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Worlds Collide! A Pokemon Region Like No Other! Marvel 'Earth-P106X' Discovered!

In the spirit of fun, a new Pokemon region has been created! In the Marvel Multiverse, a new Earth has been discovered! Earth-P106X! The new region has powerful mutants as the regions Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion!

Let me begin by saying this is fan made and not real. Marvel holds multiple Earths within their multiverse. In each universe the beloved heroes and villains of Marvel see their pasts, history, and futures changed. From the Age of Apocalypse to Earth-616, the heroes have crossed barriers again and again to increase their allies and enemies in an attempt to rid the universe of evil. Well a new Earth has been discovered, which is unlike any other, Earth-P106X. In this world the powerful mutant race are the dominant species, but they were not the only species to evolves with the powers of the X-Gene. Animals have mutated along with the human thanks to this mysterious gene and become Pokemon. Both the mutants and Pokemon gain their extraordinary powers through the mysterious X-Gene.

Starting Your Adventure

Professor Xavier, His Blissey a Togepi and the Younger Trainers

In the region known as Xavia, young trainers receive their first Pokemon from Professor X, who is interested in the mutation that occurs during the Pokemon's evolution. He tasks young trainers to embark on a mission to fill up their PokedeX, which will analyse the date between the Pokemon evolutions and the energy they create. Pokemon Xavier will allow male trainers to choose between Chespin, Fenniken, and Froakie, while the female may choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle to start their adventure together. Setting out on their adventure together, the pair will have to battle in the Pokemon Gyms to become stronger, and try to avoid the evil Brotherhood of Pokemon Trainers. 

The Brotherhood of Pokemon Trainers

The Leadership of the Brotherhood and Their Pokemon

The Brotherhood of Pokemon Trainers are planning to use Pokemon to rid the world of any creature without the X-Gene. They are constantly attempting to succeed, with new plans being created all the time, but the young trainers sent out by Xavier are ever ready to stop their plans. 

The Brotherhood of Pokemon Trainers:

  • Leader - Magneto - Pokemon: Magnemite, Magneton & Magnezone
  • 2nd in Command - Mystique - Pokemon: Ditto & Shiinotic
  • General One - Sabertooth - Pokemon: Weavile
  • General Two - Avalanche - Pokemon: Gliscor
  • General Three - Pyro - Pokemon: Magmortar

To prove their strength, the young trainers face the X-Men who have risen through the ranks and become the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Region Champion of Xavia. These powerful Pokemon trainers aim to strengthen the younger Pokemon trainers to help bring an end to The Brotherhood once and for all.

Gym Leader #1 - Pixie the Fairy Type Master

Pixie and Her Fairy Team of Pokemon

Gym Badge - The Pixie Badge

The youngest of all the Gym Leaders, Pixie is the first test young trainers must pass. She trained directly under the Region Champion, who gave her her Eevee, which evolved into her Sylveon. Her mutation resulted in fairy wings and the shimmer they give off causes Fairy-Type Pokemon to bond with her quickly. With her team of fairy-type Pokemon she has a strong team behind her that she holds close bonds with. 

Her Team:

  1. Sylveon - Fairy Type - Attacks: Quick Attack, Swift, Light Screen & Moonblast
  2. Ribombee - Fairy/Bug Type - Attacks: Draining Kiss, Bug Buzz, Dazzling Gleam &  Aromatherapy
  3. Florges - Fairy Type - Attacks: Attract, Energy Ball, Psychic & Dazzling Gleam
  4. Togekiss - Fairy/Flying Type - Attacks: Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Magical Leaf & Dazzling Gleam
  5. Ninetales - Fairy/Ice Type - Attacks: Confuse Ray, Ice Beam, Mist & Dazzling Gleam
  6. Mimikyu - Fairy/Ghost Type - Attacks: Baby-Doll Eyes,  Mimic,  Shadow Claw & Feint Attack

Gym Leader #2 - Iceman the Ice Type Master

Iceman and his ice team of Pokemon

Gym Badge - The Ice Badge

Bobby was among the first children given their first Pokemon by Professor Xavier. His mutation grew while on his adventure, giving him an ice body and the ability to climb higher peaks than any other Trainer. This was where he found the "Frozen Valley" and befriended an Amaura, that would become his powerhouse Aurorus. Trainers must melt their way through his ice cold defences.

