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Worst Friend-Suggested Movies Ever Ft. Moviepilot Creators

What's the best way to kill time while being entertained? Why, watching movies of course!

What's the best way to kill time while being entertained? Why, watching movies of course! Watching movies is a leisurely activity, and can be a family and friend bonding experience too. Or y'know when you're just really bored and you feel like you've already worn out that favorite DVD of yours-- so if you have Netflix (I don't!) or other movie streaming site and you want to see something new, you ask someone what their recommendations are.

But sometimes, the experience of said suggested movie don't always turn out great.

Recently, I've written a review about the worst friend-suggested Romantic comedy I've ever seen. Now for this article, I asked my fellow creators what are the worst movies they've seen as suggested by their pals. If one of your homies happen to suggest any of the movies under this list or something that sounds odd for that matter, I suggest to read the plot first (as they might be trolling you!), no need to thank me.


Jo Grove just said Teeth, to which Mac Charalambous replied "Yep, Teeth! Hands down!"

*spoilers ahead*

Mac: Well, we all watched it together and by the time the first piece of male genitalia was bitten off, we knew it wasn't going to get much better. So, we decided to just laugh at the awful acting and writing while wondering why everyone in this small Texas town wants to sexually assault the one girl with teeth in her crotch.

Yikes! Maybe they want to experiment?

Lost In Translation

"I know it was highly reviewed, but I hated it!"
-Michael Carline

Perhaps, he liked her more as Black Widow than a conflicted newly-wed?

Man of Steel

Ayuj Consul: ...sorry Trent, no hard feelings, just not my cup of des"tea"ruction.

Yes, well, it's really sad that sometimes you have to compromise something in order to save it.

The Room

That was all Shadan Syed had to say.

Garden State

Bridge Case: Visual representation of me watching the Garden State^
Cassie Benter: Like Bridget, I was also recommended Garden State. I didn't find it terrible, but I didn't think it was as great as people were saying. It was just kinda... meh. I laughed a bit, and then forgot it... immediately. All I remember is The Shins and the shirt/wallpaper matching. That's about it.

The Garden State might be a highly-recommended film, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Let me know what your reaction is while watching it, dear reader!

In an interesting turn of events...

MP Creator Tony Gee said Anchorman.

Tony: There, I said it!

and Mac replied,

Tony: NEVER! ...It was my brother and I just thought he was an idiot. And I want to add Badabook. Not recommended by a friend per se, but every other horror fan on the planet. I thought it was absolute shit and just shook my head at everyone that liked it.

That makes two of us, Tony.


Holly Khraibani-Cousins:

"I was forced to watch Gigli at the cinema because I was voted out 2 to 1. We were the only f**king ones in the room!! I didn't forgive for ages.
"..Neither of them wanted to admit that the film was awful and they should have chosen something else. They were clutching at straws trying to justify the choice!

Hmmm.. Gigli is box office bomb, with a budget of $75M and it only raked $7M, cheer up, Holly! At least you helped it! *winks*

Personally, I'm curious. Just how bad is Gigli?

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Ryan Blundell: I don't know where he found it, but I wish he didn't.
Jude Owers: 'nuff said.

You guys, your friends are probably just trolling you. But seriously, THAT trailer is hilarious.

Automaton Transfusion & Rubber

Jonathan Medders:

There was this TERRIBLE zombie movie my best friend had me watch one time, Automaton Transfusion. I generally like zombie films, but this one just did not work fo me at all.
... Also, that movie Rubber... a psychic tire??? Seriously??? Also recommended to me. I couldn't even finish it.

I didn't even know such movie existed!

Zombie Nation

Adam Boshie Bosher:

Well, it wasn't a friend, but we were at the shops and it looked good. But it's the worst movie ever. And 50 Shades of Grey was pretty bad too.

All that glitters isn't gold, mate. I agree with you in 50 Shades. I heard there was this character called Mrs. Robinson, and the song Mrs. Robinson isn't even a part of the soundtrack. Way to waste a good opportunity for a pun, Hollywood.

12 Monkeys

Mark Robids Jr.:

12 Monkeys. I hated 12 Monkeys.

It's hailed as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. But yeah, the title's intriguing, yet very misleading... amirite?

It Follows

Taylor Krauss:

I know, I know, everyone loves it. But my friend ended up hating it too lol!

That makes three of us!

The Love Guru

Evan Lee:

When I was 14 years old, my best friend told me I had to check out The Love Guru! I ordered it from Netflix and watched it over the weekend...

...Monday at school, Evan was like:

..but the trailer looks funny!!

Little Miss Sunshine

Tj Smith:

.... not because it was a bad movie, but because they told me it was a good family movie that I could watch with my kids. I'm just glad I screened it before I let my daughter who was 11 at the time watch it.
"..Oh and my response to my friend was I hope they never have kids or babysit because their judgment is way off base."


Rosalyn Lim:

Even though when I watched Twilight, I am not that critical to films yet, it is already quite bad/stupid in my opinion. Twilight (movie 5) is fine, loved the locations... I didn't watch movies 2-4 though.

Hold on. It spawned 5 films?! What?

Evil Dead (remake)

Joshua Cheseman:

"... There were like 4 people in the theater and we all started ripping on it for how stupid it was!"


Matt Walz:

..though I'm glad I did. It was hilariously awful.

He didn't like the Pixels.

The Fault In Our Stars

Derek Walters:

The Fault in Our Stars sucked... the trailer was WAY better than the movie! The Divergent series I can't stand, and will continue to suck.. Frozen wasn't all that great... Lethal Weapon... Matrix, the first one was okay. Transformers 4 sucked... Everything about the film was good, but the robots' CGI sucked. 


"Everyone will hate me but..... I thought Interstellar was extremely overrated. A friend saw it thirteen times in the theater and I went with him to like #8, and after he'd built up so much I was really disappointed."

Jared Ficiur, what do we say to spoilers?

Flash Gordon & Ted

Matt Cordisco:

I worked with a guy, good friend of mine now, who has a vast knowledge of movies and music. He was really hype on "Ted" and lent me "Flash Gordon" with the idea that he would then lend me "Ted". Watched both of them, regretted it, never took his suggestions again. lol.

There also had been some contradictions with each worst movie, but hey the same movie can be perceived differently by two different people! At the end of the day, any movie we watch should make us think that we couldn't have spent our time any better.

And yes, I just quoted Tom Hanks.

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Worst Friend-Suggested Movies Ever Ft. Moviepilot Creators
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