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10 Actors Who Could Play The Question in DC and Kevin Smith's (Possible) Movie

The Question in DC must be played by an actor who can properly display the character's mystique.

Actor, writer, director, producer (Jack of all trades), Kevin Smith has recently stated that he would love to direct a movie following The Question, and with the birth of the darker themed DCEU, this is completely possible. Since all there is for DC to do is say yes and cast the character, I decided to give them a jump start and suggest ten actors I would love to see as this noir, crime detective.

1. Karl Urban

Karl Urban is excellent at playing both sophisticated and badass characters, and combining the two could bring us a spectacular version of The Question. Whether he has to use his detective skills to solve a cold case, or beat a suspect into a confession, Urban can handle any and every aspect of this character.

2. Liam Neeson

With the DCEU trying to bring a darker theme and avoid origin stories, wouldn't it make sense for The Question to be a washed-up, old detective? Besides, Liam Neeson is perfect for this role! As we saw in A Walk Among the Tombstones, Neeson can bring the badass action hero qualities to the character, but at the same time be the smart and witty detective that The Question is.

3. Matt Bomer

Yes, Matt Bomer is a much different choice compared to my other two so far, but I believe that he has what it takes to bring the kooky aspect of this character to life. The guy that will go to any length to find out any mystery, as menial as a secret ingredient even. Add to that his ability as an action star, and the mystery of who could play The Question is solved.

4. Keanu Reeves

I would imagine Keanu Reeves playing The Question much like he did John Constantine: The total hard-ass that is up for anything coming his way, and is smarter than everyone else at what he does. This stiff-faced action star could truly give us a badass character to add to the DCEU.

5. Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a much different choice for this role, but this man can play anything. He can bring the dark and smart aspects to this character, as well as the comedic and goofy demeanor. Basically, if he would take the role, then he could possibly even outshine his best buddy Ben as Batman.

6. Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall has proven on several occasions how ranged of an actor he is, and range is something he would need for this role. Going from the dark, vigilante crime-fighter, to the kooky detective takes a lot of skill, and I think Hall possesses said skill.

7. Edward Norton

Edward Norton is probably the most out-there choice for The Question, but I think he's one of the greatest actors of all-time, and could act the role with ease. While he's not as masculine as the other men on this list, he has bulked up a bit in Birdman, and I think that a little work on his physique could put him into fighting shape.

8. Andrew Lincoln

Lincoln is one of the most widely ranged actors on TV right now, and I want to see the type of emotion he's shown as Rick Grimes in The Question. He has everything an action star needs, and he's so sophisticated with his acting style, bringing the perfect balance of emotion and physicality to this character.

9. Dylan McDermott

Even at age 54, Dylan McDermott has the skills to bring a character like this to life. I've always imagined him playing a dark vigilante comic book character, and this could be the role that does that. He's a terrific actor, he has the physique and action skills for this role, and I'm fully convinced that he has everything it takes to take on the character.

10. Jon Hamm

Hamm is one of the greatest actors of our generation, and with Mad Men having ended, it's only fitting that he join the superhero craze and become The Question. He can play dark and disturbed characters like nobody's business, and the physique and technique both match up perfectly for this character.

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10 Actors Who Could Play The Question in DC and Kevin Smith's (Possible) Movie
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