even more promising with excitement and I just hope that my tardiness to watch them all won't get the better of me, and I heard The Theory Of Everything is beautiful.

To wrap this up, here's a final GIF from Matthew McConaughey's Oscars Acceptance speech.

As of now, I'm still internally debating whether to watch it Live or just wait for the replay, and I really do want to do the former.

Sources: YAHOO MOVIES; Business Insider

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Will the 87th Academy Awards Top Last Year's Bizarre Moments?
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