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Will Vigilante Return During The Season 5 Finale Of 'Arrow'?

Will Oliver Queen try to recruit Vigilante for the season five finale of 'Arrow?'

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Brothers Television]

In less than a few days, the Season 5 finale of Arrow will air, closing out the long due conflict between Oliver Queen and Adrian Chase. The two vigilantes have been battling it out for most of Season 5 and their conflict will finally be resolved during the finale. That said, there's still a few big questions regarding the finale, as well as which characters might be involved.

Warning: The following section contains spoilers for the recent episodes of Arrow

At the moment, we only know a few minor details regarding the Season 5 finale. For one, we know Oliver was somehow able to convince Slade Wilson/Deathstroke to help him rescue Team Arrow from Adrian Chase. The previous episode depicted Oliver's friends being taken captive by Adrian Chase, leaving Oliver to fend for himself.

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Brothers Television]

Secondly, Digger Harkness has apparently joined Oliver Queen's impromptu Suicide Squad. Harkness (Nick E. Tarabey) can be seen standing alongside Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen in a promotional still for the finale; giving the appearance of a team's formation. It's unclear what context their allegiance was formed under but their team's unification was likely facilitated by Lyla Diggle, seeing as how she's in control of the ARGUS prisons which housed both Slade Wilson and Digger Harkness.

Will Oliver recruit Vigilant to help him rescue Team Arrow?

Moving beyond what's known, we don't know if anyone else will join the fight to save Team Arrow. Although, one mysterious character whose been absent for the past few episodes of #Arrow might return to shock everyone: Vigilante.

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Brothers Television]

Vigilante has been absent from Arrow after his last encounter with Team Arrow didn't go over so well. They exchanged gunfire with Vigilante and almost apprehended him, but he was able to escape. With that being known, we're left not knowing where Vigilante has been in the meantime. Has Vigilante been hiding in the shadows, waiting for another opportunity to assassinate Mayor Queen? Or does his absence have something to do with Renee going missing?

We know Vigilante and Renee Ramirez aren't the same person but there's a possibility Renee's recent departure was in light of Vigilante taking him hostage. If true, we may see Vigilante become the main antagonist of Arrow's sixth season. Then again, Vigilante's intentions are still somewhat unknown. He's proven that he has sociopath tendencies and he's tried to kill Oliver Queen on multiple occasions but that doesn't rule out the possibility of Vigilante helping Oliver rescue Team Arrow. Still, how would Oliver Queen get in contact with Vigilante? It's not like he has his number lying around.

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Brothers Television]

Will Vigilante be willing to help Oliver Queen?

Regardless of not having his contact info, Oliver Queen is a pretty intelligent guy. He could feasibly find a way to get into contact with Vigilante, asking for his help. In which case, Oliver would have another recruit for the team he's assembled to rescue his friends. Some fans would argue that Vigilante won't help Oliver but we don't know that's how their potential meeting could unfold. For all we know, Vigilante may just be a confused individual like Oliver Queen, and could decide to help Oliver in light of understanding the situation he's been placed in — but that may be speculating.

Apart from speculating, the upcoming finale seems like the right time to bring Vigilante back into the fold. His plot thread was left open-ended after his last encounter with Team Arrow, so there's definitely room to address Vigilante's whereabouts in the finale. That said, Vigilante's story arc might be left untouched until Season 6. If so, he'd likely become the next antagonist on the series.

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Brothers Television]

Where do you think Vigilante has been hiding? And do you think his whereabouts will be addressed in the Season 5 Finale of Arrow? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Will Vigilante Return During The Season 5 Finale Of 'Arrow'?
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