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10 Actors Who Could Bring Batman to TV

Most of the actors who played Batman in the movies have deemed themselves too big for TV.

While there are tons of amazing actors in Hollywood that could play Batman in the movies, most of these actors have deemed themselves too big for TV. With shows like Arrow and The Flash having their own separate universe, you can't help but wonder, will we see another Batman? It's unlikely that we will, but completely possible, so I would like to list a few actors who could play the role on the small screen.

1. Jensen Ackles

With Jensen Ackles being beat out by Ben Affleck for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, I would love to see him bring the character to the small screen. He has the body of a superhero, having to stay in shape for his show Supernatural, and if they bring Batman to the CW, chances are they'll use someone from their other shows. We saw it with Robbie Amell as Firestorm and Katie Cassidy as Black Canary. If Supernatural ends anytime soon, then this guy would be the best choice.

2. Ian Somerhalder

Ever since people discovered that this guy wasn't Batman in Smallville, the internet has wanted him to be. This guy radiates darkness. Just like Ackles, he's been on a long running CW show, and I'm sure he knows the right people to get a role like this. While I haven't seen The Vampire Diaries, he was an amazing actor on Smallville, and I'm sure he would be an amazing Batman.

3. Andrew Lincoln

While Andy Lincoln doesn't look like a dark character, if you've ever seen The Walking Dead, then you know he can have his moments. He looks like the Bruce Wayne type, and has such and acting range he could switch to being dark like Batman. I mean, on his show he's had to act vulnerable, crazy, and dark in the range of an episode, and pulled it all off. Also, not only has Andrew Lincoln had many Batman like fight scenes, but that's his favorite part of any project. So the man looks like Bruce Wayne, can act dark like Batman, and loves fight scenes. It's the perfect match.

4. Michael C. Hall

Well, if anyone can play dark it's Dexter Morgan. With Michael C. Hall's show Dexter all wrapped up, he has no projects that would keep him from a role like this, unlike the three previous choices. Hall has the muscular build resembling Affleck's Batman, and could be a controversial and interesting choice. Let's face it, how many of us would think of this guy as Batman? I wouldn't have until I started doing research for this list, and came across a picture of him in front of the batsuit. But anyway, he's a good choice for Batman regardless of what we would have pegged him for.

5. David Boreanaz

A lot of you might think Superman when you hear David's name dropped, but he has Batman potential. After being approached for the role in Batman Begins and turning it down, however, might not bode well for the odds of him doing it on TV. David can play dark if he has to, and has many times on his show Bones. While I would rather him bring Superman to TV, I would settle seeing him don the cowl.

6. Jon Hamm

While Jon Hamm is defiantly a big enough star to be Batman in a movie, he's done his fair share of TV, too. After his long running show Mad Men had its series finale, there is no running project to keep him from taking a long term role. It could be a little bit of a stretch to expect Hamm to go to the CW (or wherever Batman would appear), but I think I speak for everyone when I say we would love to see him as Batman.

7. Alex O'Loughlin

Just like many of the men on this list, Alex O'Loughlin stays in the shape of a superhero for his role in Hawaii Five-0 . On the show, O'Loughlin plays a darker character, and he has the look for Bruce Wayne. While he does have a major part for his show on CBS, I feel like he would be able to be Batman as a guest star for either The Flash or Arrow.

8. Anson Mount

Anson Mount would be the perfect older Batman. While he usually keeps long hair and a beard, when he stays clean cut, he looks just like the Bruce Wayne type. While his show Hell on Wheels isn't filming, it would be believable for him to take a guest role as Batman. As for his hair, he cleaned up for Non-Stop, so he might clean up for Batman. Even if he doesn't, he could bring us a different type of Bruce Wayne.

9. Jim Caviezel

Going on the trend of an older Batman, at 46 Jim Caviezel is another perfect choice. If you've seen his show Person of Interest, then you know that his character is basically Batman with guns. Jim has the darker yet subtle voice that could go with Batman, and isn't too far off from Bruce Wayne either. Just like Hamm and possibly Ackles, Caviezel would be suited for a movie, but I could settle for seeing him on the small screen.

10. Josh Holloway

Come on, Josh Holloway is Batman. Every role he plays isn't necessarily dark, but action packed. At a shocking 45, Holloway is at the right age and body type to play an older Batman. Just like every actor I put on this list, he's handsome enough to be Bruce Wayne, and has the acting chops for Batman. With no other projects to hold him down, Holloway could be Batman as a guest, or full-time.

Honorable Mentions: David Duchovny

While David Duchovny is making a comeback, he's just a little too old for Batman. At 54, he's the oldest person I even considered for the caped crusader. You should've took the part in Batman Forever David.

Tyler Hoechlin

While Tyler has been a fan favorite since Teen Wolf started, he's just too.....wolfy. He really does look like a wolf. I'm sure he can play dark well, but he would not be a convincing Bruce Wayne whatsoever.

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10 Actors Who Could Bring Batman to TV
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