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You Say The Sweetest Things: Chris Evans Chats About His Bromance With Robert Downey Jr.

They may have worked side-by-side in Marvel’s Avengers, but the Sokovia Accords left the friendship of Captain America and Iron Man in tatters.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/ Captain America and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Star/Iron Man in Marvel's Avengers [Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios]

They may have worked side-by-side in Marvel’s Avengers, but the Sokovia Accords left the friendship of Captain America and Iron Man in tatters. The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe may be divided due to their epic spat, but in reality, the men who play Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have quite a different relationship off-camera. Indeed, Chris Evans recently commented on his love for RDJ, and the kindness of his words rivals those which he used to describe his ex Jenny Slate. Trust us: Evans's comments will surely soften the heart of the most stoic Marvel movie fans.

RDJ: Chris Evans Can Feel The Love Tonight

[Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios]

For the May 2017 issue of Empire Magazine, #CaptainAmerica himself sat down to promote his upcoming film Gifted, but talk soon turned to his vocal political discussions on Twitter, and his other job as a cinematic #superhero. Along the way, the #MCU’s Iron Man was name-checked, and Evans couldn’t help but enthuse about his co-star:

“...he is the epitome of what a movie star is. I feel like he walks in a room and he just glows. He owns the oxygen... I feel so much safer when he's around. It's like when you're a kid- if Dad's with you nothing bad can happen. Not to make Downey seem like my father, but there's something about him that makes you feel very protected."

Feeling safe and secure is a particularly big deal for Evans. You might not have guessed it from his easy charm and dashing good looks, but the famed actor has repeatedly discussed his struggles with the downsides of fame and fortune, especially where his mental health is concerned. Red carpets and press junkets under the scrutiny of hundreds and hundreds of people are, naturally, not the ideal environments for sufferers of panic attacks like Evans. Thankfully however, #RobertDowneyJr is on hand to assist him in their Marvel engagements, and #ChrisEvans was very quick to thank him for his support:

“There have been plenty of times where my little noisy brain can start getting loud. He's really good at helping me recalibrate and get back down to earth...He's a very soothing source for me...”

Sounds like we could all use a Downey Jr. in our lives! All in all, Evans seems pretty happy with their bromance, and his heart-warming words are sure to feed the furious flames that #Stony and #Starkers shippers thrive upon. But Evans was keen to point out that whilst Downey Jr. could be as boisterous and flamboyant as his cinematic persona, he’s far more attentive and considerate in reality. He summarized:

“There's genuine care... He can speak to you and make you feel like you're the only person in the room and that you have his undivided attention.... He's clearly been through a lot in his life, so nothing feels saccharine or unctuous...”

Oh captain, my captain! How sweet is that? It’s always nice to read such heartening words about our favorite movie stars. And it’s even better when we consider that its not the first time that Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. have publicly displayed their affection for each other.

"I Thought You And Tony Were Still Gazing Into Each Other's Eyes..."

When RDJ stepped in and convinced Evans to take the role of Captain America back in 2010, it seems that a real and meaningful friendship between the pair was born. Aside from acting in movies together, they’ve gone out of their way to please fans and raise money and support for good causes. There are plenty of interviews and videos, like the one above, when they jokingly tease one another, and Downey has even fashioned the nickname “Dorito” for his “favorite Chris,” which he’s used on several occasions.

And of course, there’s that infamous case back in April where Twitter fans went crazy after Evans sent warm and touching birthday wishes Downey’s way.

Could this whole situation get any cuter? Well, now that you mention it, it can! Downey/Evans is just one of the close friendships between the many actors and actresses of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whose bonds stretch across nearly a decade of making blockbusters together. Their on-set antics are well documented on their social media accounts, and their numerous tales of off-set hi-jinks — such as their famous bar-crawl when filming the first Avengers movie — are now the stuff of internet legend. The fact that these stars are repeatedly affectionate towards each other only serves to reaffirm their close bonds, and remind fans that the chemistry we witness on screen in each MCU is borne of real kinship.

#Marvel Studios sure seems like a great place for superhero films to be made, and for lasting friendships to be forged and nurtured. Where Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans are concerned though, we here at Movie Pilot can’t wait to see them both appear — albeit separately — in #SpiderManHomecoming. Beyond that, hopes are high than in Marvel's crowning glory, #AvengersInfinityWar, Iron Man and Captain America can finally reconcile their differences and take down Thanos (Josh Brolin) together.

Let’s hope they haven’t filmed a death scene though – I don’t think I could ever prepare myself for that!

(Source: Empire Magazine)

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You Say The Sweetest Things: Chris Evans Chats About His Bromance With Robert Downey Jr.
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