His Team:

  1. Aurorus - Ice/Rock Type - Attacks: Mist, Ancient Power, Hail & Blizzard
  2. Vanilluxe - Ice Type - Attacks: Astonish, Mirror Shot, Mirror Shot & Ice Beam
  3. Glalie - Ice Type - Attacks: Headbutt, Frost Breath, Crunch & Freeze-Dry
  4. Glaceon - Ice Type - Attacks: Bite, Ice Fang, Last Resort & Icy Wind
  5. Mamoswine - Ice Type - Attacks: Mud Bomb, Take Down,  Endure & Blizzard
  6. Sandslash - Ice/Steel Type - Attacks:  Defense Curl, Ice Ball, Metal Claw & Icicle Spear

Gym Leader #3 - Colossus the Steel Type Master

Colossus and his steel team of Pokemon

Gym Badge - The Steel Badge

Growing up on a farm, Piotr was hardworking and developed into a strong young man. He tended and plowed the fields on the family farm, but yearned for adventure. When he turned 16, he set off on his adventure but was nearly killed when a runaway Steelix charged at him. This caused his X-Gene to activate and turned him into Colossus. Now made into steel, he stopped the Steelix with his muscles of steel, caught it, and became partners. Now the Steel-Type Gym Leader, he presents a hard stance for trainers to fight their way past. 

His Team: 

  1. Steelix - Steel/Ground Type - Attacks: Harden, Crunch, Iron Tail & Stone Edge
  2. Probopass - Steel/Rock Type - Attacks: Tri Attack, Discharge, Earth Power & Magnet Bomb
  3. Scizor - Steel/Bug Type - Attacks: Focus Energy,  Razor Wind, X-Scissor & Bullet Punch
  4. Excadrill - Steel/Ground Type - Attacks: Hone Claws, Fury Swipes, Metal Claw & Dig
  5. Bastiodon - Steel/Rock Type - Attacks: Protect, Take Down, Ancient Power & Iron Head
  6. Lucario - Steel/Fighting Type - Attacks: Detect, Metal Sound, Metal Claw & Aura Sphere

Gym Leader #4 - Namor the Water Type Master

Namor and His Water Team of Pokemon

Gym Badge - The Atlantis Badge

Namor is a Gym Leader that calls the young trainers to his domain, the ocean. As a child he grew up in the underwater city Atlantis that is off the shores of Xavia. He was given a Popplio by his grandfather, the King of Atlantis, to help him understand and respect Water-Type Pokemon. Through this bond Namor's X-Gene awoke and allowed him to commune with all Water-Type Pokemon. Having a disdain for trainers who come from the surface, he aims to make every young trainer leave without a badge, especially with his fully evolved Primarina at his side. 

His Team:

  1. Primarina - Water/Fairy Type - Attacks:  Sing, Double Slap, Moonblast & Sparkling Aria
  2. Milotic - Water Type - Attacks: Aqua Ring, Water Pulse, Disarming Voice & Hydro Pump
  3. Gyarados - Water/Flying Type - Attacks: Rain Dance, Dragon Rage,  Ice Fang &  Aqua Tail
  4. Kingdra - Water/Dragon Type - Attacks:  Smokescreen, Twister, Brine & Dragon Pulse
  5. Sharpedo - Water/Dark Type - Attack: Rage, Aqua Jet, Ice Fang &  Poison Fang
  6. Lapras - Water/Ice Type - Attacks: Perish Song, Body Slam, Hydro Pump & Sheer Cold

Gym Leader #5 - Kitty Pryde the Ghost Type Master

Kitty Pryde and Her Ghost Team of Pokemon

Gym Badge - The Phase Badge

When Kitty's X-Gene activated she found she could phase through solid objects, which caused many to fear her for her ghostly powers. Seeking help, she went to Professor Xavier who tried to find a way to stop her ability. But while there a Misdreavus took a fondness to Kitty and she discovered her phasing ability was on the same wavelength as Ghost-Type Pokemon. This caused her to seek out the more Ghost-Types, with the Misdreavus she befriended, who evolved to become her powerful Mismagius ready to face young trainers in battle. She is also in a relationship with Colossus. 

