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What to Watch, How to Watch It, and Why

Alright, so I'm not here to tell you what to watch, but I would love to share with you some great shows and movies that made me feel some type of way.

1. Supernatrual - Netflix and Hulu - Yes, it's a commitment, there's 12 seasons on Netflix right now, and each one has 23 episodes at 40 minutes... but so so so worth it! It's a little bit predictable at times, but I promise it will getcha.

2. The Office - Netflix - If you have not seen this show already, you are fucking crazy. It will make you laugh, gasp, and cry. Just trust me, watch it. 

3. Shameless - Netflix - Although I get angry when people don't understand that this brilliant show plot came from the UK, and was already produced YEARS ago there... the US did it better. They modernized the show and made it even more hilarious and amazing. Just make sure to give credit where it's due, the explicitness of these show is 100% credited to the UK. 

4. Riverdale - Netflix - BOMB, so good. I came across this one by accident on Netflix, and holy shit it's so good. It will get you on the edge of your seat for sure. 

5. 13 Reasons Why - Netflix - Yes, the book is better... BUT, if you grew up obsessing over the novel than I think you should give this show a watch because I really enjoyed it. 

6. How to Get Away with Murder - Netflix and Hulu - If you love crime shows then this one is for you! It is amazing, it really gets you involved and teaches you things at the same time. Great show and acting. A1. 

7. Dexter - Netflix - So sick and twisted and you'll love every minute of it.

8. Nurse Jackie - Netflix - I really don't get into shows about the medical field, but this one got me hooked. I don't want to give too much away, but totally binge-worthy. 

9. Between - Netflix - Zombies and shit, bruh.

10. Parks and Recreation - Netflix - A classic, just like The Office it will make you feel every emotion... watch it twice. 

11. Bates Motel - Netflix - I don't expect everyone out there to be a huge Hitchcock nerd like me, but a prequel to the master piece that is Psycho, I mean sign me the fuck up.

12. Santa Clara Diet - Netflix - Zombies, zombies, zombies.

13. The Client List - Netflix - A little risque, but worth a watch.

14. The People vs. OJ Simpson - Netflix - YAAAAS, one of my favorite shows. I love crime shows and this one really had me. I think I watched it all in a day... BINGE WORTHY. 

15. Law&Order True Crime: The Melendez Brothers - Hulu - SO AMAZING, this show really appealed to me because it's a new type of Law&Order and who doesn't like that shit?? 

16. Crazyhead - Netflix - Funny show, not the best around, but worth a watch. 

17. iZombie - Netflix - MORE ZOMBIES BRUH.

18. From Dusk til Dawn (the show) - Netflix - Not the movie, cause the actors in the show are way hotter. 

19. Dear White People - Netflix - YAS, this show was so amazing. I really liked it. Educational, inspirational, and just fucking good. 

20. Lost Girl - Netflix - If you loved Supernatural, you'll love this shit too. 

21. The OA - Netflix - Interesting, a little weird, but worth a watch. 

22. Stranger Things - Netflix - You already know. 

23. Orange Is the New Black - Netflix - AMAZING, one of my faves tbh. 

24. Wentworth - Netflix - Just like OITNB, but worth a watch. 

25. The Following - Netflix - Crime TV, and will keep you glued to the screen. 

26. The Night Shift - Netflix - Another medical show, but this one's sooooooooo suspenseful. 

27. Breakout Kings - Netflix - Dope show!

28. The End of the Fucking World - Netflix - I LOVE THIS SHOW, I recently watched this and I am ready to re watch it honestly, it was so good. 

29. Futurama - Netflix and Hulu - Classic.

30. Rick and Morty - Hulu - Best show ever.

31. Bobs Burger's - Netflix and Hulu - Second best show ever. 

32. American Vandal - Netflix - A bit corny, but it had me hooked. Finished in two days bruh. 

33. Happy Valley - Netflix - Crime TV, you already know it's good. 

34. Haters Back Off! - Netflix - Miranda Sings is the bees knees. 

35. American Horror Story - Netflix - Some seasons are better than others, but my best advice is watch the first season because it's fucking dope. 

36. Disjointed - Netflix - A show about pot, who wouldn't love it?

37. Skins - Netflix - My fav tv show on the planet, of course credited to the UK and their amazing television. Seasons 3 and 4 are where it's at. 

38. Breaking Bad - Netflix - A show about drugs, I'm in. 

39. The Good Doctor - Hulu - Another medical show, but this one is about a autistic doctor who will blow you away. 

40. 9-1-1 - Hulu - A show about a 911 Dispatcher, I'm in. 

