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Your Ultimate Guide to the Rumored & Confirmed Cast Members of 'Deadpool 2'

Here are the confirmed and rumored characters set to appear in Deadpool 2.

The unexpected superhero hit of 2016, Fox's Deadpool was a phenomenal success. It was a surprising box office smash, with its wacky and irreverent humor winning fans worldwide. Nobody was surprised when Fox commissioned a sequel — although it's already proved to be a controversial one, with director Tim Miller leaving the project amid rumors of conflict with star Ryan Reynolds. That said, fan attention is really focused on the cast of Deadpool 2. It seems we're about to see some pretty important mutants join the wider X-Men universe!

Here are the confirmed and rumored characters set to appear in Deadpool 2.


It should go without saying, but we can't ignore the Merc With A Mouth himself (he'd never forgive us). Back in 2011, a superhero movie (Green Lantern) almost ended #RyanReynolds's career. In 2016, another superhero movie has turned him into Hollywood gold! His performance as the titular #Deadpool has won both fan and critical acclaim, and Reynolds is seriously excited for the future of this #XMen spinoff franchise.

Reynolds has seen first-hand the damage a poorly-performing superhero film can do to an actor's career, and he's determined to exert a strong influence on the franchise's future. He (naturally) negotiated a pay-rise for Deadpool 2, but according to The Wrap, he also insisted on casting approval and several other creative controls. This pretty much made a collision with Tim Miller inevitable, and Miller ultimately left amid rumors of serious disagreements with Reynolds.

Let's face it, Deadpool 2 won't work without Ryan Reynolds!


Over in the comics, Deadpool is frequently partnered with #Cable, a powerful, time-traveling mutant soldier. In fact, one of the most popular X-Men titles in the early 2000s was the hilarious Cable and Deadpool, which essentially played Cable as Deadpool's straight man. According to Tim Miller, we can expect to see Cable play the same role in Deadpool 2. He told IGN:

"Why he was put together with Deadpool… it’s the same reason we had Colossus; he’s a straight man. And I think Deadpool needs a straight man. Cable is the ultimate, archetypal, silent, strong and cynical warrior, which Deadpool is not."

Excitingly, Fox has cast none other than Josh Brolin as Cable! He's reportedly signed up for a four-movie deal, promising great things for the future of Marvel's greatest warrior.


Given that Cable is reportedly the 'straight man' in Deadpool 2, fans weren't sure whether or not to expect Stefan Kapicic's Colossus to return in the sequel. Excitingly, though, writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have confirmed that X-Men's literal man of steel is indeed appearing. It's worth noting that the writers are deliberately cautious about indicating just how major his role will be, though; all Wernick would say was that Colossus would "make at least an appearance".


The sexy probability-manipulator has finally been cast - Zazie Beetz of Atlanta will be playing the role! A close ally of Deadpool, Domino is an athletic and sexy mutant with the power to manipulate probability; fortune just happens to favor her, and she takes full advantage of that fact. Curiously enough, the comics have played her as a major love-interest for both Cable and Domino, so her role is sure to set up a lot of conflict between the core characters.

It's also worth noting that Domino is a mercenary who has, on occasion, worked for the bad guys. Including Domino in the film doesn't necessarily mean she's going to be a hero.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

In general, Deadpool was pretty faithful to its comic book roots — the one very notable exception to that rule is Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who was completely reinvented! In the comics, she was a precog who died in a Sentinel attack on the island of Genosha. Deadpool reinvented her as a tough brawler who could seriously hold her own in a fight! In fact, we eventually learned that Fox had to make a deal with Marvel in order to make such radical changes to the character; Fox got the OK, and Marvel got to use Ego the Living Planet in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

As with Colossus, writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have confirmed that Negasonic Teenage Warhead will make some sort of appearance in Deadpool 2. Again, though, they've given no indication of how major a role the character will play.

Dopinder The Taxi Driver

A real fan-favorite, Dopinder — played by Karan Soni — was a recurring character in Deadpool. He played a hapless taxi driver who just kept crossing Deadpool's path, and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick confirmed that he'd inevitably return in Deadpool 2.

Hope Summers?

The first teasers for Deadpool 2 gave a gentle nod to the character of Hope Summers, the 'Mutant Messiah' who played a major role in classic arcs like "Messiah CompleX" and "Second Coming". It kind of makes sense for her to appear; although she's a relatively recent character, she's commonly associated with Cable, who acted as her adoptive father.

Right now, it's impossible to tell whether or not Hope will actually appear in the film. It's entirely possible the Easter Egg was just a gentle piece of trolling - this is Deadpool 2 after all...

Deadpool 2 is looking to be jam-packed with mutant goodness! It seems that the sequel will see Deadpool unite with some old friends, but also gain some new allies - including characters who are popularly associated with him over in the comics. Tim Miller's departure has undoubtedly slowed progress down, but Deadpool 2 is a real priority for Fox, and we're sure to hear more soon!

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Rumored & Confirmed Cast Members of 'Deadpool 2'
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