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Review - Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge

Eric Hillis
in Entertainment

As any Hollywood exec will attest, Joe Public is a tricky blighter to predict. Blockbusters with historical settings generally have as much mass box office appeal as Latvian character dramas, and thos...

The Five Scariest Kid’s Films… EVER

L.A Banks
in Entertainment

Big news for 80s film geeks. The Dark Crystal will be making a comeback as a 10-episode series, via Netflix. Yes, I’m a woman in her 30s and presumably not their target audience, but nonetheless, this...

GEEKS Previews DC Comics' August 2017 Solicitations

Jacob Elyachar
in Entertainment

DC Comics’ titles will continue to raise the summer temperatures in August as several storylines will boil over and keep fans intrigued all the way through Labor Day. What titles do you need to keep a...

The Hidden Meaning of 'Labyrinth'

L.A Banks
in Entertainment

God, I was obsessed with Labyrinth as a young girl. I still am as an adult, but for rather different reasons – and no, it’s nothing to do with the contents of the Goblin King’s trousers. The main reas...

2017 Target Exclusive Weapon X

Jo Watson
in Buyer's Guide

Before we take a look at the figure, let's just have a quick recap on the background of the character. He is after all one of the most iconic (and most successful, with regards to superhero movies at ...

Beginner's Guide to 'Lego Dimensions'

Anthony Gramuglia
in Buyer's Guide

Lego Dimensions, to anyone on the outside, sounds like some crack fanfiction a child who has consumed way too much candy came up with on a school playground, which is what makes it freaking awesome. W...

Inside Llewyn Davis Review

FilmSnob Reviews.com
in Entertainment

Title: Inside Llewyn Davis MPAA Rating: R Director: Joel and Ethan Coen Starring: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake Runtime: 1 hr 45 mins

We Need A Haiku To Save Us: Captain America

Derek Heid
in Entertainment

Hello and welcome to part 3 of "We Need A Haiku To Save Us" in which we use the underrated art of haiku to examine our favorite spandex wearing face punchers. This installment we look at one of the mo...

Review - Inversion

Eric Hillis
in Culture

Their figurehead, Abbas Kiarostami, may no longer be with us, but Iranian filmmakers continue to be at the forefront of mature, adult oriented drama. Asghar Farhadi regularly picks up awards across th...

Destiny: Age of Wrap-Up

Such A Geek
in Buyer's Guide

[I wrote the first part of my Destiny review after having played through (and been disappointed by) the abrupt and surprising lack of content in Vanilla Destiny. This piece covers the completed game, ...

Twin Peaks: What Might We See In Season 3?

James Giles
in Entertainment

Ostensibly it seems like a futile idea to try and predict what might happen in the new season of Twin Peaks; Lynch's works have gotten ever more oblique and incomprehensible, in presentation and narra...