Her Team:

  1. Misdreavus - Ghost Type - Attacks: Spite, Magical Leaf, Mystical Fire & Phantom Force 
  2. Gengar - Ghost/Poison Type - Attacks: Lick, Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball & Hex
  3. Jellicent - Ghost/Water Type - Attacks: Recover, Wring Out, Ominous Wind & Brine
  4. Gourgeist - Ghost/Grass Type - Attacks: Trick-or-Treat, Leech Seed, Shadow Sneak & Seed Bomb
  5. Spiritomb - Ghost/Dark Type - Attacks: Curse, Hypnosis, Dream Eater & Ominous Wind
  6. Decidueye - Ghost/Grass Type - Attacks:  Feather Dance, Sucker Punch, Leaf Blade & Spirit Shackle

Gym Leader #6 - Emma Frost the Psychic Type Master

Emma Frost and Her Psychic Team of Pokemon

Gym Badge: The White Queen Badge

Emma grew up in a powerful family. The family all used a Psychic-Type Pokemon as a partner that they could use to keep in constant contact with other family members. Emma was partnered with a Ralts that grew up with her. The Ralts strengthened her X-Gene making her a powerful telepath. When she became a woman she fell into the organisation of the Hellfire Club and she was made the White Queen. Running her branch of the corporation as a Gym Leader, she and her Gardevoir push trainers to the limits both physically and mentally. 

Her Team:

  1. Gardevoir - Psychic/Fairy Type - Attacks: Healing Wish, Draining Kiss, Psychic & Moonblast
  2. Meowstic - Psychic Type - Attacks: Quick Guard, Confusion, Sucker Punch & Psychic
  3. Espeon - Psychic Type - Attacks: Future Sight, Psybeam, Morning Sun & Psychic
  4. Chimecho - Psychic Type - Attacks: Synchronoise, Extrasensory, Heal Bell & Double-Edge
  5. Gothitelle - Psychic Type - Attacks: Play Nice, Psyshock, Telekinesis & Psychic
  6. Jynx - Psychic/Ice Type - Attacks: Lovely Kiss, Heart Stamp, Avalanche &  Wake-Up Slap

Gym Leader #7 - Beast the Normal Type Master

Beast and his normal team of Pokemon

Gym Badge - The Beast Badge

A child genius and prodigy, Hank set off on his Pokemon Journey like many at 10-years-old. But one day he found himself at the centre of a Brotherhood plot to mutate Pokemon into a stronger beastly form. Hank succeeded in stopping their plans, but was exposed to the serum they planned to use. This turned him into the beast and his Zangoose helped him understand the new beastly desire burning within him. Now an adult and Gym Leader, he works closely with Professor Xavier in discovering answers behind Pokemon Evolution. Young trainers must beat both his brains and brawn to earn his Gym Badge.

His Team: 

  1. Zangoose - Normal Type - Attacks: Hone Claws, Crush Claw, X-Scissor & Close Combat
  2. Kangaskhan - Normal Type - Attacks: Fake Out, Comet Punch, Mega Punch & Dizzy Punch
  3. Ursaring - Normal Type - Attacks: Scary Face, Hammer Arm, Rest & Snore
  4. Bouffalant - Normal Type - Attacks: Swords Dance, Head Charge,  Megahorn & Giga Impact
  5. Staraptor - Normal/Flying Type - Attacks: Double Team, Quick Attack, Brave Bird & Final Gambit
  6. Bewear - Normal/Fighting Type - Attacks: Pain Split, Brutal Swing, Thrash & Superpower

Gym Leader #8 - Rogue the Fighting Type Master

Rogue and her fighting team of Pokemon

Gym Badge - The Rogue Badge

Young Rogue was an orphan and found her family when wild Tyrogue entered her life. However, the pair stumbled into the employ of the Brotherhood to work on high profile jobs of terrorism, using Rogue's absorption powers. Rogue realising she had been used sought out help from Professor Xavier, who helped Rogue deal with the trauma of her actions using her absorbing X-Gene. Growing stronger, she found kinship in Fighting-Type Pokemon, and with Hitmonchan she is the final test for all young trainers.