41. Star - Hulu - IU recently finished this show and my final verdict is that I want more, I never wanted it to end, and that everyone needs to watch this shit right now. 

42. South Park - Hulu - Classic.

43. Adventure Time - Hulu - CLASSIC. 

44. The Regular Show - Hulu - CLAAAASSSSSIC. 

45. The Strange Calls - Hulu - Strange, but interesting. 

46. The Good Place - Netflix and Hulu - FUCKED, so weird and so amazing. 

47. Freakish - Hulu - Kindof zombies, again.

48. Awkward - Hulu - One of MTV'S best... nothing like that Teen Mom bullshit. Actually relate able and funny. 

49. Atypical - Netflix - Sad, Cute, Sweet, you'll feel it all. 

50. Love - Netflix - Corny, but so cute and so funny. 

50 TV shows down, let's move on to movies! 

1. Heathers - Netflix and Hulu - Literally my second favorite movie of all time, if you have not seen it, you're really missing out. 

2. The Lovely Bones - Netflix - Great, great movie. 

3. Coraline - Netflix - Tim Burton is everything, I love all his movies. 

4. A Nightmare Before Christmas - Netflix and Hulu - ^

5. A Corpse Bride - Netflix - ^^

6. Alice In Wonderland - Netflix - ^^^

7. Alice Through the Looking Glass - Netflix - ^^^^

8. The Good Son - Netflix - Sad, a little fucked up, but great!

9. Hardcandy - Netflix - SOOOOO empowering, amazing, watch this now!

10. Safe Haven - Netflix - sappy, but cute af!

11. Lila & Eva - Netflix - A movie that has action and a lil female empowerment? Sign me up. 

12. Final Girl - Netflix - ^

13. Hurricane Bianca - Netflix - SO cute and funny!

14. Jailbait - Netflix - One of those overlooked Netflix movies. Check it out!

15. Fruitvale Station - Netflix - Sad as fuck, but true and inspiring. 

16. Tiger House - Netflix - Just fucking goooood man. 

17. Natural Selection - Netflix - ^

18. Adore - Netflix - ^^

19. VHS 1 and 2 - Netflix - Horror movies are my spirit animals, and this one is a collection of short films and it's bomb. 

20. Jaws (1,2,&3) - Netflix - Classics. 

21. The Good Neighbor - Netflix - Horror, and a good one. 

22. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - Netflix - SOOOOOOO good.

23. Bright - Netflix - Newer, really interesting take and I enjoyed the shit outta this film.

24. The Hateful Eight - Netflix - Just a great movie. 

25. Big Eyes - Netflix - Tim Burton, again. You already know. 

26. A Girl Like Her - Netflix - If you have not seen this, stop what you're doing right now and watch it. Amazing movie with an even more amazing message. 

27. Wildflower - Netflix - Cute, a little sad, but swell movie. 

28. 8 Mile - Netflix - Do I even have to explain? 

29. Cash Only - Netflix - Gooood shit. 

30. Cheap Thrills - Netflix - SO GOOD!!!! I would put this in a top ten for sure. WATCH IT. 

31. The Babysitter - Netflix - Bella Throne, heeeelllloooo

32. Ask Me Anything - Netflix - Just watch it. 

33. Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close - Netflix - SAD AF, but so good. 

34. Sausage Party - Netflix - Hahahahhaa, just a plain funny ass movie. 

35. 6 Years - Netflix - Chick Flick, but worth your time. 

36. Night Owls - Netflix - ^

37. Hot Girls Wanted - Netflix - Documentary, a little something to educate you on girls in the porn industry. 

38. Before You Go - Netflix - Another chick flick

39. Adultworld - Netflix - Sooooo goooood.

40. A Case of You - Netflix - ^ ^ 

41. About Alex - Netflix - Did not think I'd like it, but I did and now I think you will too. 

42.Dirty Grandpa - Hulu - COME ON, you know you want to see it. 

43. Pulp Fiction - Netflix - My favorite movie ever. 

44. First Kid - Hulu - CLASSIC!!!!!

45. Compliance - Hulu - A great movie, one that easily got away from me. 

46. The Aristocats - Hulu - Another freaking classic.

47. Adventureland - Hulu - Funny and so adorable. 

48. Piranha - Netflix - Like Jaws, a classic. 

49. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Netflix - Romantic classic. 

50. Freedom Writers - Hulu - A really amazing movie, worth a watch or two.