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Your 3 Step Guide to Surviving in any Post-Apocalypse Scenario

How to craft the best chance of survival after an apocalyptic event in our hopefully distant future.

We've all seen the post-apocalyptic movies in a few varying degrees in so many movies lately. It's been the backdrop of our cinematic experience for countless generations, each time devolving the world in a little different way, only to invoke varying levels of fear and anticipation for what could possibly come if our world were to meet a catastrophic end of days:

A mutated human species in I am Legend.

Rogue leadership pursuing power in The Book of Eli.

A new world order while floating at sea in Waterworld.

A world devoid of humans after a devastating alien attack in Oblivion.

Our civilization under siege by a robot uprising in Terminator.

A world ravaged by the battle between human & vampire in Priest.

A train circumnavigating the world struggling for survival in a class system in Snowpiercer.

A world plunged into war and chaos after the worlds oil supply is gone in Mad Max.

And a dictatorial leadership class system that forces tributes to battle in gladiatorial-esque combat in The Hunger Games.

Countless films have offered us various interpretations as to what the future would hold, if there were to be some catastrophic change to society and the world in general. Regardless of the film or the version of apocalypse, one thing remains: a fight for survival. With that in mind, I thought I would offer up my team of three that will no matter the version of apocalyptic destruction help you survive. Whether it's zombies, global thermo-nuclear war or even a movement that destabilizes all goverments leading to riots and total anarchy -- Regardless, these 3 steps should keep you alive long enough to either bunker down and live a quiet life in isolation or find a cure and save the world. I guess it depends on what type of apocalypse we're talking about.

I'm going to offer my 3 step process for surviving any apocalyptic situation and offer my personal choice for each step based on surviving in 2134 with scarce resources and a trail of ravagers and bandits chasing after us. Lets begin.

Step One: Find someone to be your Hunter/Militia

This one is fairly self explanatory, a hunter or militia type person who is a capable hunter, but also has extensive combat skills will suit your goal quite well indeed. Having someone with the type of skills to forage and gather food is a necessity no matter whether you're running from zombies or trying to avoid the radiation soaked landscape. It also comes in handy if you need to either fight off said zombies or even battle for control over a natural resource such as water or livestock not poisoned by radiation or disease.

Normally this character is going to be endowed with physical strength as well as a sense of innate survival instinct that will constantly keep the team alive.

My choice: Roland Deschain

He is descended from the great King Arthur, and thus he has the heart a warrior deep in his chest. Even though he may seem to be distant and unflinchingly cold, Roland truly wishes only to protect his team. Roland will shoot first and ask questions later. He is an excellent marksmen as he carries twin sandlewood pistols crafted from Arthur's holy sword Excalibur.

Roland is a one-man army, having single-handedly slain an entire town, he is the quickest draw known to man with deadly precision. He has spent a great deal of time wandering and has perfected his own survival & navigational skills which will suit your team in the long run.

Honorable Options: Sarah Conner, Black Widow, Shikamaru, John Locke, Wolverine, River Tam, Samus Aran, The Spartan (Halo), Deathstroke, Dean Winchester

Step 2: Find someone to control the supernatural or be a healer

In a post-apocalyptic world, this person may be difficult to find, but it is oh-so necessary to your teams survival. The ability to use magic, let alone have an understanding of any healing abilities will go a long way to your team staying alive. Forget about your doubt of magic's validity, and seek this person out once you have your hunter in Step One.

This character normally is not going to be physically endowed, which is why Step One is so crucial.

My choice: Hermione Granger

Because why not!

Hermione, is a wizard who has strength of will, which is almost as important as strength of action. Hermione is the team player type, she will always work to keep your team healed, safe and mellow. Hermione has a knack for various studies in the magical realm: herbology, potions, charms & hexes, transfiguration and apparition.

She is, to a point, one of the most powerful witches around and definitely someone who should be on your survival team if only for her knowledge of potions and herbology. If it came down to a battle, her wandless magic and non-verbal magic would go a long way to aid your team.

Her ability to think quickly and act even faster will be a great benefit as your team traverses the barren wasteland of the apocalypse.

Honorable Options: Jack Shephard, Orihime Inoue, Shawn Farrell, John Coffey, Cade Skywalker, Vasilisa Dragomir, Yuna

Step 3: Find someone to serve as overall Protector & Aggressor

This character will be both strong-willed and strong-armed. There will be several people who fit this role as they will be the strongest around and will also last the longest as they are suited for fighting and keeping everyone in their team alive. They are both protector and aggressor, for whatever the situation calls for.

This character is both loving and stoic, it truly depends on what is needed at the given time.

My choice: Kyle Rayner

The White Lantern with power over the entire emotional spectrum. He has expansive power and can channel all the emotions of the various lantern corps. He is full of rage (Red), avarice (Orange), fear (Yellow), will (Green), hope (Blue), compassion (Indigo) & Love (Violet) and through channeling all 7 emotions Kyle can wield the White Light and ultimately has power of life itself.

His connection with the embodiment of Green Will, Ion, also give him imortality and various other omnipotent abilities. Ultimately though, regardless of what power he possesses, Kyle would willingly throw himself in front of danger to protect those that he cherishes. Surviving the Apocalypse would be predicated on having someone willing to protect and guide you to safety, and Kyle is that person.

Honorable Options: Superman, Luke Skywalker, Karolina Dean, Hiccup, Peter Petrelli, Super Mario, Link, Avatar Aang, Naruto Uzumaki, Goku, Ichigo Kurosaki

--- --- --- ---

There you have it. Your 3 steps to crafting the best chance of survival after an apocalyptic event in our hopefully distant future.

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Your 3 Step Guide to Surviving in any Post-Apocalypse Scenario
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