Her Team:

  1. Hitmonchan - Fighting Type - Attacks: Agility, Sky Uppercut, Focus Punch & Counter
  2. Mienshao - Fighting Type - Attacks: Calm Mind, Jump Kick, Bounce & Aura Sphere
  3. Hawlucha - Fighting/Flying Type - Attacks: Roost, Flying Press, Sky Attack &  High Jump Kick
  4. Toxicroak - Fighting/Poison Type - Attacks: Swagger, Poison Jab, Sucker Punch & Revenge
  5. Gallade - Fighting/Psychic Type - Attacks: Double Team, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade & Close Combat
  6. Blaziken - Fighting/Fire Type - Attacks: Bulk Up, Blaze Kick, High Jump Kick & Sky Uppercut 

Elite Four #1 - Nightcrawler the Dark Type Master

Nightcrawler and His Dark Team of Pokemon

Elite Four #1 The Dark Master

Kurt Wagner was born different from other children and could port to different locations at will. But one day he had a fated encounter when he met the Pokemon Hoopa who could create portals using its magic rings. But Hoopa's powers remained bound, until Kurt succeeded in a mission to retrieve an ancient bottle and finally unleash Hoopa Unbound. Now in a strong partnership, the pair rose through the ranks in Xavia and saw Nightcrawler become a member of the Elite Four.

His Team:

  1. Hoopa Unbound - Dark/Psychic Type - Attacks: Trick, Phantom Force, Nasty Plot & Hyperspace Hole
  2. Bisharp - Dark/Steel Type - Attacks: Torment, Night Slash, Metal Claw & Guillotine
  3. Absol - Dark Type - Attacks: Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Razor Wind & Night Slash
  4. Zoroark - Dark Type - Attacks: Embargo, Feint Attack, Punishment & Night Daze
  5. Greninja - Dark/Water Type - Attacks: Haze, Shadow Sneak, Night Slash & Water Shuriken
  6. Darkrai - Dark Type - Attacks: Dark Void, Nightmare, Dream Eater & Dark Pulse

Elite Four #2 - Storm the Electric Type Master

Storm and Her Electric Team of Pokemon

Elite Four #2 The Electric Master

Orphaned at a young age, Ororo grew up on the streets and was a thief. One day she picked the pocket of Professor Xavier, who took her in and made her his young lab assistant. Working in the lab with an injured Zapdos one day, Ororo was struck hard by a bolt of lighting from the panicked bird. But this activated her X-Gene and turned her into Storm. Now with a connection to the legendary bird, Storm and Zapdos quickly showed their worth and were made part of the Elite Four. 

Her Team:

  1. Zapdos - Electric/Flying Type - Attacks: Charge, Drill Peck, Roost & Zap Cannon
  2. Zebstrika - Electric Type - Attacks: Ion Deluge, Flame Charge, Wild Charge & Stomp
  3. Luxray - Electric Type - Attacks: Electric Terrain, Crunch, Thunder Fang & Discharge
  4. Rotom - Electric/Ghost Type - Attacks: Thunder Wave, Hex, Discharge & Electro Ball 
  5. Raikou  - Electric Type - Attacks: Rain Dance, Thunder Fang,  Extrasensory & Extrasensory
  6. Zeraora - Electric Type - Attacks: Quick Guard, Thunder Punch, Close Combat & Plasma Fists

Elite Four #3 - Angel the Flying Type Master

Angel and His Flying Team of Pokemon

Elite Four #3 The FlyingMaster

Warren was an heir to great fortune, but when his X-Gene activated he fled over fears of rejection from his father. While on the run he was captured by a Brotherhood scientist known as Sinister. Experimented on, Warren's white bird-like wings were replace by hard cold steel wings. He was brainwashed and forced to work for the evil general Apocalypse. With Yveltal, the Pokemon of death, the pair were the horseman of death for the brotherhood, until he was freed by Professor Xavier. Working for redemption he tests trainers as a member of the Elite Four, in hopes one will finally end the Brotherhood. 

His Team: 

  1. Yveltal - Flying/Dark Type - Attacks: Roost, Dragon Rush, Dark Pulse & Oblivion Wing 
  2. Braviary - Flying/Normal Type - Attacks: Whirlwind, Crush Claw, Sky Drop & Brave Bird
  3. Crobat - Flying/Poison Type - Attacks: Supersonic, Poison Fang, Leech Life & Air Slash
  4. Skarmory - Flying/Steel Type - Attacks: Spikes, Night Slash, Air Slash & Steel Wing 
  5. Lugia - Flying/Psychic Type - Attacks: Calm Mind, Extrasensory, Hydro Pump & Aeroblast
  6. Rayquaza - Flying/Dragon Type - Attacks: Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed, Outrage & Dragon Ascent

Elite Four #1 - Phoenix the Fire Type Master

Phoenix and Her Fire Team of Pokemon

Elite Four #4 The Fire Master

Jean Grey was mentored by Professor Xavier from a young age, but while on an expedition with the Professor was when she encountered the "Rainbow Feather." Finding its colours and shine so pretty, she kept it with her at all times. This caused her X-Gene to activate and for her to form a psychic connection with the legendary Ho-Oh. As she matured their link became stronger, to the point she went on a rampage as Dark Phoenix when Ho-oh was attacked by the Brotherhood. Freeing Ho-Oh and regaining her control, she vowed to protect Xavia as the Phoenix and became the final members of the Elite Four. 

Her Team: 

  1. Ho-Oh - Fire/Flying Type - Attacks: Calm Mind, Ancient Power, Sky Attack & Sacred Fire
  2. Delphox - Fire/Psychic Type - Attacks: Will-O-Wisp, Psychic, Future Sight & Mystical Fire
  3. Charizard (can Mega Evolve to Charizard Y) - Fire/Flying Type - Attacks: Smokescreen, Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw & Flare Blitz
  4. Volcarona - Fire/Bug Type - Attacks: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Hurricane & Fiery Dance
  5. Moltres - Fire/Flying Type - Attacks: Endure, Solar Beam, Sky Attack & Burn Up
  6. Entei - Fire Type - Attacks: Swagger, Extrasensory, Lava Plume &  Eruption

The Region Champion - Wolverine

Wolverine and His Team of Champion Pokemon

The Xavia Region Pokemon League Champion

Proving himself unmatched, Wolverine is the League Champion of Xavia. With his healing factor, he has led many battles through space, time, and other dimensions to stop the Brotherhood and their nefarious plans. But his past is tragic, as his fiance Yuriko was killed by Magneto and left Wolverine broken. But with her Lurantis the pair have made it their mission to recruit more trainers in the battle against the Brotherhood. He has mentored many of the Gym Leaders in his time and is looking for the best Pokemon Trainer to join him in a final battle against Magneto.

His Team:

  1. Lurantis - Grass Type - Attacks: Growth, X-Scissor, Leaf Blade &  Fury Cutter
  2. Aegislash - Ghost/Steel Type - Attacks: Autotomize, Head Smash, King's Shield & Sacred Sword
  3. Infernape - Fire/Fighting Type - Attacks: Taunt, Close Combat, Acrobatics & Flare Blitz
  4. Dialga - Dragon/Steel Type - Attacks: Scary Face, Flash Cannon, Aura Sphere & Roar of Time
  5. Solgaleo - Psychic/Steel Type - Attacks: Cosmic Power, Zen Headbutt, Crunch & Sunsteel Strike
  6. Mewtwo (can Mega Evolve to Mewtwo X) - Psychic/Fighting Type - Attacks: Laser Focus, Psycho Cut, Aura Sphere & Psystrike

What do you think of the region Xavia? Would you want to explore this new Earth in the Marvel Multiverse?

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